32 Funny, Weird or Terrible Gifts

The gift that keeps on... sucking?
32 Funny, Weird or Terrible Gifts

Gift-giving is a talent — although not necessarily one everyone possesses. If you’re bad at picking up on social cues or subtle hints, that little gift you bought for a special someone might be doomed to a fate of being constantly re-gifted or, even worse, straight-up returned. To avoid wearing this scarlet letter (bow?) of bad gifting, some gift givers will just outright ask the recipient what they want. It may spoil the surprise, but at least everyone gets what they want. 

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These Redditors, however, weren’t given that opportunity and ended up with some of the weirdest gifts imaginable. But hey, at least they got the gift of a funny story...

PegasusCoffee . 9y When I was going through a brief vegetarian phase (it didn't last long, still fat) my uncle got me a 5lb order from his butcher for pork belly, which he meticulously cut, seasoned, marinated and smoked into the most tempting bacon I'd ever smelled in my whole life. Ayatollahs would've denounced their faith for a few minutes to have a BLT with this stuff. But he did it to mock me, and so I resisted. I didn't want to be that weak little man with no willpower in front of my macho, Marine Corps uncle. Не ate 2lbs
lusedtobeonimgur - 9 9y Hotwheels underwear from my aunt. I'm 22 year old and have never shown any interest in hotwheels. Even as a kid. ... 55
tjsmudge . . 9y Half full bottle of shampoo and conditioner from my mother for Christmas. ... 312
BosskHogg . 9y I got a baby blanket from my girlfriend's grandmother (my girlfriend and I were dating for a month at the time). ... 226
OFTW 9y In high-school I was dating a girl who always talked about buying her friends expensive gifts for their birthdays. When her best friend turned 17 she bought her friend an iPod touch (expensive at the time) When my girlfriend's birthday came around I bought her an expensive necklace because I wanted to keep up to her expectations and I was expecting that she will get me something nice for my birthday, that was only a week or so after her birthday. On my birthday she gave me a pack of skittles. I have never felt more cheated. ...
zach2992 . 9y One Hannukah my sister got a Blu-Ray player and I got an HDMI cable. I didn't have anything that required an HDMI cable and she didn't have a cable. I would figure my parents were thinking we could work together and both enjoy the Blu-Ray player together, except she went to college 200 miles away and the cable was only 6 feet long.
sirtinykins . . 9y A purse full of tampons from my grandmother when I was 7. I'm a male. ... 3k
dougless14 . . 9y Dog treats, my grandma thought they were candy. ... 425
_araneae_. 9y For my birthday last year my mother got me a metal mixing bowl. And then told me to use it to make my own birthday cake. ... 158
logical_phallus_see . S 9y My grandmother got me a book about China. We had never had any conversations about that country, or anything related. Much later, I realized that she got me that book because at the time, I was dating a Filipino girl. Your family may be passive aggressive, but my family is the most aggressively passive. ... 2.8k
Truth-sets-in . 9y My grandma got me a necklace that read Christine. My name is kristen.... ... 599
I_Cut_Shoes . . 9y An empty DVD case. They took the movie to watch and forgot to put it back. ... 212
NewWorldOrder_ 9y A shower seat, like for elderly people. When I was 14
SocialistCloud . 9y My sister once got me a shit tonne of makeup for a Christmas present, then proceeded to use it herself the next day. I'm 100.5% male, but it was wrong for her to use my makeup. ... 530
wlkng_dead 9y On Christmas at my aunt's house, I was walking around and stepped on a bracelet. Since my aunt has 6 kids I figured it was one of theirs. I gave it to my aunt then went on with the festivities. Turns out my aunt completely forgot to buy me a gift for Christmas, so what does she do? She takes the bracelet I found, wraps it in wrapping paper and gives it to me as a gift. I honestly thought it was just a joke. I turned around after opening the gift to expect giggles and smirks but
Notalurker68 . 9y For Christmas one year I received rocks. Literally rocks. I used to collect geodes so my aunt and uncle decided to get me rocks. Except there was nothing special about the ones I received. The were just the little ones you find in people's gardens. ... 307
