By now, we’ve all pretty much surmised that “creative types” are a tad needy. Not just for our attention, but for their environments to be “just right.” The billions of other people who don’t work in the entertainment industry would never dream of bursting through those office doors for the first time and proclaiming a list of rules for everyone else to follow. Because, sure, the industry puts directors, producers and “stars” on a pedestal, but when you think about it, they’re all just getting a paycheck from the big bosses like everybody else. 

Okay, so those checks might be for a lot more than the rest of the crew’s, but should that really allow you to pile on even more rules to an already rule-ridden set? Unless they’re complete rookies, actors and crew members generally know how to act on set, but hey, maybe at some point some rookies stepped so far out of line that the higher ups had to make sure future crews knew not to fuck around. Either way, here are 13 inane rules from TV and movie sets that you best not even think of breaking.

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You know this is all make-believe, right? Right?

CRACKED Don't talk to method actors. An overall (and weird) rule on set is to not bring a method actor out of the world of the movie. Unless you too are pretending you're in an 1800s New York gang, let them talk to you first.

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Seems like “happy place” can mean a lot of different things.

CRACKED Jennifer Lawrence needed a Kardashian tent. On the set of Mother! the crew built her a tent for her to de-stress with gumballs and Keeping Up with the Kardashians playing on a loop. She called it, my happy place.

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Before you re-enter society, we’ll help get Gordon Ramsey out of your nightmares.

CRACKED contestants must undergo psychotherapy after Hell's Kitchen. Reality show applicants usually get physical and psychological screenings before they participate, but Hell's Kitchen contestants go directly to a studio- controlled house for further testing and relaxation after the stress and relentless abuse from Ramsay.


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Just make it seem like you’re having a good time, then fuck off.

CRACKED You can't be funnier or smarter than Ellen DeGeneres. In 2018, audience member Dana Dimatteo was picked for the game Make It Rain and said, We were told by the producers that if we were picked we were not allowed to be funnier or smarter than Ellen, that she is the star and the comedian, not us.


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