35 Tweets About 9/11 That We Shouldn’t Have Laughed At, But Did Anyway

Of course, Mark Wahlberg would’ve stopped 9/11
35 Tweets About 9/11 That We Shouldn’t Have Laughed At, But Did Anyway

During the height Barbenheimer, it seemed like everyone was enjoying the juxtaposition of the two vastly different films with memes, tweets and mash-ups of the two blockbusters — everyone but Barbie’s official Japanese Twitter presence that is. The account criticized its American counterparts and Warner Bros. for gleefully embracing the memes which they felt trivialized the horrific bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After the statement, Japanese users flooded the Twitter timeline, likening the memes to someone making a joke about 9/11. The only issue? The unfortunate miscalculation of not knowing that Americans of a certain age love a good 9/11 joke. 

While the jokes are hardly ever about the atrocities of the actual terrorist attacks themselves, people are able to find levity in one of America’s darkest days. We’ve come a long way from people ironically parroting “Bush did 9/11” and “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.” Whether it’s brand’s misguided attempts at remembrance or people’s hilarious experiences from that day, these are the jokes that we’ll… never forget.

claire @prettytheyswag- 13h spending 9/11 all by yourself beautiful? 1 548 2,894 del 70.2K
sandy frizzle Q @SandyFrizzle 1h I just woke up and was wondering why everyone was talking about the Twin Towers. Then it hit me like the second plane 7 9 169 2,423
hunter @hunter_hhhh . 2 29m stopped finding 9/11 funny after i found out people died. i thought the towers just did that because they were stressed but turns out it was a tragedy i guess 4 5 138 del 1,263
Andrew Hilary @AndrewHilaryUS. 2h On 9/11 all the kids on my school got picked up by their parents over the course of the day except me. By last period it was literally just me and my biology teacher in the classroom staring at each other in silence. Then I ate a ham & cheese hot pocket when I got home. 8 4 101 2,930
bailey moon @baileymoon96.10m : VeggieTales ... CO 8 hrs In memory of many, in honor of all. #NeverForget #VeggieTales NEVER FORGET 9/11 a 2017 Big Idea Entertainment, LLC A Rights Reserved. Like Comment Share 1.8K Top Comments 2 1 15 468
Parker Molloy @ParkerMolloy 5h I am once again thinking about this deleted 2021 tweet AP Planner AP @AP_Planner Tomorrow: 20th anniversary of Nickelback releasing album 'Silver Side Up' (11 Sep) 1:23 PM 9/10/21 Twitter Web App 1,013 Retweets 705 Quote Tweets 2,681 Likes This Tweet has been deleted. 11 173 93.3K 2,137
bfa agonistes @superloafcat. 18h ... looking forward to all your 9-11 Jokes for tomorrow 5 8 190 5,860
Perca Doncic @flyguy0stackz.6 6h What's wrong babe? You've barely hammered your 9/11 parlay? Ongo @LoveSosa111111 - 17h How is DraftKings promoting this on the front page??? This is insane behavior TEAM TOTALS MORE BETS > NEVER FORGET PARLAY SEE YOU IN These team Bet these New York teams to win tonight on 9/11 playoffs, be NY Mets to Win (vs ARI) Brown ATL В NY Yankees to Win (@ BOS) TOR в NY Jets to Win (vs BUF) Rus TB Ra 367 PEOPLE PLACED THIS BET +651 UPCOMING MLB MORE BETS > 8 293 727K 5,414
expression of stony resolve softening @Hegel... 4h ... This whole thread is amazing but this one is truly a perfect illustration of America Brain in 2001 AMERICA'S HOUR OF NEEDING EACH OTHER To THINK I ALWAYS To THINK I ALWAYS HATED COPS. HASSLED BLACKS. JOHN SLADE Courtesy Louisiana Weekly keek @kikiscrewedup . € 6h Annual thread of editorial cartoons OF THE YEA 2002 EDITION from the fall of 2001, enjoy 39 489 6,954 367K
thank u, next @gh0sst1n . 1 14h ... ice spice was crazy for this Ice Spice @icespicee_. 9 9/11/20 handle it @st4rgirlzz.9/11/20 what would you have done in this situation? Show this thread 34 1,767 5,160 Ice Spice 37 1,039 18.7K 364K
bobby wasabi @bobbyteriyaki - 1 13h ... ??? fresh cut NEVER FORGET 127 1,893 70.2K
shirts that go hard @shirtsthtgohard.3h SHiRTS THAT GO Let freedom wing HARD HOOTERS Remembrip and Wing 19 537 4,267 288K
Gretchen Felker-Martin @scumbelievable 11h Undefeated best tweet of all time, tragically. Donald J. Trump Following @realDonaldTrump I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th. RETWEETS FAVORITES 4,510 4,138 7:21 AM-11 Sep 2013 13 1,212 9,169 250K
deathco.re on bsky @SAMOYEDCORE. 5h 9 the 11 be with you Star Wars Fans;) 7 532 4,403 del 121K
m @RRTIZE. 16h renzy~ D a year ago today scr liked T! @violent 19m ... let's be respectful today 29 211 1 liked khi @tunesintern·18m ray ... 6 1 137 14K 29 1,479 316K