8MAC 9y Last year, (I'm 25) I got a plaid shirt from my Aunt for my birthday (in Sept) but it didn't fit. I don't live at home and I was leaving the next day so I asked my mom to please return it for me as I wouldn't be able to use it. A few months later, I received the same shirt for Christmas from my mom. It still didn't fit. ... 928
hickory-smoked . 7y My friend's wife gave me a copy of A Night Without Armor, the book of poetry by Jewel. Not that I actively dislike Jewel or anything, but it was so clearly something she saw on a discount gift rack the day of my birthday and said yes, this is an object. ... 4.1k
pixierambling . 7y My aunt tried to re-gift a bracelet and earrings I had bought for her a few months earlier to me. It was insulting to hear Oh Pixie! I got these ESPECIALLY for you! in a saccharine voice. Funny part is that she forgot we even gave it to her considering my brother and I were the only people in the family that remembered her birthday and even bothered to do anything about it. Bitch. ... 4.4k
Waffletits83 . . 7y My mom is from Thailand and doesn't really get the whole Christmas thing... last year she got me sore throat medicine... I didn't have a sore throat.
jarkmames. 7 7y About a week into a dating a girl she bought me a feeder mouse that she named as a combination of her name and mine. Mouse lasted longer than that relationship, and that poor bastard only lived 11 days. ... 2.9k
everyone1hatesme . . 7y MIL gave my 1 year old daughter her dead dog's bed as a Christmas present. She said it was for my daughter's naps. ... 5k
bob_the_barker . . 7y My parents told me they were getting a divorce on my 16th birthday ... 1.7k
christinagleas 7y When I was a wee 7 years old, my grandmother placed a long skinny box with my name on it under the Christmas tree about a week before the holiday. For the next 7 days, my small self drooled over the idea of a play baby stroller folded up in that box, just waiting to be filled with various stuffed animals. On that magical morning, I ripped the box open only to discover it was a VACUUM CLEANER. Not a toy one, either. A real life, serious, small vacuum cleaner. She claimed that she thought it was a
Wienerwrld . . 7y For my husband's 50th birthday, his parents gifted him the deed to his own cemetery plot (one for me, too!). An expensive, but poorly timed gift. ... 5.2k
bonniejane1699 7y My husband got 2 rolls of pennies from my Grandma for Christmas That same year she gave my mom, a non smoker, a tin of tobacco. When my mom complained she gave her a calendar that was 3 years old. My son got a hair brush wrapped in a Pringles can, he was 2 and cried because he really wanted the chips...haha. I hit the Jack pot, I got a bottle of vodka. She always gave us weird gifts it was her thing. Now that she's gone I miss seeing what Christmas gifts she would be bringing. It
Tarsala3791 . 7y A taxidermied deer hoof with a candle holder stuck in where the ankle would be. Only it's bad taxidermy so it is constantly shedding a fine white powder on the table.
lonelybitch . 7y A pinecone from a family member. It now gets passed between me and my friends as a gag gift. ... 1.2k
MizSanguine . 7y Brother got a pocket knife in a small cylinder package (old toilet paper roll) wrapped like candy. Excited, I started unwrapping mine that looked similar. Underwear. All of it underwear. And once a bathroom faucet. That is when I knew Childhood was over. ... 2.6k
Thewrongbakedpotato . 7 7y A ziploc bag filled with cotton balls with the words ghost poos written on the bag in sharpie.
SquatChick315 7y Expired chocolate, on Christmas, from an aunt who was a chronic regifter, yet always expected expensive, top notch gifts for her children on Christmas and their birthdays. Not only was the chocolate expired, but it was also evident that it had melted completely and resolidified. When I noticed, I went up to her with OMG this chocolate is SOOOO good, you have to try it! Infront of the whole family. I watched her unwrap a piece of chocolate and when she noticed how it looked, she was hesitant to eat it. When she looked at me, I just
The_Brain_Fuckler . 7y A rubber Hulk Hogan figurine (it looked like it was a Christmas ornament with the loop snipped off) glued to a very effeminate toy horse. An elderly friend of the family gave it to me and wouldn't stop mentioning how they are supposed to look like that; that's how it came from the store even though I didn't voice any doubts. It's also kind of the best gift I ever got. ... 6.2k
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