Comedians That Got Worse Over Time, According to Reddit

Unscientific conclusion: White male comics don’t age well
Comedians That Got Worse Over Time, According to Reddit

Redditor _nobodyreally recently shared an old Bobcat Goldthwait bit: "An audience member approached me after my show and said, "I used to like you. You used to be funny." And I said, "Well, I just met you and you suck." 

The Bobcat story was an apt response to a question asked by u/SolCyn on the r/comedy Subreddit: “Comedy fans of Reddit, what stand-up comedians did you enjoy early on, but, over time, become disappointed with/disillusioned in their acts or personas?” Here are some of the most popular responses, with spelling and punctuation unedited for your maximum humor enjoyment.

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Andrew Schulz

Schulz was nominated multiple times in the thread, earning plenty of upvotes along the way.I liked his Dropping In vlogs that he did a few years ago,” wrote u/SourTittyMilk. “Though recently he just comes off as a obnoxious dickhead. I can’t stand his podcast, it’s just him being loud and his yes-man crew laughing.”

“He got bad so fast I actually thought he was just doing a bit, like a character of a shitty comedian,” said u/core90. “His special even had a picture of him with “caution" tape over his mouth.”

Bill Maher and Dennis Miller

The two 1990s superstars were paired in a single nomination that got lots of co-signers. “Used to love them both,” said u/The_Elocutionist, “but they both went up their own ass.”

Dennis Miller used to be the smartest and funniest comedian,” lamented u/chakani. “Then he went all jingoistic and right-wing.”

Carlin would eat them alive if he was still breathing,” chimed in u/Spiritual_Garlic_751. “God I’d love to see it.”

Jim Jeffries

“Jim Jeffries started out as a basic avuncular Aussie comic until he pulled a Denis Leary and stole Doug Stanhope’s act,” wrote u/63Lazarou.

“I soured on him when I went to see him live and he did a bit where he basically just shouted at the audience that it’s “disgusting” to not be circumcised,” said u/MaggotMinded. “There wasn’t even a punchline, it was just a mean-spirited rant.”

Dane Cook

The comic with the most MySpace friends took his lumps as well. “One half decent joke and he's been desperately clinging to it for decades,” says u/Mr_Epimetheus. “All the rest of his material either wasn't funny or was stolen...and still performed badly.”

At least Cook got some sympathy from u/Koivu_JR. “Gotta feel for a guy who loses both parents over the course of a year and finds out his brother has been siphoning away all his money. Bound to lose your sense of humor after shit like that.”

Norm Macdonald

Okay, okay, Redditors don’t really believe Norm Macdonald got worse over time. But the thread gave some twisted users a chance to make dark jokes, the kind that Norm himself might have made. Take it away, weirdos. 

u/Changnesia got things started: “Norm has really gone downhill lately.”

“He’s part of the underground scene nowadays,” added u/UncaringNonchalance.

“I can honestly say I'm funnier than Norm McDonald is right now,” claimed u/Fritzo2162.

Too dark? Probably not for Macdonald. As u/upv points out, “He would love this.”

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