23 Times the Customer Definitely Wasn’t Right

These people should be banned from every establishment
23 Times the Customer Definitely Wasn’t Right

The old adage that “the customer is always right” couldn’t be further from the truth. You’d actually have more success locating a well-organized Forever 21 before finding a customer who has never been wrong. In fact, anyone who’s worked in the service industry has tons of horror stories about the patrons at their place of employment — whether they’re claiming to know store policy better, making bizarre requests or just acting like an entitled jerk

To that end, Redditors have shared their funniest experiences over the years about sticking it to a customer who was 100 percent wrong. A pro-tip to those reading this: When you’re at a hotel and bragging about how well you know about a certain policy, make sure you’re at the right hotel first.

StaticElektra . 6y I was working at a hotel and a guy comes in and just slaps his ID on the counter without saying anything. I look up his reservation and its not in the system. I tell him we don't have it and he flips out, starts calling me incompetent and saying he's going to call corporate, etc. Then he says he's been a Hilton Honors member for 5 years and how dare we lose hia reservation. So I just pointed at the large sign on the wall behind me that said HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS. Не said nothing, snatched
babelincoln27 . 6 6y Most satisfying customer interaction of my cashier career was having the manager back me up on refusing to process a return for incense that didn't taste good. ... 1.9k
King_DK . 1 7y Story from a chef I used to work with: Не was a cook for an oil company at one of their camps. Every Friday they did steak night. This one dude would order a med rare steak every time and then send it back saying it was under cooked. Eventually the chef had enough and confronted him. Turned out the guy had no idea what medium rare meant and he didn't want any pink in his steak. Не just said medium rare because everyone else did. ... 6
Starlord72 . 6y I used to work at McDonalds. A woman came in and ordered a Big Mac, fries, and a drink, so I put her order in as a Big Mac combo since it is cheaper than getting those three things separately. She then proceeded to scream at me claiming that I am ripping her off and charging her for something she didn't even order. My manager then proceeded to simply charge her for those 3 things separately and she ended up paying more. ... 4.1k
godbullseye 6y I dealt with a lot of dumb shit as a camp director but one that always sticks out in mind; After the week is over a mother comes roaring up to me and has murder in her eye. Having I introduced myself to the families less than an hour before she knew I was an authority figure in the camp. She is irate over the fact that her son told her other campers were using foul and distasteful language in front of her son. Assuming the worst I ask which words were used and she leans forward to
jannabuddy . 6y I was working in a frozen yogurt shop, and a customer requested that I surprise her with my choice of flavor and add-ons as well as the size. I created a medium chocolate topped with granola and rainbow sprinkles. She looked it over and said it was too small, too crunchy, unattractive, and oh by the way, she was allergic to chocolate! ... 1.6k
vegetarianrobots 6y Worked at a local upscale restaurant in the Midwest. We had bad weather coming in one night that turned from a tornado watch to a tornado warning. I stayed later than the rest of the staff minus two other managers who were going to stay put since they lived half an hour away and the tornado sirens just went off. I'm on my way out the door because I live five minutes away and run into the 20 person reservation that didn't answer their phone when we called five times to tell them we were closing due to
moaningpilot 6y I'm a long haul flight attendant. Had a passenger on a flight once that had laid their 8 or 9 year old on the ground to sleep. I asked the mother to politely pick her up as it wasn't safe, to which to mother informed me that it was safe and pulled the I've done it plenty of times before line. Things escalated dramatically from here when I insisted she pick her child up. It took 20 minutes of arguing, the waking of the entire aircraft, the Captain, the Purser and threats of restraint to calm her down.
blueholeload 6y How can my checking account be overdrawn? I still have checks left. You see a lot of stupid people as a bank teller ... 2.1k
irememberthepotatoho . 6 6y I had a customers Father call and yell at me, because his daughter rented a storage unit at a different price he was quoted. His daughter who was in her 30's mind you, had no problem with the price. No one at our location ever had a conversation with her Father. I sat and listened to him tell me how awful at customer service I was, and all the people he referred to my location were going to move out now. Oh no! The kicker was his daughter left us a five star review on yelp after she
