21 Ridiculous Real-Life Stories That Sound Like Movie Plots

Some IRL events can have you looking around for a movie camera
21 Ridiculous Real-Life Stories That Sound Like Movie Plots

Every frat bro loves to declare that “Last night was a movie!” the morning after a wild night out. Except their keg-standing antics hardly ever live up to the debaucherous precedent set by Animal House. On the other hand, these Redditors have a bounty of experiences that sound like they were plucked straight out of the plot summary on your favorite film’s Wikipedia page. These real-life movie moments have a little bit of something for everyone, ranging from comedy to action to even a touch of psychological horror

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Poorly-Drawn-Beagle . . 1y My grandma concealed an affair from her family for years and it turns out my grandfather isn't biologically my grandfather and I'm a quarter Iranian ... 150
cranialgrainofsalt - 1 1y One St. Patrick's Day several years ago, I got shitfaced in this dive bar and when I needed to go puke, Ron Jeremy was in my way and he kissed me on the cheek. I'm grateful my face didn't rot off. ... 45
Bike_Chain_96 . 1 1y How I cut my buddy with a sword Basically, we got told that stabbing a lithium ion battery makes it explode. My cutlass just happened to be nearby, so we used it to stab it (spoiler: it didn't make more than a poof). After that, we wanted to see the inside of it. So he hold it, I lay my sword on it and then up a few inches, and almost straight down. I say almost because it got his thumb, he got taken to the ER, and got 9 stitches ... 103
Dusky_Dawn210 . . 1y I almost got killed by a kangaroo in the middle of the night at the zoo in Pennsylvania. We were there for a field trip/sleepover thingy. It was like 8 and they let us into the enclosure and they brought out a kangaroo in a harness and lead too. Не eyed me up after five minutes of calmly hopping around, then jumped 4 feet into the air and almost kicked my face in. Like he left a huge gash and dent in a fucking wood plank on the fence behind me. Had I been a second later I
Imperfectyourenot • 1y Professional accountant, side hustle Professional Dominatrix. ... 336
DwightARM . 1y When I was 10 years old, I literally bumped into Waylon Jennings and he told me to get the hell out of my way. I called him a turkey butt. Also, I hung out with Milla Jovovich on her 19th birthday. She was nice. I figured what the hell so I asked her if she wanted to hang out sometime. She politely declined. ... 255
jck73 . 1y There I was, in the Orlando airport with my dad to pick up some girl who was flying in to see him. I had been making jokes about the movie 'Airplane!' and when he went to the bathroom, I mosied on over to the courtesy phone and spoke to the operator who then made a call over the the WHOLE airport: 'Captain Clarence Over, please call on the nearest courtesy phone' or something damn close. My dad came out with a WTAF look on his face. I can't help but wonder if anybody else there got the joke.
imnotsteven7 . . 1y Threw a plug at an outlet and it stuck in it. Didnt go all the way in, but the prongs were in and holding it up. ... 786
samdaman94 . 1y Shot thru the penis with a BB gun ... 833
TrueMonster951 . 1y My ex girlfriend mom was a cop that arrested me before I met her daughter 863
Spodson 1y When I was in college I had a roommate who had been my friend since high school. Не talked in his sleep and was a generally odd dude, but a good egg so we kept him around for the laughs (with him, not at him). One night I had a dream where he and I were climbing around on all these piles of garbage looking for something (I don't know what). I woke up and went to the restroom then came back. Just as I laid down to go back to sleep, this guy rolls over and mumbles
garmonbozia66 . 1y A celebrity performer and painter used to visit my parents when I was 6. I used to sit on his lap and there was nothing suspicious to report. During one of his commercial presentations, he did a short segment on 'if a grown-up touches you in a funny way, tell another grown-up you can trust. In 2014, he was jailed for historic child sex offences he committed during the same period of time that he was friends with my parents.
yourauntysbrother. 1y i i was cleaning the gutter on a double story roof, i slipped off did a sort or rag doll backflip and landed perfectly on my feet. ... 773
Negative-Evening-864 . 1y I fell of my grandfathers ship at age 8 and tried shouting at my family to get me back as they moved away. They didn't hear me and I was left there floating in water and crying until a tourist ship came by. I was so lucky I had good enough English to talk to them at that age. ... 2.2k
houseofreturn 1y In the mid to late 90's there was horrific accident at a Levi's Jean factory where a denim hook got caught on an employees face and ripped a large chunk of it off. This would be a young lawyers first major injury and employment case, to which him and his client (face ripped off guy) won an absolutely massive settlement. This young man would use the money made off this settlement to fund putting his sperm and his wife's egg in a freezer for 3 years, put that in another woman, and boom, they had a baby. That
ThatOddFrenchNobody . 1y The girl who bullied me in summer camp when I was a kid was my midwife when I was pregnant years later. She was very nice and professional. ... 1.1k
MoosetheStampede . 1y My dog once actually ate my homework the morning it was due ... 1.4k
MikeNoble91 . . 1y The house I lived in was raided by a SWAT team because there was a murderer hiding in the basement. ... 1.6k
Kbanksss 1y My first time going to jail was because of a dog. A friend had a dog that got loose one day and it got picked up by the city. When we got in the car to look for the dog, my friend didn't grab anything, no wallet. When we went to the pound to pick up dog, they required an ID. So I had to put the dog in my name. My friend was supposed to get rabies and city registration done within 6 months. Almost a year later, I'm coming home from work around 1:30am and get
Friend-and-lover 1y Christmas morning, my sister and I were traveling with a friends parents to go see her in DC. While we were driving through Pennsylvania we kept seeing all these police cars. We were like whoa what's going on?! Then we realized we were the ones being followed. We were on I-70, and they had shut the highway down in the opposite side, pulled us over with about 10 cop cars behind us with shot guns pulled out. This was before social media or smart phones, so we had to proof. But it took them over 5 minutes to
Redmonkeylover. 1y I fell 30ish feet from a tree onto pavement. I landed on my back. No injuries. I was about 13. Just scared the crap out of my parents. ... 1.5k
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