22 Wild, Funny and Creepy Experiences from Restaurant Workers

22 Wild, Funny and Creepy Experiences from Restaurant Workers

If your marriage is so bad that you’re on the verge of filing for divorce, you should not be confronting that issue at an Outback Steakhouse. At this point, we’re all well aware that servers rely almost entirely on paltry tips, and that therapy isn’t included in their employment benefits. Despite these facts, though, service workers are pushed well past the limits of what they should be dealing with — sometimes by their own co-workers. 

From enjoying cake without the birthday boy to more than a few awkward relationship situations, here are 22 of the most unbelievable things restaurant workers have experienced…

takeitezbezey . 2y I had a 12 top come in for a birthday, everything goes fairly normally. I'm in the kitchen when someone comes in and says call an ambulance so I do. Apparently the birthday boy had a stroke and had to be rushed off to the hospital. The strange part for me was that 6/7 of the group stayed behind and ate the birthday cake his wife had brought in. ... Reply 154

I was working at the time at a pizza hut, and I had a table of 2 obviously married so when I walked up to the table I introduced myself as server and asked them what I can get them to drink. That's when his wife looks at me and says you will not be speaking to my husband you can speak to me. I will take care of his order. And smirked so I smirked back and said that's fine as you will no longer be speaking to me but the other server. She tried arguing and told me

Howlolocanugo 1y ... Last week I worked a double and this one guy comes in. We were at peak hours at this point and my section buddy comes up to me and says hey your 314 is odd he just made me reclean his table for him then my manager comes up to me and says I think that's the guy that records. Don't turn ur back so before I greeted this guy I'm already stressed. While I'm walking to the table I guess he went to the bathroom and one of the bussers cleaned his table and when he

TheUninspiredArtist . 9y Had an older single guy getting ready to leave so I go up and and cash him out. Не was a nice guy and didn't give me any problems but as soon as I got back to his table, he was sitting on the edge of his seat, legs spread with his balls hanging out of his shorts all over the booth, all with a toothy grin while saying it feels good to finally air out. I dropped the change on his table without saying a word and went back into the kitchen to dry heave in shock.

Colton_B . 9y I served a few years back as a first job. One time, going to the table to ask them a question, I hear, well you got a vasectomy for HER... As soon as the lady saw me, she stopped. I've always wondered what the extent of that conversation was. ... 1.2k

Weirdest customer interaction I have had to date but also a day I am glad I just did my job and didn't ask questions....once I was working a shift in the bar and a man sits down at a high top and orders 2 beers and says he's waiting for someone... guy ends up drinking both the beers in 5 minutes flat, and in comes a woman who sits with him and orders her own drink. They seemed kind of off but it was late and they were drinking now so I figured whatever... they pulled out a stack of

Bad-Selection 9y I once approached a couple of our regulars and saw the wife making a hole with her left thumb and pointer (like the a-okay gesture), then taking her fist and pushing it into that hole and twisting her arm as she opened up her fingers around her arm then violently pushing her fist forward and back. I showed up to their table, completely stunned, and the wife saw me then quickly covered her face in embarrassment. After a couple moments of awkward silence, she just looked at me and said That was exactly what you think it was.

Mediocre-raptor . 9y I used to work at a chain restaurant in my province that was marketing towards being very family friendly; but we were located near the local University, so we got a lot of students from there as well. . One time I caught a guy watching (sound off thank god) furry porn.... (Why?! THERES CHILDREN NEARBY!)

joelomite11 . 9y At a restaurant where I used to bartend we had jokester manager. One day she said to a server; Sarah, I just sat you a table, you'll need a high-chair. So sarah goes to greet her table with a high-chair assuming her party has a small child. When she gets there, she finds three adults, one of whom is a midget. edit: I guess I should have added that the manager and the waitress were very close friends. ... 1.7k

jimco71 . 9y Was waiting a table with a pregnant woman, her husband and their young girl and when I go over to hand them their food the little girl in the sweetest voice says, mommy, how did that baby get inside you? Both parents looked at each other silently and proceeded to ask me where I thought it came from. I immediately finished putting down their food and noped out of there pretending like I didn't hear them. ... 50

Sir_Crouton . 9y 1 Award I came to the table while they praying before their meal about their dying relative. It was so awkward, I joined in. heyy guys, here's that tartar and cocktail yall..... LORD PLEASE HELP JENNIFER OVERCOME CANCER ... 3.5k

comedic-meltdown . 9y Take over a coffee to a regular guy, who was renowned for being an egotistical, rude asshole. Just in time for him to slip pamphlets about erectile disfunction and size increasing off the table. ... 565

whereismywhiskey . 9y Caught a guy looking at porn on his cellphone. I pretended not to see but he knew I did and his friends lost it laughing. Later, when the table was paying I said I'm sorry about that time I caught you looking at porn, let's not let it make things awkward between us.

brumbz . 1 10y An elderly man at another server's table grabbed my arm as I walked by and jerked me down to where we were nearly nose to nose and screeched Excuse me miss, I need a body bag!! I look at his wife in horror while she calmly explains that he meant a doggie bag. ... Reply 4

chellecakes . . 10y I have stretched earlobes, and a guy asked if he could stick his finger in my ear. Не was completely serious. ... Reply 10

bigpartylittlebox 9y I was working at a TGI Fridays in a rather suburban part of town. Two girls in their early 20's were hanging out ordering margaritas pretty early in the day in the middle of the week. I walk up just in time to realize they are discussing the fact that one of the girls is pregnant. I must have had a horrified look on my face because her friend says Don't worry, she's about about to abort that in the most offhand way. I just stared and stammered I think I have to go run food now! ...

MillyDeLaRuse. 278d Had a lady ask me to peel her kids grapes once. Like nah lady but you totally are welcome to lol i mean it's your kid ... Reply 508

ThePostalTilt . 278d Used to have a bar regular that would give you $20 if you'd let him smell your fingers after you picked mint leaves. ... Reply 1k

kissmyhappyass420 . 2y Worst one I had was approaching 2 females, mid 20s, to take their drink order. ...and that's how I knew that he was lying when he said he didn't have an STD. Cue me making an uncomfortable U turn to approach two minutes later. ... Reply 38

jetsjane . . 9y As I approached the table, a lady brushed me out of the way and sat down next to the couple there. The couple were obviously on a date. The lady turns to the woman on the date and said, So, I'm his wife. Who the fuck are you?

 9y ... Witnessed a woman pulling out a jar of dead bugs. She then proceeded to put one into her food, and flag me down expecting a compensated bill. 517 Reply

OhShtItsMatt . 9y Outback Steakhouse. Walked up to great the table Hi folks, how are you? Guy asks wife for divorce right there. My jaw drops, I walk away from the table. She is sobbing, loud. I go back eventually and they order a full meal. Bloomin' Onion included. The have a full meal, she sobs then entire time. She has difficulty eating. I shit you not, he says its her birthday and wants a dessert for her with a candle. So I had to bring out a Thunder from Down Under with a candle while she's crying uncontrollably. ...
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