35 of the Best Pranks People Have Pulled Off

He was fighting for his life while trying to get dressed
35 of the Best Pranks People Have Pulled Off

Some people view practical jokes as the lowest common denominator of humor. Those people have probably been on the receiving end of a perfectly-executed prank at some point in their lives. Regardless, we have an entire holiday dedicated to getting people to fall for a gag, and entire TV shows like Punk’d and Impractical Jokers dedicated to testing the susceptibility of innocent bystanders. And while pranking can sometimes go seriously wrong, the centuries-old practice is mostly rooted in lighthearted fun. 

Over the years, Redditors have taken to the platform to share some of the best pranks they’ve been able to pull off — and a few that were good in theory but didn’t quite stick the landing. Pranks such as…

thombombadillo . 121d Ok not me but a coworker put a sign on a new microwave we got that it was voice activated. Watching grown adult people shout at the space oven was amazing!!!! ... Reply 1
Spiffy313 . S 9y Guys in the high school musical were doing the classic condom-filled-with-mayonnaise bit and throwing it over the dressing room wall into the women's dressing room after making a bunch of obnoxious sex noises. We were all really getting sick of it, so I concocted a plan with a friend (who bailed at the last minute). I grabbed one of my maxi pads and bought a bottle of red food coloring. Combined the two and threw it over the wall into the men's dressing room. Their screams still echo sweetly through my mind. ... 832
notaFireTripper . 9y One time we air popped enough popcorn to almost fill my friends VW Bug. The popcorn was literally 4 inches from the ceiling. It was glorious. ... 28
jbhall36 . 9y I pulled this one on one of my students. I told the class that I was going to do a science demo and needed a volunteer. I filled a large bowl with water and got up on a chair and held it against the ceiling. I then had my student use a meter stick to hold the bowl in place above her. I then got down off the chair and took the rest of the class to the cafeteria for lunch. ... 253
Lotronex . 9y Friend worked in the cubicle next to me. Took an extra mouse, hooked it up to his computer an put it on the floor of my cubicle so I could move it without my hands. Не was convinced that the the people monitoring our screens had taken control (it was a call center, and all screens could be viewed remotely). ... 76
lordntelek 9y Mine's simple. 1 candied onion in a batch of candied apples. Place tray in middle of party and wait. ... 9
Ghost_Peanuts . 5y My sister did not back up her phone despite me telling her to several times. I had the same phone as her. I backed up my phone reset it to factory settings switched covers with her phone and watcher her morning descend into chaos. ... 4.9k
meggs_w 5y One time I put extra strength Orajel (an over the counter mouth numbing cream for those who don't know) on the filter side of my friend's cigarettes. It was funny cause I could tell he could feel something was off but didn't say anything to anyone until I burst out laughing ... 1.1k
hp94 . 5y Last April 1st I opened up tuna with the can opener and dished it into my cats bowl, then put saran wrap over top very tight so it was clear. I put the bowl down and my cat pressed her nose into it and started licking the saran wrap for a few seconds before walking back to me meowing really loudly. I couldn't deal with that sad cute face so I took off the saran wrap and vowed to never play a trick like that ever again. ... 4.7k
fatbean100 . 5y I had my 4th grade teacher write a red slip (equivalent to a suspension)to my parents that I knocked over the tarantula terrariums and smashed them to bits for no reason. My dad was so PISSED when I showed him the paper until I told him it was a joke. Не signed it Jack the Ripper ... 720
drunkenzealot . 14y When I was in highschool, I got a key cut to my friends car, so every now and then I break in and rearrange his cds, put more garbage in, one time I cleaned it. random harmless things. we stopped hanging out after highschool. but I still carried the prank on for 3 years. Just told him the other day. laughed his ass off. ... 261
atleast5letters . 14y Sewed the legs of my roommate's pants shut. ... 127
Darkfold 14y Flatmate went on holiday for a week, locks his room and generally clears off. I had a bag of balloons. I bought several more. Turns out that if you shove the deflated balloon under the door, pump it up and tie it off, you can do a pretty good job of filling a room... Needless to say he freaked out wondering who had a key to his room. ... 126
Xfocus 14y More of an ongoing prank. A friend of mine had an old POS car in high school. During lunch we would usually push down the window (it was held together with a wire or duct tape) and we'd put the car into neutral and push it to another part of the parking lot or the other side of the school. Lots of people would do this so any given day you'd see Jeff walking around campus aimlessly trying to find his car. ... 76
kibble 9y A gentle one on my trusting, loving wife: when her favourite toothpaste (mailed from her home country) was running low and she had a fresh tube in a drawer, on standby, I put the two tubes mouth-to- mouth and squeezed just enough, a day's supply, from the fresh tube into the old tube. I did this every day. Two weeks went by with her expecting to use up the last of the old tube each time she brushed, only to find just enough for one more cleaning. The pleasure of breaking in a new tube just always postponed.
Zakkman 4y I went to the adult bookstore and purchased the largest dildos, anal beads, and whatever other obscene thing I could find. I stuck it all in a box and then had my wife wrap it up in extremely beautiful wrapping paper. Then I stuck it in a friends gift pile at his wedding with no card. I didn't hear anything about it for two years until I ran into the guys brother. They had a gift opening in front of their entire family. There was aunts, uncles, grandparents, the whole lot. To top it off his father was
