13 Moments from Lighthearted Movies That Are Pretty Fucked Up in Retrospect

Sometimes nostalgia ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.
13 Moments from Lighthearted Movies That Are Pretty Fucked Up in Retrospect

As grown ups (technically), it’s much easier to notice the moments in our favorite childhood movies that were also trying to appeal to our parents. They loved to throw in cute little innuendos or jokes that would sail right over our heads to hopefully zing the adults in the room. The recurring question is, “How adult is too adult?” We may not have picked up on it as kids, but maybe we got a little nostalgic, or had kids of our own, and stumbled upon a cloudy, even sleazy theme just under the surface. 

We always hear about the “tone” of a movie. From what we gather, the tone is like the constant reading of the overall vibe. How is the audience supposed to feel during this movie? We’re supposed to feel happy, then sad, then overwhelmingly happy at the end, so anything that abruptly strays from that path can feel like the proverbial record-scratch. We may not have felt that at the time, but in retrospect, these 13 moments from lighthearted movies are actually pretty fucked up.

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Yes, it’s a man’s body, but that’s a kid in there!

CRACKED A GROWN-ASS WOMAN SLEPT WITH A 13 YEAR-OLD BOY IN BIG. About the 13 year-old in a man's body, actress Elizabeth Perkins said, We don't see them having sex, but he does take my shirt off. Actually, I take my shirt off and he touches my breast, then we cut to the elevator door opening and he's got a big smile on his face.


This could've been the O.G Toy Story, but noooooo!

CRACKED INCREDIBLY DARK THEMES IN THE INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD. The now-sentient Iroquois toy talks about being a widower and survivor of the French-Indian War. One toy dies of a heart attack from the shock of being brought to life. Too real? Yeah.

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At least the kid in Big had a man’s body.

CRACKED BLANK CHECK HAS A GROWN WOMAN'S ROMANTIC KISS WITH AN 11 YEAR-OLD BOY. Fifth-grader Preston Waters and Shay Stanley (an adult FBI agent) agree to go on a date in 6 years (when he'd be 17), then she kisses him on the mouth! They were surrounded by his dad and a bunch of FBI agents, but no one cared!

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Kids and adults should not be put into these creepy situations.

CRACKED NAVIGATING AGE RESTRICTION LAWS IN FREAKY FRIDAY. While 15 year-old Anna Coleman is in her mom's body, she must dodge kisses from her mom's fiance. The teen boy falls in love with the teen girl inside her mom's body, so Jamie Lee Curtis has this will they/won't they with a high school kid.


Dan Akroyd’s ghost fantasy.

CRACKED GHOSTLY ORAL IN GHOSTBUSTERS. Because '80s kids were swimming in Ghostbusters merch, it's easy to forget the really off-putting moment where Ray (Dan Aykroyd) received fellatio from a ghost. What do you even call an inter-spiritual sex act?


Somebody tell the Nanny that he’s 10, please!

CRACKED A 10-YEAR-OLD ROUNDS FIRST BASE WITH A GROWN WOMAN IN JACK. Fran Drescher's character actively pursues Jack (who looks 40, but is actually a 10-year-old boy.) In one scene, they grind up on each other, he grabs her butt, and she makes out with him.


Miss Hannigan was bad, but she wouldn’t go as far as murdering the orphans.

CRACKED A GROWN MAN TRIES TO MURDER ANNIE. ANNIE Rooster (Tim Curry) actively tries to murder Annie, and when Miss Hannigan tries to stop him, he smacks her to the ground. And, yes Annie gets adopted by a billionaire, but about 50 kids are still stuck in that orphanage with Miss Hannigan.


Nothing says “kids movie” like child abuse and wrongful imprisonment!

GRACKED MATILDA ENDURED SOME SERIOUS TRAUMA. Between her parents and Miss Trunchbull, Matilda is neglected, verbally and physically abused, and thrown into The Chokey (solitary confinement in a box with footlong nails). She draws up her own papers for Miss Honey to adopt her, and her parents happily sign her over.

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