20 Funny Reasons Parents Had to Pick Their Kids Up from School

These parents laughed all the way to the principal’s office
20 Funny Reasons Parents Had to Pick Their Kids Up from School

As a child, getting picked up from school in the middle of the day is basically VIP treatment. Sometimes, it’s because of a minor illness that requires antibiotics, room-temperature ginger ale and old sitcom reruns. Other times, it’s because rowdy behavior went a little too far. Regardless, this brief celebrity status comes at the expense of parents who have to drop everything they’re doing to go get their kid. 

For these Redditors, though, at least the minor inconvenience came with a silver lining — an extremely funny story to tell. Here are some of the most hilarious reasons kids had to be picked up from school, with a surprising number of nosebleeds at the hands of a wall…

MaggieMews.3 324d When my oldest son was in daycare, I got a call that he was on the roof. Не climbed the playset and somehow got onto the roof of the building. The guy that ran the daycare was a new owner that my son simply did not like. The guy called me to tell me he was on the roof and would not come down. I had to leave work and go convince him to come down. ... 137
nicolasknight 324d Bloody nose, possible concussion and enough blood from the cut on his head that they had to close the bathroom. Why you ask? Не was running to the bathroom already and his crush came into view. So he kept on running while he stared behind him. When he finally turned to see where he was going There was a wall there suddenly. ... 240
One_Mirror8458 . 3 324d It's not funny til the end, but my daughter was in pre- k at the time. They had a nap time but one day she wouldn't wake up. The teachers were making jokes and trying to get her to wake up. After a while they panicked and ran her to the nurse. She was breathing just not waking up. They then called 911 who came and they did the salt stick and she wasn't responding. Then she just woke up. They were so confused on what had happened that they brought her to the hospital to run some
SultanaShalhoub 324d I was the kid in a funny situation. I was always a bit of a playground avenger, so i would bully the bullies. After i was the one targeted the school once called my parents, the conversation went like this: So... A group of boys tried to bully your daughter by calling her names- Oh no, is she okay?? Well, yea, we're actually calling you because she just hit all of the boys with her lunchbox until they stopped. My parents proudly tell this story to this day lol ... 142
Youpunyhumans . 324d One time my grandma had to come pick me up because I decided that for April fools day, id take a bunch of ketchup packs, fold them in half and place them under the nubs of all the toilet seats so they would explode all over the back of your legs when you sit down. I recall walking into the principals office, and he was laughing his ass off. I still got suspended for a week. ... 366
wentzr1976 . 324d Got bit by a gopher. You cant make this up. ... 173
rtangwai 324d My parents got called because when I was 11 we had a visiting priest open the floor to questions at school. The subjects discussed included marriage. I stuck up my hand and asked If my parents get divorced, are they still brother and sister? What was REALLY hilarious is that my parents forced both the principal and the priest to apologize afterwards - my parents are brother and sister in- laws as well as married, they actually met at the wedding of my father's brother to my mother's sister. Neither the principal nor the priest let me expand on the
theresacreamforthat.324d My mom had to come pick me up because I and a friend decided to steal a tube of hot pink frosting from homeck class. I drew a penis on the side of the football fields announcement booth. It was very bright pink and very big. The sun literally baked it on there and lasted for a good solid 5 years till they repainted it. I was suspended for a day over it. ... 281
iscreamforanal 324d Technically this would be my mothers story to tell, but I'm telling it in her honor. When I was in the 3rd grade, some girls at school talked me into bringing my mom's dildo to school. I brought it out in my backpack to show them at lunch and they then told me they were gonna tell the teacher on me. I ditched it in the bathroom and went to class. They called me mother to come pick me up because I had been suspended for three days, and when she arrived at the school they asked her
InPerfectCircles . : 324d Не walked into a wall. When asked by the nurse why he did that, his answer was, no one told me not to. The nurse couldn't control her laughter when she said this, and apologized profusely. It's OK though, I laughed too. Не was fine by the way! ... 73
Dustyoldfart . 3 324d My mom had to go get my brother because he jumped up on a stage and did the truffle shuffle in high school. She didn't pick him up from school though, she picked him up from jail, because he got arrested. Не was then elected class president the next week. ... 27
sarcastic_monkies . 324d When I was in kindergarten my teacher told us to draw something we never wanted to happen (I don't know what her end game was here). I drew my mom in jail. Omg I got questioned by a cop and the principal. My mom has never done anything remotely jail worthy but I did my assignment and didn't understand the problem. ... 12
Scottolan . 4y My mom got called down to the school and was told that my sister had head lice. When she got there my mom was handed a plastic baggie as evidence. It contained a single hair that had a single flake of dandruff on it. ... 1
OneAceFace. 324d She's feeling sick because of the elephant meat that Daddy brought from Africa and made me eat. Imagine having a serious discussion with a principal about how unethical it is to eat elephant meat and illegally import it to Europe , while you're just repeatedly saying: And you believed her?! ... 36
CreepyAssociation173 3 324d I have a reverse one about when daycare called my mom in for questioning because I told the woman my house was filled with roaches. In reality it was one single flying roach that flew in from outside, but I made it sound like I lived in a house of neglect lol. ... 36
pedantic_dullard 324d I had to pick up my son from 2nd grade for punching another kid. My son has always been a very literal child. Не just has no way to automatically know if someone is being serious or kidding. If he suspects you're not being truthful, he'll ask. Anyway, this kid put his hoodie on backwards and kept pulling the hood over his face and saying he could see through the hood. My kid kept asking if he was kidding, and the kid assured him several times he was not. So my kid swung his arm and knocked the
 o 1 yr. ago Not school but daycare, he tried to force a fart to make a girl laugh and shit his pants.
mnpohler . . 3y My daughter fell into the toilet while trying to use it and I had to bring her dry shorts and underwear ... 2
PattayaVagabond • 324d Не was running a multi level marketing scheme with the lunch money ... 20
EmeraldDouchebag69 . 3 324d Kid took a jar of sugar to school and at recess was handing out handfuls of it to the other kids, After a while a teacher noticed came over and asked what they were eating my kids said I don't know we just found it, teacher freaked out grab the jar of white powdery substance picked up my kid and ran to the nurse, Long story short I had to talk to the fire department and the police to get the mess all sorted out ... 10
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