17 Facts To Engender True Erudition

Want to be respectably learned?
17 Facts To Engender True Erudition

You come to Cracked to acquire knowledge through study, and Bruce Willis in Die Hard voice have a few laughs. See? We just taught you what “erudition” means. Well, except for the Bruce Willis part. But are you really f*ing gonna tell the John McClane, the guy who definitely is not ordering a pizza here, that he's not erudite? No. No you're not. And that's why you're at Cracked. To learn through study. And have a few laughs. Come out to the coasts, doesn't matter which one. Coast of Chicago's nice this time of year.

Anyway, we're here with facts that at the barest of minimums will make you good at parties. Especially if you have Marxist friends who think parkour is stupid, oh boy, we can't wait for you to talk to them. Let's just say one member of the Marx family took “rise up” reeeeaaaallll literally. Anyway, here you go, open your brains:

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