13 of the Best Dark Humor Jokes From ‘Rick and Morty’

Perhaps more than any other comedy on TV, ‘Rick and Morty’ laughs through the pain
13 of the Best Dark Humor Jokes From ‘Rick and Morty’

While it’s riddled with crude sex/poop/vomit jokes and weirdness, such as turning one of the main protagonists into a pickle for a whole episode, one of television’s most biting and darkest shows is Rick and Morty. Somehow, the series with someone named Mr. Poopybutthole can easily make a person cry and laugh at a character’s pain.

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Don’t believe us? Here are some of the darkest jokes that the show has offered over the years…

‘It Feels Good’ Killspree

In “Look Who’s Purging Now,” Morty finally gives in and purges a planet of feline humanoids with a mech suit. It gets out of hand and bloody real quick.

Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookies

Can anything taste sweeter than being loved? Simple Rick’s Wafers doesn’t think so.

Talking Cat

In one of the few times Rick and Jerry agree on something, they both think there’s something fishy about a talking cat. Something that no person should see or know.

Strawberry Smiggles

Censors of interdimensional cable are much looser than on Earth, so naturally, there’s a cereal commercial that doubles as a slasher film.

Planetina’s Purge

Planetina goes full pyro on some miners as a means to save the Earth. (Well, environmentally.) 

Mr. Goldmanbachmajorian

When Rick left his home dimension in a time loop, he forgot about everyone involved still having their bodies age despite time itself repeating. The result is a funny dig at sci-fi time-travel concepts while also providing a dark release of an animated character’s soul.

The Mortys

In the Citadel of Ricks, Mortys are a subjugated race until they’re freed and motivated to rise up to dismantle everything, including the Morty Shield. If you have no idea what any of that means, watch the show.

The Titanic Experience

In “Ricksy Business,” Jerry and Beth go on a romantic getaway based on the movie Titanic, much to Beth’s dismay. However, Jerry gets a bigger experience than he bargained for at the gunpoint of a titanic Titanic fan, Lucy the maid.

Rick and Morty Bury Themselves

When Rick and Morty fail to stop a mutation virus in “Rick Potion No. 9,” they abandon that dimension to go to one in which they’ve recently died. But to fully assimilate into their roles, they must first get rid of the bodies.

‘Keep Summer Safe’

The Immortality Field

In “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy,” Rick takes Jerry to a resort that’s protected with an immortality field that prevents death, allowing small alien children to safely play with firearms. Until, that is, the shield is down.

Morty Fights Off Mr. Jellybean

Mr. Jellybean makes unwanted advances on Morty and gets what he deserves.

Cathartic Cryfest

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