sarahsaturn 6y I worked in a hipster grocery store. We sold cupcakes, some of which were gluten free, vegan, etc. This woman comes up and tells me she wants a free cupcake. I was like, Free of what? Gluten free? Egg free?, not realizing what she was saying. She repeated that she wanted a free cupcake and tried to argue that the sign says they're free and she shouldn't have to pay for one before giving up. 5 minutes later she's getting escorted out by security for asking random people for money. ... 128
gaba-gaba_hey 6y It was black Friday we sold out of a certain product. The woman told me to remove every ad because I'm not allowed to advertise something I don't have. That's not how this works. I also had a customer try to park his truck in my store. Yes. You read that right. Не said he is allowed to park there because it doesn't explicitly say No Parking.
buckeye111 6y I work at a grocery store: A guy got a parking ticket for parking in the handicap parking spot. Не called me furious about it and demanded I recall the ticket so he didn't have to pay it. Не said it wasn't fair because he was only in the store for a few minutes. I told him the local ordinances determine how many handicap spaces are required and the Sheriff patrols and writes the tickets, the store has nothing to do with it. Не continued to berate me over the phone claiming he wasn't going to pay because
dawrina 6y Customer comes out of his theatre ranting and raving about how The images in the movie keep flying out at him I see that he has 3D glasses in his hand, so I tell him Yes sir, the movie is in 3D. That's what happens. Не flips out and demands a refund. Also had a woman complain that the movie didn't make any sense, so she wanted a refund. I was confused, as it was less than 5 minutes after showtime (there are usually 10-15 minutes of previews) so I told her the movie hadn't started yet... And
dan_iksse3 6y I worked at a call center for an online retailer. We shipped everything from a warehouse in Missouri and offered free ground shipping to the 48 states. Customer called in from Hawaii and wanted the free ground shipping. Explained to the customer that since we had to ship air, there would be a shipping charge. She argued What are you talking about? UPS drives up to my house and delivers ground. They don't drop packages off to me by airplane! I apologized and reexplained to the customer that it has to go air because there are no ground
2315980 . 6y I'm looking for the second Hobbit book. Oh, there is no second hobbit book. Yes there is honey, I just saw the movie. The worst part is that we both work in the only mall in town and I see her all the time. ... 124
sterlingphoenix . . 6y I had a lady get really, really mad at me because of how much butter costs. So I did my best Superhero Pose and promised her that this injustice will not go unpunished! She got confused and left. ... 333
Baktanto 6y Working at Home Depot in paint, many people don't realize that mixing paint is more technical and complicated than just put a bunch of pigment in there. One older lady got a paint that was more pink than the purple she thought she had ordered (fluorescent light in the store affects color differently than natural light outside) so she asked me to make it more purple. Turns out the can is full to the brim and I can't add more colorants and since liquid paint is hazmat, I can't pour any out. On top of that, the base
clark405 0 6y I used to work at a local sammich shop. It was the beginning of the day so i was the only person besides the prep guy making food. This lady brings her food back up to the counter and says she found a long hair in her food. My co-worker and i just looked at each other with the biggest are you kidding me? face. We're both Mr. Clean level of bald. ... 82
Iboughtcheeseonce 6y I don't post often about my personal interactions as a few of my coworkers know me on here but his one has to be said. When i was first starting out in the financial industry our company puts everyone through teller training as a learn it from the ground up type deal. I had this lady come up to my window who was pleasant and well put together. She asked i make a withdrawal for her of like $500. I said you only $250 in your account so this will overdraft you Well im going to use it
TormentedOne69 . 4y I had a customer recently tell me she wanted a refund for the food she ate and wanted to sample what else we had. Unfortunately karen it doesn't work that way. ... Reply 87
hnrei . 6y I used to work at McDonald's and there was a customer who stormed up to the counter demanding a pulled pork burger. I was 99% sure we didn't have one but he angrily insisted that he had seen an ad on the TV last night from Mcdonald's. Не accused me of being stupid and stormed off while shaking his head. After work I was walking home and saw a billboard ad for a pulled pork burger at Hungry Jacks (Burger King equivalent in Australia). Small smile to myself. ... 14
PreheatedDutchOven .  6y Bartender buddy of mine had someone ask for a Virgin AMF.....his response was So you want...like....sprite? ... 14
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