34 of the Funniest One-Liners Delivered by Random Strangers

What did he mean by that?
34 of the Funniest One-Liners Delivered by Random Strangers

Some of the funniest words come from random strangers you will never see again. Maybe they’re aware that you’re merely two ships passing in the night and want to give you a bizarre memento to remember them by, like the old man who said, “You’re gonna be a dog one day.” What did he mean by that? What mystical secrets does he know? 

Whatever the reason, quips like that have been shared in group chats, viral tweets and, thanks to the Redditors below, countless threads…

jimcol . 4y Okay, the laughter was not entirely inside, but years ago on the subway in NY, a crazy dude walks on the train and screams at everyone You're all going to hell! and then steps off as the doors close. Total silence as the weirdness of the moment settles in. Then, without missing a beat, guy across from me goes, Shit, I thought this train was going to Harlem. Entire subway car of cynical New Yorkers bursts out laughing. ... 17.3k
BurkaBurrito . 4y I was helping a customer pick out a new bra and she said she wanted her breasts to be lifted. She said, my boobs are so saggy that if my nipples were eyeballs, I'd be able to see if my shoes were untied I really tried my best to remain professional but I couldn't stop laughing lol ... 3.3k
brookski_lee. . 4y Was leaving Walmart and the 80ish year old greeter says Thanks for shopping at Dollar Tree! ... 3.4k
 4y ... I was at a 50th wedding anniversary party and there were LOTS of elderly people in attendance. An old man was standing next me and said it looks like a fucking grave yard in here. I literally spit my beer out (we were out doors). The kicker was the guy was close to the same age as everyone else. 31.2k Reply
walnut100 . 4y The time I was waiting for takeout and the amputee owner struck up a convo. My friend, you have to be really careful if you ever get shot in the knee or any leg bone. They don't warn you that you can't have sex for months. One night you're taking home a beautiful girl to show her your scars and the next morning your leg's gone. ... 344
relghadban . 4y I once was canoeing with my fiance for the first time and we were having a bit of trouble at first getting a rhythm going so we were along the edge of the water hitting the canal. This random couple was walking along the wall and said to his wife while pointing at us Ahh canoeing, the true test of love My fiance and I bursted into laughter for 20 minutes and then finally got our rhythm together ... 5.2k
I_Ace_English . 4y You and your sister look exactly alike! My sister was adopted from Asia. I'm so white I freckle instead of tan. I just about died of laughter, because the woman actually meant it (for context: she'd met my sister a couple weeks before, but I hadn't been there, and she'd mistaken me for my sister). ... 1.3k
etaporra 4y I was crossing the street once and my sunglasses fell off my shirt directly to the floor. I just realized it happened after I got to the other side of the street and my mom pointed it out. The closest car was pretty far away, but I was still very anxious about it, ran back to the middle of the street, tried to grab it but I was so nervous it fell out of my hands two times before i finally got it and ran to the other side of the street again. The car finally reached us,
2Fundy . 4y Years ago when queuing up for movie tickets with my family, the attendant asked the ages of our four kids to see if they could all get children-priced tickets. I announced their ages, 7, 9, 11 & 13. Without missing a beat, the stranger behind us declared, That's an odd group! ... 25.3k
NerakSob . 4y My friend and I (both female) used to go to the Saturday market to buy fruit and veg. My friend is quite shy towards other people. I had just bought two huge watermelons and was carrying them, one arm each. As a guy walked past us, he shouted: YOU'VE GOT NICE BIG MELONNSSSS! Didn't say anything else, just kept walking. My friend was shocked and I almost peed myself laughing so much. ... 1k
LisaPaBisa . 4y At a festival and sitting around the campfire when a very intoxicated man kept saying I need to borrow your fireplace! Не wouldn't let it go, despite being right by the fire. Turns out he needed a lighter for his cigarette and was so drunk that he forgot what it was called. My laughter was not internal. I died laughing right in front of him.
OCEANLOVER 4y I was at Tim hortons with my dog and then this old man walked by and said to me you're gonna be a dog one day ... 205
Ohsoeasy . . 4y I have a five and a half pound chihuahua. He's about as intimidating as a bunny rabbit. I was walking him on the grass along the road. A couple of walkers were coming near me and my dog started barking at them so I picked him up. The guy says, Thank you for picking him up. We were really scared. ... 6.5k
piggesnye . 4y Buying beer at a convenience store, cashier said would you like your baggage to be physical or emotional. So simple, yet so perfect. ... 276
