27 of the Funniest Tweets from October 16, 2023

27 of the Funniest Tweets from October 16, 2023

After weeks of speculation, Adult Swim execs made good on their promise to reveal the voice actors who have replaced disgraced co-creator Justin Roiland on Rick and Morty. Newcomers Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden bested thousands of potential candidates in an exhaustive six-month search — an audition process that showrunner Scott Marder described as being so grueling that he and Dan Harmon considered opening a hotline. Ultimately, though, they realized how quickly that would devolve into a “Seymour Butts” kind of situation. 

Meanwhile, as Jerry Seinfeld teased an update to the polarizing Seinfeld finale, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is here to tell you she has no clue “what the hell he’s talking about.” Whether her ignorance was feigned or genuine, the Veep actress told The Guardian that she wasn’t privy to Seinfeld’s plan and that she found out just like the rest of us — by hearing about it in the media. It remains to be seen whether this will be a televised event à la Max’s Friends reunion special or a horribly unfunny Super Bowl commercial for Blink Fitness.

Between the truths revealed and the mysteries unsolved, we’ve had our fair share of funny tweets impacting the timeline today as well. They include those about the pain of enjoying candy corn, a rooster staring down decades of trauma and a land acknowledgment like no other.

Principal Ava Coleman stan 17h ... he has a name omg The Eras Tour @tswiftera... .20h This thing attends a screening of Taylor Swift's 'The Eras Tour' Concert Film! FAYLOR SWIFT THE ERAS TOUR TARRING TAYLOR SWIFT ONLY IN REGINNIN OCTOBER 1 SAM WRENCH TICKETS AVAHABLE 43 2,596 44.8K 2.1M

Mikey @mikey_almeida 3h ... truly one of the best sentences i've ever read Pop Base @PopBase.3h Millie Bobby Brown reveals to Glamour that she credits her feminist awakening to a visit to a psychic, who informed her that she was, in fact, a feminist. 11 808 17.5K 617K

Socially Distant Ryan @ry.... 19h ... Land acknowledgement. Steve @the_proch·20h At a random Mexican restaurant in the middle of nowhere New Jersey and Italy is on the wall for some reason 11 404 9,936 643K

Grace Jarvis @gracejarvisohno.19h ... this boiled egg is so far from cheeky this boiled egg is a savage and ruthless villain he is a wicked wicked egg jellycat plush bot @jellycat.... 1d Automated Cheeky Boiled Egg 2 46 835 75.8K

no doubt @selontheweb-16h ... 2 modelos and i start smiling at strangers like a toddler in a stroller 1 178 1,651 44.3K

internet hall of fame @Inter....8h ... Andy Faris @andyfaris Being a baby must be traumatizing at times. Imagine going to sleep in your house and you wake up at Target 289 4,385 81.5K 2.6M

matilda mother @amxndamichelle. 21h so close! this movie is from 1961 2000s @PopCulture2000s-22h 9 1,045 30.5K 1M

Kay @TheMavsQueen 5h Man look at how ESPN makeup department has Shannon looking this morning EAGLES? 20-14 1,252 20.2K 4,327 3.8M

messed up foods @messedupfoods - 8h ... Are you eating healthy? Yes! Today I made aged organic milk tossed over seasoned tomato purée spread on baked whole wheat Wow! Let me see Delivered Wtf 932 17.5K 556K 49

sprawl @sissyboiqt. 1d ... this is what turning 30 feels like 2 4 35 del 1,443

Sydney @CountVolpe 19h It's so inspiring when an actor transforms for a role like this 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - dd First look at Lin Manuel-Miranda as Hermes in 'PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS'. PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIAN Disney+ 19 237 10.6K 640K

Brian Duffield @BrianDuffield - 1d ... Also what I say when I have not done any work whatsoever Bleeding Cool @bleedingcool. 1d Knives Out and Glass Onion writer and director Rian Johnson has confirmed that the third film is coming along, and it just needs to be put on paper. #KnivesOut #GlassOnion #Netflix dlvr.it/SxRzgR Glass Onion 39 1,469 30.7K 1.6M

Ben Crew @BenjaminCrew1 - 18h ... He's like an insane one-scene David Lynch character who escaped into the real world and entered politics. 36 536 11.8K 696K

@northstardoll.1 17h peegasm Follow Aug 16 Me, still insane: I used to be sooo crazy 26 11K 40.1K 1.2M

@hopes_revenge . 2 20h hope hopes hoping ... Im on some shit u wouldn't know about PER 12 FL OZ PER 12 FL GZ mountain my my 150 190 essentials™ un It essentials 0g CALORIES CALORIES SAT GAT are р es 1 F.D 09-11 dr. perky mountain Nut Serving Serving lion Amount CITRUS FLAVORED SODA WITH product Calorie OTHER NATURAL FLAVORS Total F ODE PEOPL Satur Sodium PEOPLE D Total C Sugar Protein Not a sign sat fat, tra vitamin A, *Percent PLEASE on a 2,00 2 LITER (2 QT 3.6 FL OZ) 67.6FL OZ 2 LITER (2 QT 3.6-FLL OZ) 67.6FL OZ 2,725 816K 56 27.1K

Sarah @VongaiSarah 13h Me in this outfit on vacation at the beach French @Mc_Phils 1d Ladies dressed like this are more appealing than those in bikini, we ain't just ready for this conversation 585 6,215 46.1K 2.3M

Low Context Media @Confus... 1d ... evilaA 7 KFC K True bravery @usemame9137 ل 37 2,437 33.9K 3.1M

IG: RealFamilyConcrete ... 1d ... No tf he didn't DET . PL Man's NOT Barry Roux 2d Tupac Shakur really dodged a bullet. 744 4,530 48.6K 5.8M

animales en situaciones ran... 1d ... 416 14.3K 150K 6.5M

@doxie_gay 1d ... how it feels to say candy corn is yummy 50 2,994 17K 746K

clare @sadderlizards. 1d ... hey so me and the other villagers agreed that you need to be driven out of town with torches and pitchforks. sorry 10 1,361 9,090 del 310K

CLASSY FRED BLASSIE 1d i said something mean about my friends haircut and she said shut the fuck up with your ugly ass shoes and they all started laughing really really loud 52 94 2,197 155K

#BRINGTHEMBACK @twangga... 1d ... If it was up to me we wouldn't have discovered shit Scary Underwater @... . 8/17/23 Imagine they used to sail these seas on wooden ships with nothing but the sun and stars to tell them where to go CC 227 12.2K 88.9K 4.2M

roro, PhD @fuglibetty 1d ... well, all the caramel these days is salted now. i suppose sweetness cannot exist without a pang of anguish 17 2,218 20.8K del 691K

feta @fetacheesepls- 1d My bf will casually say things like the best crème Brûlée I ever had was in Mont-Tremblant and I'm like ok someone got shot outside of my high school once 26 740 13.4K 578K

Tom Zohar @TomZohar. 1d Jada Pinkett Smith reveals Jada Pinkett Smith reveals Jada Pinkett Smith reveals Jada Pinkett Smith reveals Jada Pinkett Smith reveals Smith roveels Tada Pinke 10 971 14.1K 397K

Big О, MSHA @__BigO_ .1d lono where you going, but I know you gonna get thrown out Menace 2 Society @kingtrelll.1 1d Family : can Smoky Ole 750ml 4 ALHOOF) ALNOW Moonshine MOONSHINE Spirits Distilled and FDAC from Com with I 1 LEMON DROP 74 2,723 21.1K dJ 1.3M
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