32 Funny Things That Have Happened at a Funeral

Dad’s dead, get your clown nose
32 Funny Things That Have Happened at a Funeral

Funerals are about celebrating the life of a deceased loved one and grieving their loss with friends and family. The general rule of thumb is to be respectful, but who says you can’t have a laugh or two along the way? Like, it’s pretty hard not to giggle if someone’s last request was for the pallbearers to wear clown noses while carrying the casket. It’s also extremely difficult not to LOL if someone accidentally squeaks out a fart in an otherwise silent church. 

To that end, here are some Redditors whose jokes, tomfoolery and shenanigans definitely put the “fun” in funeral

Isuhydro 8y I was in charge of making the cd with the tribute music and didn't want to waste a whole cd (this was when back when cd burning first started). The funeral was for my great aunt, an old Bolivian woman - half the people spoke Spanish and half spoke English. When they hit play on my cd - across the speakers came As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I take a look at my life and realize there's nothin left. gangsta's paradise by coolio I probably shouldn't have burned a full cd. ... 6
Dharmafollower 8y At a first cousin Lillian's funeral, we were in a mausoleum at time of burial. Another cousin (Delores) was there too, even though she and the deceased had a lifelong quarrel and never liked each other. After priest announces that service is over, you can return to your cars, Delores quickly turns to leave, walks straight into a glass wall, bashes face, does a spin, loses her balance (she was wearing heels), and falls and flops over a railing. It was hilarious, and we all joked that Lillian was getting her revenge from the grave. ... 3
sorta_smart . 7y Sitting in church after my cousins grandfather died. Beforehand, one of the younger cousins, maybe 5 or 6, didn't really understand what was going on, so some of the older cousins had explained it to him. Anyway, fast forward to the end. They are wheeling the casket out of the church, down the center aisle. It's dead quite, until the kids says, loud enough for everyone is this where they take him out back and shoot him? ... 36
feverishpoptart . 7 7y My blind grandmother giggling to herself because she hated the person who had died. It was the other grandma from the other side of the family, and they were always trying to one up each other. I had to cover my face and pretend I was crying, but I was really laughing. ... 9
anomalous_cowherd . 7y Spotted a 'Fire Exit' sign above the archway to the oven door at a crematorium, halfway through the service. Had a job not to laugh. ... 8
Captain_Vegetable . 7y I tossed my grandfather's ashes without gauging the wind correctly and ended up covered in them. According to everyone there but me it was hilarious. ... 8
Skunk73 . . 7y During the graveside service for my gramm, one of my cousin's kids, maybe 6 yrs old, knocked on one of the tombstones and hollered HELLOOO? ... 4
_Alljokesaside . a 8y When my grandmother died, the old woman who sang for the funeral had bright red lipstick on. Her singing was horrendous and she had a chunk of lipstick on her front tooth. My mom and my aunts were laughing so hard but people assumed they were still sobbing. We still laugh at it to this day :') ... 4
zondwich 8y My grandpa (father's dad) died when I was around 5. Everyone else was crying and sad, but I didn't understand any of it, so I sat there and played with my stuffed Simba. When it was time to bury him, everyone took turns putting sand on his coffin. When it was my turn, I used my hands to put sand on the coffin; then I used Simbas to put sand on it, and even used his paw to wave bye to grandpa. Everyone laughed, awwed, and that's all I remember. ... 11
TheWeirdNerd 8y My dad's sister died. Не went up to the pulpit to recount a story. It was about the last time they had ever fought. She was lying stomach down on a bed, smoking a cigarette. My dad told her to stop smoking (or something like that). My aunt says, Kiss my ass! Everyone in the church either gasped or laughed at the fact my dad said ass in church. Anyway, my dad went over to her and kissed her ass. And that is the story of how they stopped fighting. ... 12
david4069 . 7y When I was in the Marines, I was part of a funeral detail for an old Marine. After the gun salute, the American flag was removed from the coffin, folded solemnly by the pallbearers, then handed to the first sergeant. Не then presented it to the clown, who in turn presented it to the Marine's widow. ... 3
BluApples . 9y My father had, as his last wish, the entire funeral wake wear read noses, including myself, my brother, and my cousins who were the pall bearers, while Always look on the bright side of life played. I carried my dad in his cardboard coffin to the hearse, wearing a bright red clowns nose, and afterward, the six of us pall bearers smoked and remembered the man as he was, thumbing his nose at death. ... 305
lobolita 9y Dad's funeral. Не was obsessed with orange TIc-Tacs. Any flavor, really, but liked the orange ones the best. So, to be a smartass (which he would have liked), I put out an entire basket of Tic-Tacs near the sign-in book thingy that they have. Our traditional family's Catholic funeral was disturbed by the 'shakey-shakey' of about a dozen kids trying to eat their Tic-Tacs. Funny thing is, I was actually rooting for this to happen - the man wasn't even Catholic, yet my family insisted on a fancy funeral.
blossomstorm 9y My mother taught science at a junior high school. She had a brain tumor. During the surgery to remove it, they found a second tumor, and she died during the second's removal. Students at the school were encouraged to attend her weekday funeral. The entire church was packed, and there were not enough seats for everyone attending, despite being able to comfortably hold 500 people. My family stood at the entrance to the sanctuary. Students showed up and a surprising number of them shook my dad's hand, smiled, and said, Thank you for getting me out of class.
