34 of the Funniest Reasons Why People Were Fired from Their Jobs

Somebody had… egg on their face
34 of the Funniest Reasons Why People Were Fired from Their Jobs

Having a job sucks, but getting fired sucks way more. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a rebound plan or enough savings, losing your job is still pretty inconvenient. One thing, though, can soften the blow: the reason for termination being funny as hell. From a cell-phone heist gone wrong to a prank war that escalated a little too quickly, Redditors have shared some of the funniest reasons they or their former co-workers got pink-slipped. 

The good news? As long as you’re not like any of these people, you probably stand a good chance at staying gainfully employed. 

rd1027 . 8y Co-Worker at subway got fired when the whole smack cam thing was big. Не smack cam'd our boss with a bunch of eggs in his hand. ... 2
makdaddy63 . 8y i knew a couple of dipshits who stole cellphones from the warehouse they worked at and used them while working at the warehouse they stole them from. i i had the pleasant job of busting them. dumbasses. ... 1
thepurplefrog . 8y This guy got fired from a Walmart because he felt bad that the beta fish were alone in those small glass bowls. So he put all the beta fish in the bigger tanks with the other fish. The betas killed all the other fish an each other. ... 1
Yoguls e 2y A guy got reported for crawling along a conveyor into the safety guards on an automated press because a part got stuck rather than stopping the machine, but that's not why he was fired, there was no evidence other than the word of the guy who saw him, so health and safety came down to the guy and asked him to explain in his own words what he did. Не then said happily 'I'll show you' and proceeded to climb on the conveyor and back inside the machine. Не was walked out shortly afterwards. ... Reply 525
RainbowViking_. 2y Prank war gone wrong; One person took a poo in another's lunch box, they retaliated by stealing the first blokes car keys and had a massive poo in their passenger side foot well. Both got canned and we had to put a sign up reminding folks where it was appropriate to relieve themselves when nature calls. ... Reply 384
RubricOwl 0 2y When I worked in a supermarket, someone working in the warehouse decided to just crack open a case of beer off a pallet and start drinking during his day shift. Не wasn't an alcoholic, and genuinely seemed confused when a manager walked out there, found him drinking and got him fired for gross misconduct. Even worse, of all the beer to steal he chose warm Fosters!? ... Reply 242
emilesmithbro . 2y I work in tech. A developer was let go during probation due to her sheer inability to google. She'd ask about absolutely everything, like you could google her message and get an answer on the first link in Google. How she had any jobs before that is a mystery. I was an intern and she would ask me all these questions that I'd literally just google for her. ... Reply 198
BennyInThe18thArea 2y New hire for an IT admin job (needed to do some tasks in AD from what I remember). Got given her password but couldn't unlock the PC as she didn't know how to do a CAPITAL letter for Password123. If I remember correct she had someone else do the interview for her and got that job that way. ... Reply 134
willard_price . 2y A guy got sacked for masturbating in the toilets. Repeatedly. Verbal warning. Written warning. Termination. Three times he was caught smashing one out. Claimed he had high testosterone and had to masturbate for medical reasons. ... Reply 128
Tamzaghi9 2y A German guy at our work got savkrd for fiddling time sheets for the time he said he was working overtime. Also, he was being a bit of a creep to a few of the females in work, using sob stories etc to get close to them. None of that is funny, but when all this was coming out it turned out he wasn't actually German at all. Не had gone through the full recruitment process and a full year on the job pretending to be German. German name, the accent, even so far as to wear a
Stotallytob3r 2y Back in the early days of the internet the speed on the intranet on our laptops would slow to a crawl. The IT crowd tracked it to a one machine hogging the bandwidth. A guy in the print room was downloading movies and burning them onto DVDs to sell. Не was also using blank DVDs bought by the company. Ade, if you're reading this nice work pal - it sure made me laugh when I found out. ... Reply 90
Crafty_Chan . 2y A consultant was sacked for refusing to evacuate during a fire alarm because he was just too busy to leave his desk. ... Reply 70
Ochib . . 2y Watching porn on a company computer in the middle of the factory. His office had windows on every side and there was a few dozen workers watching the manager watching porn.
lemonpunt . 2y They tried looking up David Beckhams tax returns ... Reply 28
victoriaj . 2y Not my work place - but I used to talk to people about employment issues and the best one I saw was : Dismissed due to the size of his bagels. Worked at a bagel factory. I could not manage asking whether his bagels were too big or too small and keep being sympathetic and respectful. So this will always be a mystery.