ummholdonletmethink 4y I covered some of those sour neon worms in salt and passed them out to my friends. .. 494
literallyatree . 4y My senior year of high school, I knew it would be my last April Fool's at my parents house, so the day before, they were gone for a couple hours and I printed out 200 pictures of Nicolas Cage. I hid them in ridiculous places. The storage closet, crawlspaces, books, in the pantry, etc. Five years later and they're still finding them. ... 1k
OdaSet 4y S 1 Award One year for April fools the local newspaper posted an article about a truck full of wine bottles that had crashed. The article stated that wine was spilling everywhere and they didn't want it to go to waste, so anyone could bring buckets to fill. One guy at my dads work saw the article and ran out. All the people at work laughed at him. Halfway to the place where the truck supposedly was, the guy realized his mistake. Не then went and bought a couple of cheap wine bottles which he emptied into the
harddata . 5y After being openly gay for over a decade, I came out as straight on Facebook. Convinced more than a few friends. ... 1.7k
thirdAccountIForgot Зу I'm a triplet, but growing up I was significantly larger than my 2 brothers. In middle school, we told anyone new that I had absorbed our quadruplet, Rebecca, in the womb, hence my size. Some people even heard it before meeting me. We got one guy to believe it from 8th to 11th grade. ... then I looked it up and it's actually a thing that happens. Turns out the three of us were actually the idiots in this case, but it was a good time. ... 623
LIVR kuz_929 . . 8y A friend's father was a manager at Home Depot. Over the course of a few months he would snip about 1/4 a day off another worker's apron string. The worker thought they were gaining weight at a crazy high rate, but couldn't figure out how. Mental prank warfare ... 199
lysianth 4y My mother is superstitious. There was this book she didn't like. Too scary. She threw it in the ocean. I bought another copy, dunked it in the ocean for a second, and put it back on her nightstand. Next day she buried it. I bought another copy, rubbed some dirt in it, and put it back ok her nightstand Next day, she burned it, panicked, and watched it turn to ash. I bought another copy, rubbed some charcoal on it, and put it back on her night stand. Next she shredded it. She caught me with another copy
Call-Me-Anus 4y There was this really tall clock tower and my Grandfathers college. The day before his graduation, him and some of his buddies coaxed a cow up the stairs all the way to the top of the tower. Its a well known fact that Cows have an extremely hard time going DOWN stairs. They had to postpone graduation because of all the emergency services closed off portions of the campus. ... 184
necrokitty . 4 4y Coworkers removed the wheels off of someone's office chair and put it on blocks after someone did the same to his car the weekend prior. Total insult to injury. 231
MILF_Man . 6y I cut out a silhouette of a rat and put it into one of the plastic panels that covered the florescent lights. Looking up it looked exactly like a rat had died in the light. I never revealed it was me. ... 218
accordingtothelore . 6y When I was 16 I mailed my brother a letter pretending to be a woman he'd hooked up with a few years before and asking if he'd like to meet their daughter. Не didn't even finish reading the letter before he walked over and punched me really hard in the thigh. I guess my 16-year old chicken scratch didn't look much like lady hand writing. ... 638
RocktownRomance . 13y Pushed a friend into the middle of a lake (afloat on an air mattress). The lake was lined with crab apple trees, and we threw crab-apples at him to wake him up once he was out in the middle.
Twitch8605 . 10y I once spent a few weeks with a hole puncher making as many paper dots as possible. Then I dumped them into the cars air vents of my friends car. Next I turned the vent controls to maximum. Finally I watched at a distance as my friend turned his car on, and dots exploded out the vents as the air kicked on. ... 134
Trashy_southerner Зу A buddy of mine at work put fake people in all the bathroom stalls. Shoes, clothing, and printed faces of people like Trump, Clinton, and Williamson. Не locked the stalls after everything was set up one evening. About an hour into the morning the next day, several ladies were gathered outside the restroom whispering over homeless people in the bathroom. They ended up getting our tall CFO to go in and check it out. Не came out laughing. The whole company laughed after we discovered the prank. ... 107
azzurro32 . 6y Instead of a hardboiled egg, I like to pack my wife's lunch with a non boiled egg ... 39
outcastace 6y My freshman year of college, I switched the desktop icons of My Computer and Recycle Bin on my roommate's laptop. I figured he would try to drag something to recycle bin, be confused about it not deleting, and then we'd laugh together when he asked me to fix it. Well, he never asked and I forgot about it. Не was a bit of an idiot and rather annoying, so I didn't associate much with him after that. Our senior year, I was working at the university's IT department in Desktop Support and saw a ticket come in to
myauntemily . 6y Told my friend I'd hidden all of their clothes out in the woods around my house (I live in rural north GA so this would be very mean) but I'd really just hidden them in the closet. Then I watched them look for them for about 20 minutes before telling them the truth. I don't know why I have friends. ... 58
icount2tenanddrinkt. 6y not directly april fools, but: Most people have a calendar on kitchen wall, i like to write Dave Birthday on a random date. My name is not Dave, but most people know somebody called Dave. I admit its a little bit childish, but i do find myself giggling about people trying to work out who or which Dave this is at some latter date. ... 72
GreatLakesCowboy - 6y A guy I knew had 10 or so new toilet plungers stuck to his ceiling, each plunger head was full of water.
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