jstavy OP 9y Not too crazy, but my aunt always said she never wanted Amazing Grace sang at her funeral. It is kind of a traditional funeral song in my family so when she died her two sisters(my Mom and other aunt) had the pianist play it at her funeral and during that song a car alarm went off in the parking lot and you could hear it inside the church. My aunt was kind of crabby so we thought it was her ghost telling us to fuck off for playing Amazing Grace lol. ... 202
LolitaMuff 9y A close friend died at age 17 and ofcourse, being a teenage girl, her funeral would be populated with teenage girls. Well her parents decided to bascially have an open mic to have people come up and say nice things about her. The message turned from Monica is in a better place and she touched everyone's lives to Monica was my bestfriend and I'm so torn up! give me pity! a couple girls stood up to actually rebuke the previous speakers, giving reasons why they were actually Monica's best friend and why they deserve more pity that the
nappers_delight . 9 9y Car in motorcade spontaneously burst into flames. For a minute there, it felt like attending a funeral on the set of a Michael Bay movie. ... 30
ChompskiHonk . 9y My SO's grandpa had died, and the baby of the family made a slideshow that played on repeat at the visitation. Не included clips of gpa attempting to use a shakeweight. We couldn't stop laughing. ... 28
IAmTheWalmart 9y My brother was little and was trying to get around the line of people waiting to visit my great aunt in her coffin. Instead of maneuvering the line of people, he gets a running start and tries to hurdle a line of chairs. And man does he eat shit. The entire room stops in silence and stares at him.....then they just shit their pants. It was the perfect comic relief for a big Italian family funeral. ... 21
9yroldalien Зу My uncle was a real jokester. When he suddenly passed, we were all heartbroken, but he was such a happy dude so we wanted to celebrate him rather than have a dreary funeral. Everyone wore Hawaiian shirts instead of black because it was what he wore every single day of his life. After the funeral, we went to the ocean to scatter his ashes at one of his favorite fishing spots. Right when we went to release them, the wind changed course suddenly and the whole crowd of us were hit in the face with his ashes. We
Herogamer555 . . 3y Funeral for my grandfather. In the middle of my uncle giving his eulogy, my 4 year old cousin ripped the loudest fart I think I've ever heard (greatly amplified by the wooden pews) and whispered uh oh. You could hear everyone struggling to not laugh. ... 102
amazoniw . 3y My mate died suddenly. Не was being cremated. His sister chose the songs for the funeral. When the curtains closed and he was about to be cremated, Ellie goulding - burn came on. ... 56
JessicaMessica Зу A friend of mine passed away when we were in our mid 20s. Не had cancer, beat it, then it came back. Не didn't tell many people that he was sick again so his death came as a big shock for a lot of us. As I was in line waiting to go up to the casket, I felt myself starting to lose it. I wanted to hold it together until after I talked to his parents but I felt myself starting to go. I told my friend who was in line with me and I asked her
tlock8 . 3y My grandpa had a topless woman on horseback at his funeral. I was pretty young at the time so I dont really remember it, but it happened. ... 23
2gecko1983 . : Зу My great grandma was quite literally late to her own funeral. The hearse was held up by a train crossing. ... 23
Holocene32 . 3y My grandpa who was named Paul had died. At the funeral, the director said will the pall bearers please step forward and I was going to make the obvious joke, but I thought it might be too insensitive. A minute later my dad said haha we're literally Paul bearers ... 23
unfunnyrelator . : 3y My military buddy was a big prankster. And so he rickrolled us for his funeral. His last prank. We all sang along and laughed as he would want. ... 13
Dire_Wolf06 . : 3y It was my great great grandpas funeral and the home had like two rooms right next to each other so two different families could host a funeral. There was one going on right next to ours and my aunt walked into the wrong room, saw someone she knew from work, and just stayed in that room for the funeral without knowing it was the wrong one. What makes it worse is that she isnt even related by blood. Shes technically just my moms best friend which is why she didnt realize it was the wrong one at first
TheOriginalBodgy Зу My grandma passed away in her late 90's. She was active until the end, and very fashionable. My aunt, who was in her 70's, and not fashionable, decided to buy grandma all new clothes and undergarments because grandma would be upset if she didn't have a new outfit for the occasion. So we all get to the wake and I got stuck talking to a family friend. Another friend rushes out with a look of horror on his face and then he starts laughing. Apparently my aunt had purchased a Wonderbra for my tiny, diminutive grandma. Grandma had
 7y ... Friend passed at 27 from a heart attack. Не was a big fan of stoicism, and Gladiator was his favorite film. Anyway, after his dad gave the eulogy with quotes from Marcus Aurelius, there was a a very uncomfortable silence as he stumbled, drunk, from the podium. Не fell right on his face. Moments later, my friends little brother, 15, started shaking the coffin screaming Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!! Funniest shit I've ever seen. 32 Reply
cosmicafroninja . 3y At my great uncle's funeral my dad told a story about when he was little my uncle would take him to the mall and taught him that he's supposed to look up the skirts of the mannequins. ... 3
DamnltDarin Зу Younger guy at a funeral mentions to some others that he hasn't been to many funerals and is nervous about what to say during the part where everyone lines up and parades passed the bereaving family to give their condolences. Someone says to him, Just keep it simple. Tell them you are sorry for their loss, then just move on. So, and I wish I would have been there to witness this part, but as the story goes, he did just that. As he is shaking hands with the newly widowed husband, I'm sorry for your loss. Just
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