26 Totally Wild Workplace Scandals

26 Totally Wild Workplace Scandals

Watercooler talk is a perfectly adequate form of camaraderie, but nothing brings employees together quite like bonding over a little workplace drama. There’s a shared rush of adrenaline in the office when people are sending Slack messages in code and whispering rumors to each other about scandalous intra-office behavior. In fact, the only thing better than hearing about misconduct in your own place of employment is hearing about what’s going on in other offices, where you have absolutely no stake in the matter.

Along those lines, these Redditors have some delicious workplace scandals for us all to feast on. 

cherry_pie_83 . 3y Let's just say, if you're going to have sex with a client in a work vehicle, perhaps move the minivan out of the commercial parking garage when asked to by the operator, so they don't look up the number plate and send the video footage to the boss. Also, look for cameras. The best thing about it was that the guy was an awful worker but boss's favourite, and boss had no choice but to fire him. ... 444

Tim_Out_Of_Mind 3y I might've told this story in the past... Many moons ago, I worked a tech job in a factory. One of the production supervisors was a younger guy who was very nice and really good at his job. I noticed he always had the sniffles. I get bad allergies myself so I didn't think anything about that. One day he's not at work and everyone's talking in hushed tones about him. It turns out that he had a side hustle of dealing large amounts of cocaine. Не got screwed over by someone in his supply chain and beat

JohnnyBrillcream . Зу Had a guy abruptly leave work one day. To murder his wife. ... 434

saugoof . Зу Two people had a fist-fight. They never got along and one day one of them just snapped, jumped over the desk and they got into fight. One of them got sacked, the other resigned a week later. And that's why I have my current job, I'm their replacement. ... 566

IceMaverick85 . Зу Years ago when I worked at Target, the store manager, (a man in his late 40s), was cheating on his wife with one of the part-timers, (she was 19). When his wife found out she began to stalk the girl everywhere, leaving her vague threats in her mailbox, and then finally confronting her while she was working. The wife ended up getting arrested, the manager ended up getting fired, and the girl got transfered to another Target. ... 192

DONT_BLAME_CANADA . . Зу Commercial baking / manufacturing facility. Wore snap- down CINTAS uniform shirts and had to use Motorola radios for communication. Guy gets irate at his supervisor, rips off his uniform shirt like Hulk Hogan and goes to strangle the supervisor with his microphone cord from the radio. Practically snapped out of nowhere. ... 178

XtraFalcon Зу The company I worked in used to give awards during the Christmas party, if you got a real award you were definitely getting a joke one. For example I got Most helpful in the office (Some days I never got back to my desk because I was helping someone with something) and my joke award was Most handsome man in IT (I'm the only man in IT). We always had one award that was just for the head of the company, this had been a tradition since the 70s, the award was a complete joke (Not mean spirited)

CanineRezQ . Зу Finance Manager was taking people's cash down payments and using it for his gambling addiction. ... 88

mayor_bean Зу My former manager was fired for being suspected of stealing around $10,000 from the company. Shortly after being fired we found out she had also been borrowing money from several customers. She never paid any of them back. We also found out she had not been paying her rent for quite some time. There was also several rumors about her selling drugs in the parking lot as well as having relations with customers in her office. It also came out that it was very likely she faked her credentials for the job. Not long after she was fired

schnit123 Зу At a bookstore I worked at years ago one of the assistant managers had a scam he was running with two of the regular employees where if someone made a large cash purchase they would come back after the fact and do a post void (basically cancelling the transaction after it's gone through) and pocket the money. They managed to get away with it for a shockingly long time until one of the regular employees got greedy and did two post voids in one day, which got loss prevention's attention and led to an investigation that saw everyone

helix274 . 3y Former workplace. One of our senior managers was carrying on multiple affairs and using his work email address to correspond with these women. The heads of IT and HR finally sat him down and told him while it's not their place to judge, he needed to get a Gmail account and use that instead. ... 113

SAFAChi 3y At my old job, there use to be a girl that worked at the front office that slowly started gaining weight, we kept asking her if she was pregnant but she kept denying it. Then one Monday she called in sick. Tuesday she returned and all the weight was gone! She claimed she went on a cabbage soup diet. A month or 2 later, she resigned, and then someone from our office did some investigating, and found out that this girl was indeed pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption. There was rumours that she might have

Nemo68v2 . 2 294d Security footage showed my manager rummaging through a computer he had no reason to be on. IT checked out the computer, and they found he deleted some security footage... so they recovered it. Не was fired for having sex with one of the employees at work. She was fired, too. ... 2.1k

chewie8291 . 2 294d Not hr but recruiter. Found out a potential candidate was fired from his previous job because he threw his boss into a dumpster. Dude was 6'5 so yes. Picked his boss up over his head and threw him until the dumpster. Had to admit I'm envious. ... 854

