14 Wild Experiences at Sporting Events

14 Wild Experiences at Sporting Events

No matter what sport you’re watching, the action is generally supposed to take place on the field, court or ice. It’s where we’ve gotten historic moments like Doug Flutie’s miraculous Hail Mary in 1984 and Devin Harris’ insane buzzer-beater in 2009. But thanks to high tensions and expensive beers, these superstar athletes occasionally have to compete with what’s going on in the stands as well. Whether it’s a fistfight between two 10-year-olds, a fistfight between two wheelchair-bound fans or a fistfight between literally any other combination of people, there’s a lot happening off the field/court/rink, too. 

Here are some Redditors who took themselves out to the ballgame and came away with some insane stories to share… 

Tasty_Path_3470 . . 206d New York Mets NY I was slapped with a slice of pizza. Other than that...I saw a guy at a Blueclaws game try and hop the railing and run across the field and when he landed he fractured both his legs landing on the field drag. The entire stadium booed him, then booed him when they lifted him into the ambulance, and then booed the ambulance as it drove off the field. ... 61

DisciplineShot2872 . 206d Philadelphia Phillies P It was a Single A game, but a teenage girl got drilled in the face by a foul ball. As the medics were evacuating her, her grandmother was walking alongside the gurney, and SHE took another foul ball to the face. They both ended up alright, but it was bloody. At the same stadium, I saw foul balls take out the announcer in the press box and a concessions worker at the snack window. That stadium was fangerous. Our season tickets right behind the net behind home plate were probably the safest seats in the

princealberto2nd . 206d Los Angeles Dodgers Astros playing against the Angels. It was the first or second series that the Astros played since the scandal broke with fans in attendance. I didn't think it'd be that bad since it had been a whole year but I was wrong. Half the fans were wearing Dodgers hats who came out to boo and the other half were Angels fans who also were not happy and wanted boo / heckle the Astros. I saw 3 trashcans thrown onto the field and the booing when Altuve came to plate was terrifying. Having 40,000 people screaming for your

graptemys . 7y A Alabama . South Carolina I saw two guys in wheel chairs get into a fist fight at a game at Legion Field. One guy dumped the other chair over and climbed out of his chair on top of him. They scrapped for a few until police dragged them apart. Way better than anything on the field. ... 80

NadaHumble 206d Atlanta Braves A One time I saw two eight years olds get into a fistfight over a foam finger ... 42

CarlCaliente . 2y NFL NFL NFL NFL probably a buffalo fan chucking a dildo on the field

mordeci00 . 2y B Bengals I didn't witness it but the strangest thing that ever happened during an NFL game was a flying lawnmower flew into the stands and killed a fan at a Jets' game in the 70s. ... 104

PossessionCritical69 306d When I was maybe 7 or 8 we got pretty good seats at a Blues game in the old Arena. Maybe 5th or 6th row? Early in the game a puck comes over the boards and hits a dude behind us in the dome. Blood everywhere. Blood on my pretzel. Crazy. The cool part was, later in the game, he came back. Head wrapped up like a mummy. Got a minor standing ovation from the crowd. Beer in hand. ... Reply 215

Letsgobuffalo2210 . . 3y 17 I saw a girl catch on fire at the Broncos game this year. ... 5

GreyStoneWpg22 . 3 306d I was at the Jets game a few weeks back where two absolute nut bars got in a massive fist fight in the crowd. They ended up dragging a women out kicking and screaming in hand cuffs. One guy trying to hold back the crazy boyfriend fell down the stairs and honestly could have been killed. Play actually stopped on the ice. So that was a first... ... Reply 19

Longjumping-Limit827 . 306d Have you watched the fan fights recently? But the craziest thing I saw was a flames game against Boston in 2002 A guy stripped naked wearing only red socks climbed the glass into to the penalty box took one step on the ice and knocked himself out got stretchered away doing a ... Reply 14

radil 7y LSU GT LSU . Georgia Tech At an LSU game in 2014 LSU was beating one of our OOC opponents pretty bad, so it wasn't exactly a game that commanded everyone's attention. There was still a large number of students in the student section though. A group of frat guys went around collecting all of the commemorative game cups that students had bought soft drinks in, made a stack at least 20 feet tall, and then started waving it around like an inflatable tube man. It was hilarious to watch, it even made it on the jumbotron. ...

Shadowhawk109 . 7y Michigan . Citrus Bowl CITRUS I I BOWL Drunk fratboy whipped it out and urinated all down a chunk of the student section seats.

lifeisarichcarpet . 166d I saw a guy getting a handy a few rows in front of me at a Jays home opener. They were trying to be subtle but it was very obvious. A little later on he tried to push the girl's head into his lap to, you know, and she pushed back and loudly went ew no and then everyone in the section started throwing things at him. ... Reply 4
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