29 of the Craziest Things Ushers Found in a Theater After the Movie

29 of the Craziest Things Ushers Found in a Theater After the Movie

Long after you’re on your way home from the movies and agonizing over what funny quip to use in your Letterboxd review, ushers are still cleaning up the things left behind by a theater full of people who magically forgot their manners for two hours. Some of the clutter is to be expected, like discarded fast-food bags from customers silently protesting theater chains’ pricey chicken tenders. But you know what’s not to be expected? A microwave, a prosthetic leg and… a machete. 

Those three things are just a handful of the items that movie theater ushers have found after the end credits have rolled…

 4y ... I'm not a theater worker but my friend is. Не once found a prosthetic leg, no one ever came in to claim it. 94 Reply

 5y ... Not after a show, but working as an usher while scanning someone's digital ticket they pulled up porn on their phone by accident. They then pulled out more porn when they tried to switch to the correct tab. It was by far the most uncomfortable I've been at any place of work. 14 Reply

i_took_the_cookie . 2y Popcorn Back in 2007 when I was an usher we found an empty handle of whiskey and a big-ass knife (between a bowie and machete) after a showing of Shrek the Third. ... Reply 79

leMayMayConnisour • . 4y My manager once found a whole cucumber and a bra after 50 shades ... 39

sevb25 . 2y Microwave popcorn...got caught carrying microwave in. ... Reply 11

righteousndignation . 2y Early Adopter Fate of the Furious.... A lady on my row started cracking crab legs. ... Reply 9

TheDukeOfNuke 4y Someone left the entire contents of the wall fire extinguisher on the first three rows. ... 9 suchafart 4y I don't think that was fire extinguisher.. ... 5

peenlick . 4y I found a whole ass toad in a shoe ... 1

Shanemurphy7 . 4y A dead guy. Worked at my local movie theater as my first job in college. We were messing around sweeping the theaters early in the morning. Usually when the lights come on it's the green light to head in the theater. I walked in and saw the man sleeping , called my manager, dude passed away watching Star Wars. We remembered Е18, we hoped he rested well in a galaxy far far away ... 4

morcupcake123 . 4y a latex glove full of urine ... 17

PM_ME_IM_ALONE-_- 5y I've worked there for 2 years and I've found some weird shit. Top 3 would be a very large, like at least 2 foot long purple dildo during fifty shades of grey 2 A butt plug with a tail on the end during the movie A dogs purpose And a used condom in the force awakens. ... 907

RealMonsters21 +1 . 1y Bodily fluids, thong, bra, can of pinto beans, gun, weed, coke, bag of chicken wings, full-size cake, and a cup full of chew. ... 14

jaybird103 . 1y My place plays a game call We Don't sell this here and when sweeping you find something that we do sell and whoever has the most shocking object you win that month. On the better side I once won a month with a full rotisserie chicken but once won with a pile of used condoms so there are good times and bad times ... 1

PossumSkull +2 . 1y I find the usual gross stuff all the time. One time tho I found an empty gallon of milk and honestly that really threw me off. ... 13

darthkennedy815 . 5y In the last month, I've found an empty vibrator box with an empty battery box stuffed into a feminine hygiene container in the bathroom. Not to mention all the liquor sample bottles/beer cans, and the KFC chicken bones/ gravy all over the floor in one auditorium. ... 3

skyfelldown . 5y used condoms but weirder imo is one shoe. just one shoe. how. ... 12

Darth_Anxious . 5y Not that outrageous, but I once found a half-empty can of sweet corn after watching a movie at the cinema. The movie theater didn't sell corn, and the theater wasn't attached to a mall or store, so I guess somebody just decided to bring a can of corn to the movies as a snack. ... 131

oddjob731 . . 5y Vodka and ravioli under the same seat, keep it classy regal! ... 62

tana2turnt. Зу I found a brief case once and opened it to see if there was an ID or anything to put a person to the case. I found a ziplock bag of bullets, a picture of someone with an address under it, a portable chess board, and some toilet paper. It sat in our lost and found for months. ... 3

jblanda 3y Dentures..... ... 5

dice1899 0 5y A backpack full of vomit. Someone had snuck some beer into one of the movies (not uncommon) and had gotten sick. Repeatedly. They filled the backpack with puke and just left it there for us to clean up. At least it wasn't all over the floor. We found condoms occasionally, but we just had to sweep those up, so it wasn't as disgusting as the bag of puke. ... 2

Relative-Ad9851 +1 . 6d More than two people watching strays ... Reply 6

SirWalterPoodleman 7d Toenail clippings, several times at comedy nights. ... Reply 8

+4 . 7 7d DnDandRap A bag of raw mini potatoes with bites taken out of them ... Reply 6

hchspata +3 . 3y One adult men's sandal. Like the leather kind that velcro behind the ankle. Just one. ... 1

Racing Leadfoot530 12 +2 . 7d All G 2 - 20 Cinemark IF JUST WAITING In the grand scheme of things, probably not all that weird. Freaky however... Buttplug. Ironically, and to the amusement of much of the usher staff, in a Thor Love and Thunder. ... Reply 5

Asseater909 . 7d Found a bottle with someone's ashes ... Reply 3

Midnout26. 6d Roku TV remote ... Reply 2

+2 . 7d cleavergrill Hard boiled eggs and a rail road spike ... Reply 2
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