LimeSkye . 294d Normal scandal. The owner left his wife for his secretary. BUT--the wife owned 50% of the company and she made him pay through the nose for it. Не was a total stereotype! The company had become really prosperous, he started working out, got a really expensive sports car (Lamborghini, I think). Then he dumped his wife, was publicly involved with secretary, left his company to be run by other people and ran off to California, married, and had kids. Не was kind of a shit head before that anyway. ... 485

Binky103 . 294d The receptionist and the land administrator had an affair and she got pregnant. Her husband had had a vasectomy years earlier. The office affair ended, and the receptionist and her husband maintained that it was a miracle from God. It's a small town and everyone knew about the affair. It was a big scandal. The receptionist and the land administrator were both kicked out of the church they belonged to. Publicly, the receptionist and her husband pretended nothing had happened and that this was a wonderful surprise. But everyone knew it was not likely to be the husband's child.

FridayLeap . 2 294d Government agency, director had affair with head of agency. Plus accusations of corruption, data breaches and a whole bunch of related stuff. TV documentary on it, police shut down our servers, head of agency briefly went into hiding, weeks of questions in parliament. ... 145

sam_873 . . 294d I used to work at a tech startup, you know the type lots of nap pods/ relaxed, company culture and open bar after work hours. One evening CEO, head of HR, head of sales and myself had just returned from a business trip returned to the office to collect some stuff and found a 3 way going on the conference room next to the CEO's office, they were all fired and all married. 1 of them tried to sue for wrongful termination ... 133

elevenghosts 2y A divorced couple worked at my company in separate departments. The ex-husband went to the ex-wife's house to pick up their kids one night and got into an argument with the ex-wife's boyfriend, who was a cop. The cop shot him. The ex-husband died. The ex-wife was not exactly contrite about it. For weeks or even months after that, the ex-husband's coworkers were on a warpath against the ex-wife and her supportive coworkers. This is in HQ for a big company and there were regular outbursts if those people saw each other in the lobby, elevators, cafeteria, etc.

snugglebunny822 . 2y I used to work for a large insurance company in Colorado Springs, CO - When I worked there they had nap rooms which were used for other nefarious means. My favorite workplace scandal is when one coworker stopped cheating on his wife with another coworker because he found a new workplace hookup. Work hookup #1 anonymously called the mans wife to rat him out AND security to bust in on him and his new hookup. ... 813

Internal_Use8954 . 2y Coworker was murdered in a park on the way back from a job. We never got many details, but I guess his truck was missing, and his dogs were loose in the park. The police came in and questioned us, but as far as I'm aware they never figured it out and it's still unsolved. His desk is like a shrine to him still after 3 years, untouched. We like to gossip about it from time to time. ... 42

Zorkeldschorken . 2y The CEO sent out an email along the lines of While it is acceptable to take business contacts out for meals or other events at company expense, please insure that this is done at acceptable places of business. Turned out that some sales guy took a bunch of clients out to a titty bar and tried to expense it. ... 140

BB1429 2y Our HR person got fired by the president. She threw a box of staples, paperclips and anything else within throwing distance at the president. She then got on the intercom, said (the presidents name) is a bitch. Police were called and she was eventually escorted out of the building. While backing out of her parking spot, she slammed into the presidents car, put it in drive, and rode off into the sunset. It was glorious. The president was a piece of crap and totally deserved it. Whenever I see the episode of the office where Michael quits and

Jealous-Network-8852 2y When I was in high school, I got a job in a local chain drug store. After I was there about a month, I showed up for work and was greeted by corporate security. Apparently, the entire management staff, as well as the bulk of the store's employees, were fired and arrested as part of a mass theft ring. Apparently they were issuing fake merchandise refunds to their credit cards, as well as voiding cash transactions and pocketing the cash. They managed to re-staff the store temporarily with employees from other locations, but I went from being the

eggsaregreateh 2y Our company driver never got much done. It would take him days to deliver a package down the road. One day our boss calls us into the boardroom and tells us he had been shot between the eyes, while on the beach with a prostitute in the middle of the work day. A couple of hours after he was found his wife walks into our boardroom - where we're all being told about his death - with all his life insurance paperwork asking about her payout. Не, and his wife, were devoutly Muslim and his wife gave him a Catholic burial, complete

picksandchooses 2y After a slowdown in business, the president of the company started scamming his expense account bigtime. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month for gasoline was showing up in his expense account for his truck, except his truck ran on diesel. The TV in the conference room ended up at his son's apartment. A few hundred dollars as a business entertainment expense for his daughter's volleyball team dinner. Expenses for boat repair, except the company doesn't own a boat. It went on and on, everything was going on his card, thousands each month. The bookkeeper was saying she
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