15 Times TV and Movies Got the Human Body All Wrong

15 Times TV and Movies Got the Human Body All Wrong

The human body’s complicated. Sure, day-to-day for most of us it’s just a pipe that turns food into poop and has a few other goofy bits sticking out, but it turns out there’s more going on than that. Organs, fluids, structural crap and a whole load of stuff that has to be present in just the right amounts, or just the right ratios, to make us people rather than gross floppy messes.

But you can’t blame filmmakers for sometimes getting it wrong. They’re creative, artistic types. You can’t expect them to know how many lungs a human body usually contains, or other obscure details like that — that’s for nerdy scientists to know. Little wonder, then, that sometimes movies and TV feature approaches toward anatomy that don’t quiiiiiiiiite add up…

Brains Aren’t 90 Percent Dormant

CRACKED Loads of movies - Lucy, Limitless, some not starting with L - hinge on the premise that we only use 10 percent of our brains, and accessing the remaining 90 percent could render us superhuman. It's garbage - even asleep we use more than that.

NY Times

Feets of Violence

CRACKED Final Destination movies ignore anatomy entirely. In the fourth, the character Lori gets sucked into an escalator, blood spurting from her mouth once her feet are in. If bodies worked like that, every time you sat down you'd bleed out.


No Pain in the Membrane, No Pain in the Brain

CRACKED The villain in the Bond movie The World Is Not Enough has a bullet lodged in his medulla oblongata, meaning he can't feel pain. Yeah he could. He'd also have no spatial awareness and keep falling over. And be dead.

Yard Barker 

So No One Told You Pregnancy Was Gonna Be This Way

CRACKED Rachel from Friends was pregnant for well over a year - she's pregnant in May and starts maternity leave the following August. Could that pregnancy be any longer? Maybe - her baby Emma's first birthday party happens the following October.


Real-Life Inbreeding Is Less Sexy

CRACKED The Targaryens in Game of Thrones are open about keeping it in the family for centuries. Rather than the unfeasibly attractive characters of the show, they'd be very, very unusual looking. And probably unable to read.


Home A-groan

CRACKED While a lot of the damage inflicted on Harry and Marv in the Home Alone films would put them out of action, the bricks Marv takes to the head in the second would be immediately, messily, disgustingly fatal.


Liquid Just Not Right-Rogen

CRACKED The end of Demolition Man sees Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) frozen with liquid nitrogen and smashed into pieces. Sliiiightly more holds the human body together than that - he'd still die, but in more of a thumpy, rupture-y way than asplodin'.


What a Knockout

CRACKED It takes a while for sedatives and poisons to take effect - they need to circulate around the body. Not in The Dark Knight Rises, where a roomful of muscular henchmen are floored by tranquilizer darts in about two seconds.


Cool Women Don’t Look at Explosions

CRACKED Around every six minutes in the Charlie's Angels films, the Angels are propelled beautifully across the room by explosions. In reality, those forces would tear their bodies apart, leaving them a destroyed, salsa-esque mess of blood and bone.


Don’t Make Me Anemic, You Won’t Like Me When I’m Anemic

CRACKED In the classic The Incredible Hulk TV series, as in the comics, the Hulk owes his powers to an overdose of gamma radiation. Unfortunately, gamma radiation plus human body equals diarrhea, radiation sickness, infertility and even cancer. Nothing incredible about that.

Digital Spy

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