27 Funny, Embarrassing or Awful Marriage Proposals

Popping the question with Speed Stick is categorically insane
27 Funny, Embarrassing or Awful Marriage Proposals

Whether it’s on the ill-fated jumbotron for all to see or a multipart scavenger hunt, people are always proposing marriage in elaborate ways. Unfortunately, these scenarios don’t always go the way people envisioned, with their one shot at popping the question sometimes going completely awry. From a deodorant-themed proposal to a poorly-timed message written in the sky, Redditors have shared some of the hilarious and/or awkward marriage proposals they’ve witnessed — or worse, been a part of. 

somethingwickednc. 11y My dad stuck the ring in a stick of deodorant, then told my mom she needed to use it. Small argument ensues when mom tells dad she does not need it :/ ... 281
Weaselmeat . 11y I proposed to my wife in Dublin, which is more difficult than it sounds because it's not a romantic city. After dinner, I decided that the Halfpenny Bridge was about the best place to get the job done. Right in the middle of my proposal, I hear the unmistakable sound of a drunk guy pissing off the bridge not 10 feet behind me. Ireland has never let me down. ... 1.6k
kemikiao 11y Saw a couple in a jewelry store when my wife and I were looking. Guy asks to see a ring, kneels, will you marry me?. She flips...ohmygod!ohmygod!ohmygod!ohmygod! yes yes yes!! Не says great! then hands the ring back to the employee and tries to leave the store. Не proposed with a borrowed ring. Tries to explain to the girl he couldn't afford the ring but wanted to propose correctly. She slaps him so hard my face hurt (she put her whole body into the slap) and starts screaming about how her mother was right, etc. etc. No clue
jim_shorts . 11y oh hey i know one! not terrible i guess, but awkward. i was eating dinner at an applebee's at one of those high tables near the bar. sitting at the bar was a couple. after a few minutes, the guy pushes his chair back and gets down on one knee. he starts to propose. just then a waiter walks around the corner, trips over the bridegroom-to-be's outstretched leg and drops a tray of food. to which he said shit, did i just ruin what i think i ruined? in any case the girl ended up saying yes.
aquariums S 11y I was on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty a few months back, and suddenly we see a plane writing something in the sky... Extremely slowly. Like, ridiculously slow. I know it must take a while to write something out in the sky, but it seriously took like 25 minutes for this dude to write MARRY ME SUE in the sky. By the time he had written Sue's name, the MARRY ME had faded from the sky. ... 399
dtigerkat 11y I work at Universal Studios in Orlando a few months ago and I watched a Fear Factor Live show. One of the stunts a lady is in a chair with a plexiglass box around her head. Her arms are strapped down as well. Someone spins a wheel and what ever it lands on goes on her head. Either snakes, scorpions, spiders or cockroaches. This girl is the contestant in the chair her manpanion spins the wheel. It lands on scorpions so they do the stunt. At the end her man gets the mic and says his spiel while
Bekaloha . . 11y I wasn't there for it, but my parents' proposal was pretty anti-climactic. They had been dating for 5-6 years already and it was basically like Well, I guess it's about that time. ... 650
forkandbowl . . 11y I did one..my birthday, she was taking me out to eat and i couldnt find anywhere to hide the ring. She asked if everything was okay and i said , might as well get this out of the way. I proposed to her in our garage. ... 883
jiggle-o . 1 11y I proposed on a dinner cruise and told her I was gonna throw her overboard if she said no. The couple next to us interrupted to ask if she needed help. ... 1.5k
serotonin33 . . 11y My ex-husband proposed to me in the shower after picking a fight about elbow macaroni.
morgueanna . . 11y My now ex-husband called me while he was at work and said If we get married, I get three paid days off that don't count towards my vacation! Want to go to Vegas in October? It lasted a whole three years. ... 389
ABlackThaiAffair. 11y I saw a guy propose to his girlfriend in a Subway at around 9 at night. It was so unbelievably awkward because it was just the three of us in the shop. She said no, the guy cried and I still had to order my sub while they sat there. ... 79
EIDuderino103 . . 11y When my dad proposed to my mom, he had already had a few drinks with dinner and did it in a Mickey Mouse voice. She made him do it again. ... 55
apiratenamedbob 11y Pilot here. Guy ask me to fly him and his so over a field, where 150 people had formed a heart and two rings. Huge show, I was really impressed. When she saw it, her response was: Look at all those idiots! How ridiculous is that?? Не did not ask his question that day. ... 61
