19 of the Funniest Tweets from September 27, 2023

The internet is raising an eyebrow about Kim Kardashian’s celebrity crush
19 of the Funniest Tweets from September 27, 2023

As of 12:01 a.m., the proverbial white smoke billowed from a Burbank Starbucks, giving striking writers the go-ahead to return to work. The teams behind highly anticipated shows like Stranger Things and The Last of Us have already announced they’re wasting no time and are hitting the ground running. Meanwhile, a seven-page document released by the WGA outlines just how monumental the deal is, bringing historic changes and protections for its membership, including strict guidelines regarding the use of A.I., writers’ room minimums and guaranteed pay. 

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The strike ending also saw the end of Strike Force Five, the podcast started by four beloved late-night hosts and Jimmy Fallon. The quintet took to Twitter to share that while there are some more episodes in the pipeline, they will be returning to their respective shows the first week of October. 

More importantly, we’re halfway through the week, which means the weekend is finally in sight again. As we clack away at our keyboards, we’ve had some seriously funny tweets to get us through the workday and one step closer to Friday. Today’s batch includes those about Kim Kardashian’s Freudian slip, one particular dog chomping at the bit and a curious ecommerce choice...

chase @_chase_ 1d thought i was flying to new york but apparently they're just fucking kidding?? JFK MIKE Hi there! Onboard F Let's watch TV Offerings II Ler's watch TV You're flying to New Eat, drink. watch DIRECTV York (JFK). Movies 2:00 PM Featured Movie Dolly CB HO C You're Pairs NEW Todos must 2 La mesa le sturante mL rozan Bospegue FA and All devices must DE ungligged train air tax take-oft Todas IDE discussivas enter toma de comienta dies rodow desepter are Life vest is under your seat Fasten your seat belt while seated Chaleco salvavidas debajo de su asiento Abroche su
mecca ;) @spinbackmecca 1 d ... dm me shaamoe @Shaamald.1d twitter.com/shaamald/statu... Dell Rick-fil-A SPRINKLED WITH SEA SALT
carter hambley @carterhambley -2 21h ...  okay so all these bones came from one guy 10 404 4,533 151K
austin @ilovefamilyguy.17h ... Bro wtf 2- Tinder 11 119 3,607
Mike Townsend @townsendyesmate 1d Just heard a woman shout Yoo hoo! to get a person's attention across the street. You don't hear many Yoo hoo!'s anymore do you. Shame, think it works quite well as a way of calling someone. Playful, not too demanding, does what it needs to do without ruffling any feathers. 65 1,102 17K del 881K
Dave Itzkoff @ditzkoff.2h out: barbenheimer in: saw patrol V Variety @Variety 2h Box Office: 'PAW Patrol' and 'Saw X' to Battle for No. 1 in Crowded Weekend variety.com/2023/film/news... 27 582 3,592 332K
Charmin @Charmin • 14h Charmin Thank you for capturing this during inning #2 Ibbl @BIH_WEE . 1 19h ITS POOP NIGHT IN BASEBALL!!!! :13 P O O P 2 .. 0-2 P:21 6.PALACIOS .236 NOLA 35 770 14K 1.5M
Pastrami Mommy @Ewelannawhite. 19h We're all trying to find the guy who did this DOG NEWS LA BBC News (UK) @BBCNews 1d British Museum asks public and experts to help recover stolen artefacts bbc.in/46smUG6 19 180 9,133
1000 paris rae @parisrae13.12h ... frot the one paparazzi man in Missouri finally got to work today @21metgala @21metgala.2 20h UZICALA Travis Kelce is seen in Kansas City. 9 263 11.1K 404K
Out of Context Human Race @NoContext... . 1h ... Dad's keyboard O K x 123 return space 270 29.1K 1.5M 2,829
Carol Lombardini @ItsMeCarolAMPTP .1 16h ... boy math is losing billions of dollars just to end up almost tripling your offer AMPTP OFFERS (as of 5/1/2023) TENTATIVE AGREEMENT (9/25/2023) provided writer follows applicable company policies. Company cannot require writer to use Al software (e.g., ChatGPT) when performing writing services. Company must disclose to writer if any material given to writer has been generated by Al or incorporates Al-generated material. Guild reserves right to assert that exploitation of writers' material to train Al is prohibited by MBA or other law. ESTIMATED VALUE OF DEAL $233 million/year $86 million/year 12 710 3,924 189K
Rush @BBQBestie 18h Marsha P Johnson: SmokeeBee @Smokee_Bee. 1d Kill them with kindness WRONG. Brick ... 2 192 1,416 55.5K
Grace @gracecamille_ 1h ... my 4 year old nephew has long flowy hair & my dad was overstepping per usual and was like don't you want a BOY haircut?? And my sister snapped and was like he can have whatever haircut НЕ wants!!!!! And my nephew immediately asked for Larry's hair Imao 16 322 del 10.1K
claire @prettytheyswag 22h i get high h start texting like a fallout character M Mom If you're ever in need of assistance, you know where to find me Read 5:56 AM Okay, thank you sweetheart 42 45.6K 1.1M 3,536
Hannah @hannnahmmarie - 1 16h everyone is undercounting how funny this is. MAJOR is the dog that was banished to Delaware for biting secret service agents. COMMANDER, a dog that has bitten AT LEAST ELEVEN PEOPLE, is the BETTER BEHAVED DOG of the two beth @bethbourdon17h there are more bodies cnn.com Commander Biden bites another Secret Service agent, the 11th known incident |... 3:44 PM 9/26/23 from Earth 614K Views 81 823 8,673 595K
mayor of asteroid city @macbethsknife 16h Freud is doing backflips in hell rn POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave 21h Kim Kardashian reveals to CR Fashion Book that her ultimate celebrity crush is JFK Jr. 123 5,080 97.2K 6.8M
DOPE FIEND @bisexualbugs . 1d why would they use this picture Disney Ratatouille Remy Plush 13 (3.0) 4 reviews $38.32 Price when purchased online i 55 2,160 31.3K 907K
victoria zeller @dirtbagqueer 17h he's prolly looking at an bowling alley CGI-quality animated shell game on the jumbotron be serious sofia م و @youreinIcve 1d i'm gonna be sick.. the way he looks at her. CC 8 NKH the 0:07 203 626K 14 7,942
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