13 WWII-era Plans That Sound Like Bond Supervillain Schemes

The U.S. at one point considered releasing bats carrying bombs over Japan.
13 WWII-era Plans That Sound Like Bond Supervillain Schemes

Ah, the 1940s - a time of great innovation, creativity, and sheer lunacy. It was a time of world wars, secret plans, and grandiose schemes. It was also a time of Bond villains, super-soldiers, and giant guns.

But what if I told you that some of the plans that were hatched during World War II sounded like something out of a Bond movie? From Stalin's "living war machine" plan to Hitler's attempts to bombard London with a supergun, there were some truly outrageous ideas floating around during the 1940s.

In this list, we'll explore 13 of the craziest WWII plans that sound like something out of a Bond villain's playbook. From a plan to move a million Jews to Madagascar to a plan to put estrogen in Hitler's carrots, these plans are sure to make you shake your head in disbelief.

So, let's dive in and explore these 13 WWII plans that sound like something out of a Bond movie.

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Stalin's "Living War Machine" Plan.

CRACKED STALIN'S HUMAN-APE SUPER-SOLDIER In the mid-1920s, Stalin wanted scientists to create a kind of super-soldier by mixing humans and apes. Не wanted a living war machine that could do hard work without complaining. It was like something out of Planet of the Apes.

Scotsman / CNN 

Big dreams, small results.

CRACKED A GERMAN SUN-RAY GUN During World War II, German scientists wanted to make a huge gun that could shoot the sun's rays to a specific spot on the Earth from a station 22,236 miles away, which was beyond the Low Earth Orbit in a geosynchronous orbit.


"Operation Vegetarian": Churchill's ill-conceived plan to poison the Nazis.

CRACKED DROPPING ANTHRAX-LACED CAKES ON GERMANY This plan, called Operation Vegetarian, was to drop cakes laced with anthrax onto German fields where cattle were grazing. The idea was to destroy the food supply and make people eat infected meat, which could have killed millions.

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Secret mission: Operation Tracer - stay in a cave for a year, just in case.

CRACKED BURYING SIX PEOPLE ALIVE During World War II, the British set up a secret mission called Operation Tracer. They buried six people in a cave bunker for 2.5 years. This was so they could spy and get intelligence even if the Allies lost control of Gibraltar. NORAD PENT

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"Mini-Finland" dream dashed.

CRACKED BRINGING FINNISH REFUGEES TO ALASKA In 1940, the US thought about bringing Finnish refugees from the Winter War to Alaska and setting up a mini-Finland in Central Alaska near the Tanana River. The plan didn't go ahead because Alaskan politicians in Congress disagreed with it.


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