22 Paranormal Experiences That Are Anything But Funny

If you’re not a believer, these stories might turn you into one
22 Paranormal Experiences That Are Anything But Funny

Sometimes, seeing is believing. It’s easy to dismiss someone’s ghost story if you’ve never had a paranormal experience of your own. Psychosis, paranoia and insomnia have all been used to apply scientific logic to supernatural phenomena. But it only takes one spooky experience to turn a nonbeliever into Fox Mulder. To that end, these Redditors have shared their stories about ghosts, aliens and beings of another dimension that will make even the biggest skeptic say, “The truth is out there.”

SeparateOrange • . 2y When I was little, my closet would shake. Literally, physically shake. Whenever I called my parents in, it would stop. When they left, it would start again. I remember it being more annoying than anything else, but looking back on it now, it was actually pretty creepy. ... 53
BR1SE1S 2y I'm driving around with a friend at night. We are both fairly new-ish to town. We're trying to find a peticular place. I took the wrong bridge. So I do a u-turn at the end of the bridge & go back the way I came. But, I wasn't going back the way I came, I was still driving in the same direction as before. I panicked & did another u-turn. I'm driving in shock. I eventually look over at my friend to see if she noticed anything. She seemed unfazed staring at her phone. I spoke up Did
alejo699 2y When I was about 12 I used to sleep over in my friend's basement, which was finished. It was actually pretty sweet, with a pool table and fridge and couches, the whole bit. One night when I was lying on the couch I suddenly heard someone walking around the basement, but even though there was some light I couldn't see anyone. I knew it wasn't my friend, as I could see him still asleep on the other couch, and I knew it wasn't his parents because I would have heard them coming down the creaky steps. After staring
tyrellsroses 2y Bought one of those christmas themed microphones, right? It was one where you could press the button and it would play north pole radio and had all these cool sound effects and stuff. It was cute and like $5 so i bought it. Well if you hold down the button you can talk into it and when it plays back the pitch is all high and your voice sounds like a chipmunk. You all know what i mean. Anyways i'm playing with it one day a few months ago with my daughter (6mo at the time). She's not
HowDolGetToFacebook 2y I was taking a shower while my family was out. I had talked to my sister a few minutes before and she'd said she was on her way home so we could go pick up food. I was notorious in my house for taking long showers, so when I heard someone knocking on the bathroom door halfway through my shower, I assumed my sister had gotten home and was telling me to hurry up. I finished my shower, got dressed and walked into the living room calling to her, but she wasn't there. Called her to see where
DrRiffs OP 2y l'll go ahead and leave my story here as well. The house I grew up in, which my parents still own was always very creepy. One night I was standing in my room and I looked next to me. There was a little girl wearing a white night gown and she had blonde hair. My mom had a daycare so I was always use to the daycare kids. However it was 11:00 pm and she was not a daycare kid. For some reason or another I said go back to the playroom... then I realized what was
RandomDancingPig 2y One of my friends girlfriend growing up had a really cool house. She lived basically in a mother in laws suit with her parents in highscool so it was nice to hang there because we could be as loud as we wanted. One night I went up stairs pretty late to go grab a snack and saw her mom at the top of the stairs to their room. I apologized and felt really bad because I didn't mean to wake her mom up. I went back down stairs and told my friend I hope her mom doesn't yell
Deleteuser 2y There is a haunted road near where I live. Numerous people have seen the ghost car. The first time I saw it I was driving and my mom was dosing off in the passenger seat. I see a cloud of dust and a large, old, black car speeding out of a road on my right. I just know he is going to exit that road at the same time I am passing by that road. We are going to collide. So I slam on the breaks. Don't even look in the rear view mirror first I just lock
Chickenbrik 2y High school girlfriend says she saw an old man in her house in the study. I laughed it off because her house was no older than 20 years old and how could it be haunted. jokingly said she saw a wooden carving her parents had that resembled Jesus because she described the man of having a big white beard. A few weeks later I was walking from the stairs and into the kitchen were she was sitting, out of the corner of my eye I see an older man sitting at the head of the table in the
starlaluna 2y We were visiting my in-laws around Christmas and we were chatting in their den, having some drinks and catching up. They had a Christmas tree in the corner of the den. Nobody was sitting near it. My husband and father inlaw we sitting in lounge chairs and I was sitting with my mother in-law on the couch on the opposite side of the tree. The two dogs were napping between us. We were all at least 6 feet away from the tree. All of a sudden their Christmas tress begins to violently shake. Like someone grabbed the trunk