DON'T BE STUPID VosTutZich . 13d I was 16 and refused to date the owner's niece ... Reply 2.3k
myneighborsowndildos 2y I broke my hand and got fired for asking to take a day off to go to the doctor, I never called in there once in the five years I worked there ... 5.2k
Elsa_the_Archer . 2y I was fired for playing solitaire on my 15 min break when I was working as a receptionist. The doctor who owned the clinic was dumb enough to put that as the reason in my termination letter. I collected unemployment after he tried to appeal it. They explained in great detail how stupid of a reason this was for termination. ... 6.6k
dojijosu 2y Got fired from a public library for taking TWO carts to collect books from the outside Dropbox instead of ONE. The past few times I emptied the dropbox on a Monday it required two trips, So I brought two carts instead. It turns out the matter of how many carts were used in emptying the dropbox was a matter of a library board vote and I was in violation of a town ordinance. Mind you, I wasn't fired. I was placed on paid administrative leave pending a library board inquiry at which I was welcome to call witnesses.
SkyfangR2 2y i brought my own boxcutter to work at a temp job i - had worked for 2 days already because they refused to replace the blades in their box cutters, and got fired because it looked like a knife 1.2k
Gargartheclown . 2y I got fired from Burger King because a coworker let me use his vape on my break. When I was off break, I tried giving it back but kept getting ignored. I figured I'd give it back after we close but he left early. I went back the next day (my day off) to return it and got fired for stealing ... 2.7k
SpyJane . 2y I worked at a bar that was notorious for firing people. It well known that no one lasted for more than a month, and it was a big deal if you made it longer than that. I made it to month three when I was fired for not putting ketchup on a customer's table. They were eating shepherds pie and salad respectively and didn't even ask for ketchup. ... 1.7k
DeanWarren_ . 2y I got fired from a McDicks for asking too many customers how their day was going Not because it slowed anything down, mind you, I only did when it was slow, they put in complaints to corporate that I was being 'invasive'. The first time I thought my manager was making a joke. ... 3.7k
Erophysia . 2y I was a new hire. It was Christmas time, so the office was hosting a Christmas sweater competition. I was appointed judge because I was new and thus impartial. I received explicit consent from each employee in front of the supervisor before proceeding to judge. At least one female coworker accused me of looking at her chest while I was judging her sweatshirt... I kid you not... Fired... ... 3.8k
schurem . 2y I once got fired from a construction crew for banging my hammer in a funky rythm. bangbangBANG bang BANG bang bang. I tried to explain to the guy that this helps with accuracy and is therefore far more efficient, but he would have none of it, said if I wanted to talk back, I could talk back at my couch.
PIOxnoban . 2y I got fired for forgetting my belt My first job: I used to work at a restaurant that was ~2 hours by bus away. We had just gotten a new store manager that was a hard ass. One day I showed up without a belt. Не asked me to go back home and put one on then come back. I said that would take 4 hours, so he fired me. ... 620
HunnaThaStunna . 2y My boss fired me in the emergency room for getting my finger bitten down to the bone by an octopus. ... 77
justfriendshappens 2y I worked at a place where there was a soda fountain. You put money in, and then filled your cup from the row of spigots like you'd see in a fast food place. Someone figured out how to get the soda out without paying. The guy from the company that serviced the machine came in one day and I said to him, You' know these people here are robbing you blind. Не asked how and I showed him by filling a cup with coke. I got fired for taking the coke without paying for it. ... 366
LPTKill . 2y I clocked in one minute late at Red Lobster. It was Easter and I had to fight my way through an army of pastel hat wearing Karens to even get in the door.....Manager told me they would, Let me finish my shift, but that's it. I just walked out and considered myself fired. I may or may not have liberated a lobster from the tank on the way out and yelled, He's coming with me! when I left. ( I am now banned from ever working for Darden again) ... 856
itsyagirlKat. 2y Got fired cause i starting decorating a cake... I was hired to be a cake decorator.... ... 91
wildflowerrhythm . . 2y I ate an apple slice from the restaurant I was working at that I ended up paying 61. cents and then they fired me. ... 55
Clear-Penalty339 . 227d A guy I worked with at pet smart got fired for eating the catnip plants. Said he thought he could get a buzz off it.... ... 3
masochistmonkey. 6y I worked as a secretary at a strip club. Yes. Secretary. Anyway, the owner of the club was visiting town and he fired the chef for not using butter to make him his grilled cheese sandwich. ... 72
NeedsMoreTuba . 6y Не made a bong out of the ketchup dispenser. We only had one ketchup dispenser. ... 145
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