regan @unclehaver. 1 14h ... Getting ready for work tomorrow DON'T SAY HAPPY g/11 12 1,010 14.8K 453K
Jane Altoids @staticbluebat.22h How long do you think George W. Bush waited to have sex again after 9/11 happened 102 820 10.9K 434K
crazy ass moments in american politics @amp... 1h ... Senator Ted Cruz likes porn on 9/11 (2017) Tweets Following Followers Likes Follow I 19.4K 7,740 3.01M 1,248 Likes Ted Cruz @tedcruz Sexuall Posts @SexuallPosts Sep 11 Father of two, @heidiscruz's husband, fighter for liberty. Representing the great state of Texas in the U.S. Senate. Houston. Texas tedcruz.org Joined March 2009 Born on December 22 Tweet to Ted Cruz de 21 Followers you know 2:18 ml REALITYKINGS COM 70 2,040 18.2K 578K
jt @JayTeeT0dd - 5/1/20 SEX thinking about the guy who bowled a perfect game on 9/11 23 BILL MORO 300 9/11/01 L/900 474 17.3K 168K
emily cohen @emilyagain 1d Babe what's wrong? you haven't touched your store brand 9/11 memorial cookie cakes 911 Remeber 911 911 Novei Forget 1 36 2,520 23.6K 1M
erin @erinbrasher 15h It's almost 9/11 what are you guys leaving out for George Bush 5 12 65 6,362
bídí bídí bõm boülash @notrubencito.5h ... We celebrate him today 9 11 SUCKvivor 1887 feet away Online now I SUCK and I AM a 9 11 survivor. 27 1,972 11.5K 401K
Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio . 4h ... WHAT DID MRBEAST DO Only on Twitter Trending ... #September11 48.6K posts 2 Trending Mr. Beast 36.9K posts 3 Trending Twin Towers 18K posts 103 1,480 38.9K 1.5M
Cry-Baby Chloe @ChloeNumberIII-21h ... Imagine you escape the Saw trap and then the next day 9/11 happens Dates S Dates in Movies Movies @DatesInMovies 1d Sept 10th 2001 - Dr Lawrence Gordon (@Cary_Elwes) and Photographer Adam Stanheight awoke to find themselves trapped in a puzzle. JUL Saw (2004) @Saw 17 41 20.5K 2,045 983K
assistant inspector @housetrotter.2 21h 9/11 really snuck up on me this year 19 467 6,193 259K
K***** @internetkendra• 1h Not the Timothee chalamet fan account saying they felt 9/11 was going to happen @ClubChalamet Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker. In July 2001, I turned down a job opportunity that was located on the 102nd floor of the WTC. Although the money was exceptional, the job was going to steer me in a financial direction that I didn't want. Also, my gut instinct was on high alert to the point that I felt something was terribly wrong about this opportunity. I decline the job, and I've never done that in my life before or
not even sure what i'm doing here @sab... 12/29/20 ... it is my duty to remind you that the best tweet of the year happened BEFORE the pandemic, when Halsey insinuated there should be another 9/11 because pitchfork gave her album a middling review h @halsey can the basement that they run p*tchfork out of just collapse already. 15:43 23/01/2020 Twitter for iPhone 8 86 733
cj @TOS_Violator - 9/11/21 ... the only lasting 9/11 memory i have is when the budweiser ad with the kneeling clydesdales came on during the super bowl and i said those horses are praying to mecca and my friend's uncle got so mad that he had to go in the backyard 177 14.5K 112K
joseph monish patel @jazzbeezy 4h Shoutout to my editor at Vibe who, on the afternoon of 9/11/01, told me my review of Ghostface's Bulletproof Wallets, was still due that day. 35 301 2,849 254K
bfa agonistes @superloafcat . 7h ... 9/11 MEMORIAL 911memorial 10h &MUSEUM III Taylor Swift P 22 (Taylor's Version) 4 103 618 39.2K
Nathan @muglerize 9/10/22 beyoncé wearing atelier versace f/w 2003 in this now- infamous moment backstage at the VMAs NEWYORKPOST 50 METRO EDITION - THE 9/11 TAPES Transcripts bare chilling final calls for help Beyoncé rocks un PAGER D-S 1 95 681
deathco.re on bsky @SAMOYEDCORE. 10h ... scrooge: You there! Boy! What day is today? small child: why, sir! It's the morning of September 11th! scrooge: ah! I still have time  5 427 4,309 134K
molly d :) @mollydeez.23h real ones know what today is. the day ny aunt compares her marriage to 9/11 on facebook for the past 10 years Theresa ... 2h Molly Theresa updated her cover photo. Sep 11, 2013 it was either this or my wedding picture....both tragedies that happened on tomorrows date Like Comment 9 90 2,025 69.4K
Eric @odailybitch - 6h ... never forget When I was modeling in New York during 9/11 people were dying but I still worked it and was fierce 3 869 4,222 154K
april korto quioh @aprilkortoquioh - 1 11h ... WRITERS GUILD ON STRIKE I'm from Minneapolis and I remember that on 9/11 everyone was convinced they were gonna hit the Mall of America next because in terms of cultural importance we consider it to be comparable to the Pentagon 2 50 689 34K
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