21 Hollywood Happy Endings (That Were Not Happy At All)

Reality never has
21 Hollywood Happy Endings (That Were Not Happy At All)

The goal of a film's conclusion is to bring everything together into a tidy little bundle that leaves us feeling warm, cozy and satisfied. However, when you examine the "life-affirming" as well as "happy" endings among most major movies, you'll see that there are many sad ends to pleasant films. Many misinterpreted films are childhood classics about a young person that goes through a difficult experience and emerges transformed for the better.

It's unfortunate because the main characters in your favorite movies have awful trauma swarming about in the back of their minds. When you see a movie in that light, the endings can actually be quite dismal.

A "Hollywood ending" is that ridiculous moment in a novel when everything comes together perfectly, the protagonists all live happily ever after, and the villain settles into his new life as a strange stain on the sidewalk. In reality, things rarely go as planned. When you think about it, they don't go well in movies either.

NO WAY HE'S GETTING AWAY WITH THAT IN FIGHTCLUB. Are we supposed to believe authorities won't be able to tie him to all those bombs? They surely will,
LAUGHTER KILLS THE SCARING INDUSTRY IN MONSTERS, INC. That's not necessarily bad. Free energy would be great in our world. But the hundreds of newly u
POST-SUPERMANRETURNS, WHAT HAPPENS TO CLARK'S SON? Having been abandoned by his father for the second time, he now has good reason to bear a grudge ag
THE ODDS LOOKS BAD FOR SIL VER LINING PLA YBOOKS GAMBLERS. Robert De Niro's character wins big betting on the Eagles. But Philly is one of the most un
AFTER HARRY POTTER, WHAT HAPPENS TO THE DEMENTORS? The Death Eaters, who assembled in groups and came right to the heroes, were nothing compared to th
SENDING DOWN MED BAYS AT RANDOM. SAVES EARTH IN ELYSIUM? When those magical cancer- erasing beds are shipped down to Earth, they'll definitely be clai
STUARTLITTLEWILL BE CAT FOOD IN A MATTER OF DAYS. Even at the end of the movie, the cats can still get inside the Little home whenever they want. Stua
INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE LEAVES A GIANT HOLE IN THE ATLANTIC. 441 Best-case, this leads to a massive, inescapable whirlpool and a-tsunamis. Worst-
IS GETTING OLD MEMORIES BACK GOOD OR BAD? Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind leaves the answer slightly open, but most memory-erasing clients will
ALIENS RUIN LIVES. THAT'S NOT MAGICAL. THAT'S TERRIBLE. After Roy's Close Encounter of the Third Kind, he goes crazy and ultimately loses his job, his
WHAT HAPPENS TO NUNS FROM THE SOUND OFMUSIC? The ones who helped the Von Trapps escape? The Nazis wouldn't take long to realize who sabotaged their ca
THE FINAL DOG FIGHT IN TOP GUNSHOULD BE A HUGE DEAL. The pilots have forced the US into a de facto state of war with whatever nation commanded those M
EVERYONE FORGETS BEAUTY AND THE BEAST'S TRUE VILLAINS. The wolves. They're ferocious enough TO make travel from the castle all but impossible, and tha
CHRIS IS DEFINITELY GETTING ARRESTED FOR MURDER. Get Out teases this before revealing his friend is there at the end, not the cops, but the police are
HOW ARE THE SCIENTISTS SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE AFTER AVATAR? The ones who stay behind on Pandora need oxygen tanks, buT theirs will soon run out, and they
THE GOONIES TREASURE WON'T SAVE THEM. The government will very likely lay claim to the loot, citing the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 197
WHAT HAS CHANGED AT THE END OF THE RUNNING MAN? Ben's cleared his name, great. But the movie opened by telling us about a dystopia with poverty and a
AFTER CHINA'S SCHEME IN GOLDFINGER, AMERICA SURELY DECLARES WAR. Proof? Though the series is all about global intrigue and exotic locales, Bond doesn'
HOW ARE PEOPLE IGNORING ALL THE DEATHS IN GODZILLA? The newspapers at the end of the movie go with the headline King Of The Monsters- Savior Of Our C
HOW WILL DJANGO MAKE IT OUT OF THE SOUTH ALIVE? The movie already established that the sight of a black man on horseback stops traffic wherever he goe
TWO WORDS: ENDOR HOLOCAUST. u The Death Star's destruction in Return of the Jedi would destroy all life on that Ewok-filled moon. As astrophysicist pu
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