20 of the Funniest Tweets from October 11, 2023

It’s true, sorry
20 of the Funniest Tweets from October 11, 2023

It’s been 563 days since The Slap™, and we as a society somehow continue to learn new information about it. In an interview with People, Jada Pinkett Smith revealed that she and Will actually separated six years before the ill-fated Oscars ceremony, noting that they’re still figuring things out and “have deep love” for one another. 

Another person with deep love for the Red Table Talk host? Chris Rock. Smith also shared that the comedian asked her out on a date amid rumors that she and Will were getting divorced. When she refuted the gossip, Rock “was appalled” and “profusely apologized.” No matter how apologetic he may have been, though, the request certainly came back to bite him

Thankfully for us, there are no complicated romantic entanglements on the timeline today — just funny tweets, including those about your mother’s fine china, two lesbians in the wild and a slur for Zack Snyder from the man himself. 

Matt Margolis @ItsMattsLaw· 1d Every em-dash I use makes me stronger and my argument more believable 15 1,160 6,746 422K
Issac Arc @acewithplays 1d ... I'm not gone hold you... Dracula had a point. if somebody burned my wife a live, I'd unleash demons on the world too. 147 4,479 15.8K 5.6M
shrimp @shrimp_delight - 2 23h Grocery stores are always putting Tahini somewhere nobody could possibly find it 21 185 3,617 du 115K
Pumpkinmane @pugmane. 1d ... Mint mobile Super Bowl commerical DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 1d Jerry Seinfeld has teased some sort of 'SEINFELD' revival. Something is going to happen that has to do with that ending. It hasn't happened yet. (Source: variety.com/2023/tv/news/s...) 14 356 12.9K 778K
owen @miseblock. 1d two types of women baby monkey @chimp_simp 20m you can be my white kate moss tonight 10 del 160 b-cup joan holloway @martinipost... 26m ... I had too much caffeine and now I need to be shot with a cattle gun 4 24 del 1,150 2 11 94 6,558
Batthew @PanasonicDX4500.2 21h ... FOOD Everything about the far right right makes more sense when 3 you realize they're all just theater kids who were too homophobic to do theater. AP Farnoush Amiri @FarnoushAmiri - 22h Rep. Nancy Mace, one of the eight Republicans who voted to oust Kevin McCarthy, just walked into the speaker candidate forum with a red A on her white t- shirt in resemblance of a scarlet А. 1 21 313 25.9K
@northstardoll.3h ... him:ru stupid me: 21 2,619 16.6K 393K
Reading RainHeaux @iamjadebrieanne . 3h ... I hate him and his stupidity and the fact that I gotta watch him be brutally murdered every time an ad pops up. Ol' Dirty Dennis @OlDirtyDennis - 9/24/23 No one gets themselves into more tough situations than this guy A A Roy King 5 18 41 2,301
zach silberberg supports SAG-AFTRA @zachsi... 2h ... oh fuck MESSAGES now My Girlfriend Yoda talk we must pregnant not pregnant 11 65 1,085 40.5K
Miles Lovely @premiles_ 22h This is how I'm treated every time I visit Kroger's GOODS Kendall's Gallery @kendalljbrs. 1d October 10, 2023: Kendall Jenner at the Kroger store in Bloomington, Indiana. More pics: kendalljenner.com.br/gallery CC 318 818 0:01 Blo 8 15 427 35.5K
@northstardoll.18h Saturday 5:50 PM Sunday 1:36 AM BM U want my nut? Sunday 11:17 AM Bitch i just like the squirrel emoji + Sent Today 8:56 PM Damn ok my fault I'll just die 19 1,798 21.9K 876K
@BrendanDaGawd-20h ... when u switch to trevor on GTA 10 1,174 15.3K 421K
angie @angeltrackpad 1d Pusha T posts and deletes MYSTERIOUS ranking KINGPUSH Follow Posts kingpush ... Notes 1. Newt 2. Salamander 3. Slug 4. Bullfrog 145 1,431 20.7K 2.3M
christopher @Cjdeck1 16h The be gay, do crimes crowd has been notably silent on this one POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.21h Congressman George Santos has been charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, false statements, falsification of records, aggravated identity theft, and credit card fraud. :buff.ly/46qolVB
GEPRO stoned cold fox @roastmalone_ 23h ... every heartbreakingly beautiful girl who deserves the world is dating a guy who looks like this PETE'S 14 111 808 196K
soapbox @soapbxxx 17h SOAPBOX CLOTHING It's gone too far what is thissss 5 23 274 8,797
hugeasmammoth.films SAG... 15h ... partner???? ooop lesbiansssss Science girl @guns... 8/16/23 A leopard and her partner in the Kabini Forrest Shaaz jung 23 7 1,044 14.4K 517K
brandon @whybuddypreg... 15h ... im watching love is blind and this 23 year old kid married a 31 year old and they're in an argument and he keeps saying that's cap to everything she says 15 132 4,207 126K
doctor worm @awaitingtrial.1 12h ... Just led my horse to water 100 smooth sailing from here 3 233 1,974 43.9K
myla @margaritamyla 23h honey bring out the fine china What happens tonight goes on facebook tomorrow! Sizar NA Waras ST 99 $0.99 DRIPES ZODOBA 2 I 9 436 8,414 del 277K
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