20 Unbelievably Cool Science Facts

‘Four stars are born every second’
20 Unbelievably Cool Science Facts

Science has a reputation for attracting the poorly dressed and risk averse, and it’s not totally undeserved. Science requires a cool head and a keen (likely bespectacled) eye, otherwise someone’s bound to get blown up. But science can do some hella sick shit, like, you know, blowing stuff up. In fact, everything cool owes its existence to science. Flamethrowers. Spaceships. BattleBots. It’s all, to quote the poet, science, bitch!

But it’s not all destruction and departure. Even the most normal parts of our everyday life have some seriously wild stuff happening beneath the surface. Like, you ever think about DNA? Just unfathomably long and complicated strands of data that tell your body how to be you? Or how every animal in the ecosystem plays a role that affects every other part of it? 

We’re starting to get theological, so we’ll kick it to user proudcatowner. They asked r/AskReddit, “What is the coolest scientific fact you know of?” and Reddit shared all the unbelievable ways science just makes stuff work.

 11y ago Given enough time, hydrogen starts to wonder where it came from, and where it is going.
Slightystoopid 11y ago There is a jellyfish that has the potential to be biologically immortal
 11y ago 4 stars are born every second.
plarm 11y ago Edited 11y ago If you fill a thimble with neutron star matter, it will weight 100 million tons.
Bibbers1 11y ago If you take all the empty space out of an atom, you could fit mount Everest into an 8 oz cup.
Keith11 11y ago Every so often our magnetic poles reverse - the north pole and the south pole reverse their magnetism.
thisguyisbarry 11y ago Edited 11y ago The coldest place in the universe is in labs on earth. (We have gotten to a billionth of a kelvin near absolute zero)
MarvinTheAndroid42 11y ago That the sky looks black because since every everything is expanding away from everything at such high speed that the really far away stars have red shifted. You can see quite a lot more with an infrared camera. It's bot much but I think it's pretty damn cool.
RMProductions 11y ago The compound that gives raspberries their flavor is found throughout the milky way. The milky way tastes like raspberries.
thinkaboutspace 11y ago Every star can be thought of as an enormous nuclear explosion held in place by its own gravity.
StupidDrew9 11y ago If a belt that is wrapped around the Earth becomes 6 meters longer, it'll hover 1 meter higher all the way around.
mrgoodbytes21 11y ago Charles Darwin started a successful terraforming project called Ascension Island in 1850
 11y ago Every organism on earth has essentially the exact same length of evolutionary history. That bug you just stepped on has had the exact same amount of time to evolve as your best friend has.
elreydelasur 11y ago If some sort of super-advanced alien species on a planet 80 million light years away from Earth built a high-tech telescope that let them see objects on the Earth's surface, they would be seeing dinosaurs right now.
VectorGambiteer 11y ago If an asteroid was coming for Earth (preferably slowly, otherwise this would be a bit too difficult), if we painted one side of it black and the other side white, it would steer off course. Yes, the gravity from the amount of paint we would need could also pull it off course, but ignoring that is cooler.
CannedWolfMeat 11y ago We share 90-99% of our genes with a banana. Who doesn't think that's fucking awesome.
nch734 11y ago Bees tell other bees where to find food by using a waggle dance. Bees shake their butts (waggle) and move in a line some degrees off straight up (relative to the hive). The number of waggles tells the other bees how far to travel and the degrees off of straight up tell the bee how many degrees from the sun to aim themselves. So if the food source is 20degrees to the right of the sun and 50 yards away the bee will waggle a duration telling the other bees to go 50 yards and it will
jctcool1 11y ago We are starting to infuse concrete with bacteria that shit chalk, so when micro cracks appear they will be sealed by the said chalk. (note: they 'hibernate' until cracks appear which allows air and moisture to get to them)
Deus_Ex_Corde . 11y ago Edited 11y ago There's something called Blindsight, where people have no perception of vision yet their brain responds to visual stimuli. One way they tested this was showing angry faces and measuring a physiological response in the person. Also the people will unconsciously avoid obstacles in their way when walking.
kismetjeska . 11y ago Edited 11y ago Everything about the motherfucking marine iguana. It's a lizard that can dive 15m down and stay there for thirty goddamn minutes. Males can grow up to 5'6 long. Darwin called them 'imps of darkness'. In breeding seasons, males gather harems of females, and beat the shit out of anyone who has a problem with that. If all of that wasn't enough, there's pretty convincing evidence that they can shrink their skeletons when food supplies are low. They can decrease their length by up to 20%, and once food supplies return to normal, so


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