Flamethrower-toting Man Hops On Bus, Spews Fire

Talk about a blaze of glory...
Flamethrower-toting Man Hops On Bus, Spews Fire

Well, reader, it looks like getting lit has officially been taken to the next fiery, NUMTOT-y level. Around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 8, a Brooklyn man made headlines after jumping from the roof of an ice cream truck onto a full bus, blazing flamethrower in hand, projecting massive streams of orange fire throughout the night sky.  Although the 25 uninjured bus passengers were later forced to evacuate the vehicle, the stunt was received generally positively, garnering cheers, applause, and screams.

Embodying the power trip pretty much everyone with a pyrotechnic device has ever dreamed of, it seems this was no spur-of the moment feat. Two days later, local rapper @DupreeGOD took to Twitter and Instagram with videos of the stunt, elaborating it was part of an upcoming music video, according to Gothamist.


The absurd video quickly went viral on social media, the above clip garnering more than 1.1 million views, however, not everyone was impressed by the transit pyrotechnics-- namely the NYPD. "We are aware of a video circulating social media that shows a man using a flame thrower on top of a bus in Brooklyn," the agency tweeted on Tuesday.  "The incident is currently under investigation. We have the utmost confidence in our @NYPDDetectives that this case will be solved quickly." 

The MTA wasn't too happy either, reiterating just how dangerous the stunt could be in a seeming attempt to deter copycats. "We don't even need to say how absurd, dangerous and just plain stupid this was," MTA Communications Director, Tim Monton, told Gothamist. "The reckless individual who torched over the top of an occupied bus put New Yorkers, including the bus operator, in life-threatening peril. We are grateful the courageous actions of the operator in moving riders to safety minimized risk, and are cooperating fully with the NYPD investigation."

However, it seems these agencies were more irked by the involvement of public transit than the use of the flamethrower itself. New York is one of the 48 states where residents can freely obtain a flamethrower, according to UC Berkeley's California alumni magazine. In 2019, the state attempted to outlaw the certifiably badass pyrotechnic devices in response to Elon Musk's Boring Company selling "not" flamethrowers, introducing bill A7271. Intending to "Establishes the crime of criminal possession of a flamethrower," the measure failed, although another similar prohibitive measure is still pending in the state senate

So, reader, I implore you. Unless you live in Maryland or California, get yourself a god damn flamethrower (while you still legally can) and live your best life -- just maybe avid joy riding on buses, lest you face the wrath of public transit agencies and the cops. 

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