13 Incredible Ways People Found Their Hidden Talents

Maybe I’ll give this a quick… Oh my god, I’m amazing!
13 Incredible Ways People Found Their Hidden Talents

Have you ever been in somebody’s backyard, and they whip out their bag game? You’re completely shocked for a moment, but then you start throwing square bags of sand into it? Well, what if you were all of a sudden amazing at throwing sandbags into your buddy’s bag game? You could start competing in the now-countless leagues and tournaments across the country. It’s disgusting. Then maybe you can call us and let us know what having a sweet hidden talent is like! Cus our buddies whipped horseshoes, bocces, and sandbags at us, and we were terrible at getting them to their desired destinations.

How else could you find out about a hidden talent though, right? You’d have to stumble upon said game/instrument/sport/art somehow, realize your innate ability to be half-decent right away, then let it take you on a life-long journey. Man, it’d be great to be talented at something. Anything. What’s that even like?! We’ll keep hunting while you guys check out these 13 incredible ways people found their hidden talents.

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CRACKED Christina Hendricks JANELLL IS a skilled accordion player. I think it's a very romantic instrument, and it channels all the things I love - French culture, Tom Waits - and all the things I try to make my house look like. She even played it in a Mad Men scene.

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