40 Television Shows That Broke Surprising New Ground

40 Television Shows That Broke Surprising New Ground

We all want our own amusement records: How rapidly we blazed through the latest series on Netflix. The number of times our top Spotify playlist has been played in our house. The book that we can quote the most lines from (we’re not saying it’s not Twilight). The Guinness Book of World Records, on the other hand, has announced it's far more official awards for the preceding year, and some of the outcomes in the fields of television, music, and celebrity may surprise you. Take a peek around.

We all watch a little TV now and then, some of us more so than others; we all want our favorite moments to be successful so that we may continue to watch week in and week out. The performances on this list have not only been successful, but they've also broken records...world standards!

Obviously, everything mentioned below had to make its initial appearance on television AT SOME POINT— but you might be shocked at how recently some of them occurred. What are we missing right now that we aren't even aware of?

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