Netkid 4y I never believed in ghosts until I saw one outside my house one morning during a heavy snowfall sometime around 2000-2002. I saw it from the second story window in my brother's bedroom. We were getting ready for school and I was looking out his window at the snow. It was in the backyard. Now to preface this story, we have a big college right behind our house that has been there for decades. I don't know if any student that attended it died or went missing, but the ghost was of a blonde Caucasian woman, possibly 20-30
Beefzerkee 4y The thought of this still gives me the heebie jeebies to this day, but I was driving out to a job. I travel because I work on wind farms. Had to go to lowa and decided to do the 19 hour drive straight there. Anyways I was getting into Waterloo and was extremely tired. I stopped for gas and punched rest stops into the GPS. Got one hit because there wasn't really one until I got to my motel which was 4 hours away. Well I was going through to Gilbertsville where the rethingsst stop supposedly was, but
nannylinn62 4y I once lived in a haunted loft apt. Lots of odd things happened there, but my sister vehemently refused to even listen to the stories...at first. She would actually snarl when she called us liars. Then one day she was visiting and while she was in the bathroom she began shouting: I'll be out in a minute! Get away from the damned door! My roomate and I looked over and the doorknob was twisting back and forth by itself while my sister was getting angrier and angrier. When she burst out of the bathroom and saw how far
Unforgotabble 4y Went running with my dog and saw a white outline of a young woman running alongside me out of the corner of my eye. When I looked over, nothing. About 5 mins later I got a call that my great grandmother had passed, she was in hospice. Still think about that a lot. Edit: I think it runs in the family. My mom will straight up say I need to call X, I feel weird and sure as shit, there's a disease/illness going on. My great grandmother used to talk to dead people and my family thought she
bloodin1234 4y Once I was house & dog sitting for my then gf's sister and her bf, they always told me about how weird stuff would always happen like washer and dryer door would randomly fly open, the front door would open if it was closed or close if it was already open, just weird stuff like that. Didn't ever really think much of it because I've never personally experienced anything like that ever. Well the first night I was there I was laying in bed with the dog when all of a sudden the dog got up and started
German52398 4y One time on deployment I was in charge of pulling security facing a small hill to the south of us. Very faintly I could see a shadow or silhouette in the dark (less light there is the less you can see under NODs, it was a near pitch black night) I inform my PL who was nearby in a truck what I saw and he said he saw it too. We both watched this shadow or person or whatever slowly creep closer and closer to us. We were doing training in the desert so my PL had a
dez132156 4y At my grandparents house for a family party; everyone was on the main floor. I went upstairs (alone) to use the bathroom. As I'm in there, I hear my sister SCREAMING in the linen closet just outside the bathroom HELP IM STUCK LET ME OUT GET ME OUT OF HERE so i hurry out and open the closet. The screaming immediately stopped as the door was open. I was so freaked out and thought she was pranking me somehow. I ran downstairs and she is completely passed out sleeping on the chair and everyone else just watching a
Username89054 2y 00 This story starts with mundane detail that's very necessary to the ending. As a kid, I had a bunk bed, slept on top. My head was up to the window. I set the curtains so there was several inches of overlap because I was afraid of something looking through my window even though it was 10 feet off of the ground. One dream, I see an alien floating in front of me. It was maybe 3 feet tall with grayish wrinkly skin. I reach out and lightly grab its arm to touch the skin. It lightly pulls
OlderWiser101 2y I've had many paranormal experiences. Here is one. We lived in a house that had wooden stair case going from the first floor to the second floor. I noticed that anytime we went up the stairs when we got to the fifth and sixth step we would stumble going up in the same spot. So it became habit to move to the left as if someone was blocking the way and we needed to get out of the way. We didn't think about it. We would just move out of the way. Crazy thing is the cats would
jcwagner1001 . 2y I worked in skyscraper. Before I started working there, a teenage boy jumped off the building, he was distraught over his mother's death. It was very traumatic for the witnesses. I always parked on the top floor of the adjacent parking garage because it was less expensive. One morning I was waiting for the slow garage elevator and I was looking over the railing at the plaza seven floors below when I heard a voice say just jump! I started parking across the street in a paved lot the next day. ... 39
mdaws7 2y a few years ago when i was in high school, i was getting ready to go to sleep one night, and noticed my dog was acting really nervous. he's half chihuahua, so i mean i guess that's normal. but like this wasn't his normal nervous, he looked genuinely terrified. he kept staring at a corner in my room. i kept asking him to stop because i was starting to basically shit my pants. he stared and was on edge for quite a while. i tried to avoid looking at the corner, but i felt super uneasy. it was
Seriously_Dangerous1 . . 2y I worked in an extremely haunted hotel. Three things. 1. I saw half a Conquistador, chest up apparition inside a room. 2. Saw a mountain lion on a a sandstone rock inside a room. Saw a hanging figure open his eyes hanging from a noose, looking at me. ... 98
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