Welcome to the world of the bizarre and the bonkers! From million-penny fortunes to cooking records, these thirteen news stories are sure to make you shake your head in disbelief. Prepare to be amazed, amused, and astounded as we delve into the depths of the weird and wonderful world of news. 

From alligators taking down drones to million-penny fortunes, it’s been a wild year so far. From a bridge-house in Los Angeles to a meteorite-hunting poolside in British Columbia, we’ve got it all. We’ve seen world records set, wild animals running amok, and people asking for the most outrageous things. It’s been a year of odd news, but also a year of remarkable human achievements and moments of pure joy. This list is a collection of some of the most bizarre, heartwarming, and memorable stories we’ve seen this year so far. 

So sit back, relax, and get ready to be amazed by these thirteen completely bonkers news stories.

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Don’t Duck with the Ocean.

Don't bring your pool toys to the beach, or you might end up like these guys. Three guys got swept away in the ocean while riding a huge inflatable duck near England's coast. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is now, reasonably, warning people not to bring inflatable pool toys to the beach. PL H RNLI ALL RNLI ANLI CRACKED

Matthew Rowe/RNLI (via UPI.com)


2,000 couples, six hours: world records set.

2,000 couples, six hours, two world records. In June 2021, a huge wedding in Baran, India saw over 2,000 couples tie the knot in less than six hours, setting two new world records for the most couples getting married in 12 and 24 hours. CRACKED

Guinness World Records (via UPI.com)


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