mgz . 11y My own proposal was kinda horrible ; When watching TV I casually asked her if she had ever done it with a married man. When she said no I asked her if she wanted to, and offered her the ring. ... 140
picklelady 11y My boyfriend and I had discussed marriage. Не said I don't think I ever want to marry you. Не meant that he never wanted to get married again (he's divorced), but that gives you a sense of just how suave a wordsmith my prince charming is. So anyway we decided we weren't going to get married, but that we'd still like to have a baby. The morning the little stick turned pink, he shot down on one knee and proposed. In the bathroom. Holding a positive pregnancy test covered in my urine. I said no, of course. Eventually
aladyredditor. 11y I knew a guy who was at McDonalds with his girlfriend one time, and as a joke he wrapped a fry around her finger and said, Will you McMarry me? She started crying and called her mom and like started planning the wedding the next day. Не hadn't meant to propose but he didn't have the heart to tell her so, so he just married her.
LastGirlOnEarth . 11y Ughh, the guy who proposed to me. We were out on our front porch drinking some beers a few summers ago and all the sudden he breaks down and starts crying. It was so out of nowhere I thought something must be really wrong. I asked him was he was okay and he said through sobs I was thinking about proposing to you. That kind of threw a wet blanket over the whole magic moment. ... 38
hihoboy4 . 11y I was at the beach one day with some friends. This guy gets down on his knees and goes to pull out something from his pocket. A big wave comes and knocked him down. Не freaks, me and a few of my friends go over to see whats wrong, he lost the ring. After 20mins of looking we finally find it, under the foot of his SO. She knew it was there the whole time but wanted to get him back for being so careless about it. She said yes. ... 31
DawnRedwood . 11y A friend of a friend proposed to his girlfriend out of a Chipotle bag. You know, because they both like Chipotle so it's meaningful. She said yes, but I think they broke it off before they actually married. Oh high school. ... 59
zacshipley . 11y Chicago, 2004. Official Transformers Collectors Convention. In the middle of a trivia contest, the fan got the host to let him ask a question after he got one right and dropped on one knee to his lady right there. My friends and I laughed, but really if you've got a lady nerdy enough to go with you or at least humor you during something like that, then she's a keeper. ... 16
thepizzapeople 8y Mine. My wife is a HUGE king of the hill fan and early in our relationship we watched the episode that shows how hank proposes, it was something along the lines of Peggy, I'm not entirely un-fond of you. Will you marry me?. My (then) gf made me promise if I ever proposed I'd say that, and I'm not a man who breaks promises. It didn't help that I'd planned to do it in the park but she said no to going for a walk cause she felt sick, but I was so excited about it I did
VodkaSmizmar . 8y My sister and bf-at-the-time got home late from work (like midnight). They were hungry, so she was cooking. Не called her into the bedroom where he had set up candles and everything while she was cooking. She walked into the room holding a pan asking him to taste it. Не was down on one knee and she didn't believe him, so she told him to quit fooling around. It wasn't until he had the ring in hand that she knew he was serious.
 11y ... My university sponsored a free concert in the town center about six years back or so. They got Hoobastank to play. Dude tries to propose to his girlfriend during The Reason, gets interrupted by some other guy running into him, then gets interrupted by the lead singer who called the couple up onto stage. The guy finally finished his proposal, the girl said yes, and everyone clapped. Lead singer hugged them and sent them back off stage and said, That was great, I'll see you guys next week at the wedding DIVORCE! EDIT: The lead singer actually
treesthrowawayfun . 11y My dad was giving his girlfriend a foot massage. Не proceeded to do the whole this little piggy toe thing. At the end of it, she found a ring on her toe. Не was really excited to tell me this story immediately after it happened. (This is my dad's second wife, not my mom.) Why? ... 35
spangrl_85 . 8y Guy I know was driving down the highway with his girlfriend. Не tossed a bag into her lap and she thought it was his cigarettes until he said open it!. She found the engagement ring inside and he said Well?. She said I guess so. They got married.
 11y ... I proposed to my wife in Times Square at New Year's Eve (I was going for maximum cheezy!) She was pretty emotional and took a while to believe I was serious (even though I had a ring). This being New York, strangers started shouting at her to HURRY UP LADY, WHAT'S IT GONNA BE? WE DON'T HAVE ALL NIGHT 1.8k Reply
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