NumberOneNoodleFan27 . 4y I happened to visit Stonehenge on the summer solstice a couple years ago, and because of the time of year, druids were holding a ceremony under the rocks. Tourists freaked out, surrounded the druids, and took pictures like crazy. Cue a man behind me in a thick German accent scoffing, You don't go to a fucking cathedral and take pictures of praying catholics. Something about his words paired with the accent just made me lose it!! ... 118
MaryinPgh . 4y I'm 6'0 tall. When I was in my twenties, I was walking down a city street wearing a miniskirt and some random guy said to me, Girl, it must take you all day to shave those legs. I still remember it decades later. ... 114
Coffee-Anon . 4y Went to get my driver's license renewed and I was in a hurry. At one point the clerk asked me if I wanted to be an organ donor, which I did, but I didn't have time to fill out any extra paperwork or anything like that so my response was Yeah, but is there anything else I have to do for it? She said, No. Just Die. ... 50
mbn8807 . 4y Me and my buddy were playing golf and got paired with an elderly couple. On one of the greens our shots landed pretty close together and the older gentleman said I haven't seen 4 balls that close since broke back mountain. We still use that line when golfing. ... 44
SopwithStrutter . 4y I was working at best buy and had a customer that was 92. Не asked the difference between two towers that were about $100 difference in price. I told him that for what he was going to use it for (he said email and Facebook) that they would both work fine, and that if anything the nicer one might last a bit longer. Не said last longer? Man I'm 92. I don't even buy green bananas Funniest thing I've ever heard 30.4k
PhotographerMan - 1 10y You look like a guy who enjoys shitting, don't buy those. I was bagging brussel sprouts ... 33
sudden_somber . 10y I was riding my unicycle and a guy shouted pop a wheelie ... 201
LyingPervert . 10y This drunk guy on the train at 1 in the morning was talking about soft boiled eggs for 45 minutes. Right before I get off the train, he admits he doesn't even like soft boiled eggs, he just likes talking about them. ... 52
hcfisher . . Зу I was crammed into the 4 train at rush hour in NYC. We're packed like sardines and one guy just piped up my wife doesn't even get this close to me. ... 2
SupremeSniper_ 4y Well, I was on the MARTA train one day when a homeless guy got on asking people for money. After realizing no one had anything to give him he loudly said,  This must be the broke train I died. ... 2
Designatedlonenecron . . 4y During a friend's birthday party another friend's gf run out of the party because the group did something mean. Since the birthday boy's family was also there, his bald uncle who stood there and saw her run out said Am I really that ugly? ... 2
Creamsickomode • . 4y This really short kid walked up to me and said Hello, chest. I tried really hard to resist my urge to not explode while laughing. ... 1
NightOnTheSun . . 4y An old man on the street with a big, jack-o-lantren grin on his face and two Chihuahuas under each arm loudly proclaiming to no one in particular, I used to carry grenades! Now I carry dogs! ... 22.4k
emken23 4y I used to be a smoker. One time a scruffy looking man asked me for a light. I told him I only had matches. (It was very windy) Не said, that's ok, there's a trick to it. You light the match and then suck down real hard. You get a mouth full of sulfur that way, but you gotta have a trick when you're going thirty miles an hour on top of a tank. ... 15.7k
yenetruok . 4y Little girl to me after I explain my service dog helps me when I'm sick: oh, so he's your dog-tor! Me, trying to keep a straight face: yes, exactly. ... 13.5k
dmc32986 . 4y I was in a full bathroom at a Cavs game using the urinal, and some guy walks up to use the urinal next to me. Не then says nice watch. I was actually wearing a watch, so I said thanks, followed by wait, what? We shared a laugh, and that was it. I still think it's hilarious. ... 527
TerminatorX24 . 4y Was eating at Wendy's when this little kid points out the window to a tow truck and exclaimed Look Mom it's a hooker! ... 86
Shudipt007 . 4y dude in his late 40's sitting outside my therapists office said as i was just about to go in; dude: you have a girlfriend kid? Me: uh huh dude: well, never get high and sleep with her mother and then say you thought it was her from the future. ... 50
-eDgAR- 4y When I was 20 I was an idiot and got arrested for trying to steal alcohol from Target. I was being booked into the police station and they had me handcuffed to a bar on the wall of this room while I was waiting. This random cop was just passing through and asked the guy being detained across from me what he did. The other guy, who was around my age, said he was there for because he stole a bunch of jeans. Then he turned to me and asked the same question. After I told him I
Badgers_or_Bust . . 4y I was wearing my kilt and a geriatric lady asked me what I was wearing under there?. And I was too embarrassed to reply to a 70 ish year old lady my usual repertoire. So, she looks me dead in the eyes and says: Like a good Scotsman the only true answer is lipstick on a good day. Then promptly walked away beer in hand. ... 40
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