The 12 Oddest Side Hustles of the Wealthy and Powerful

How Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell found a fortune in babies’ diapers.
The 12 Oddest Side Hustles of the Wealthy and Powerful

We don’t know about you fine folks, but if we were successful, you could catch us doing a whole of a lot of not much. We made our millions. The work is done.But these rich and powerful go-getters have the capacity for a side hustle? Pfft. They have the work itself, then press, events, afterparties, family, and friends, so somebody needs to tell them to calm down and pull up a couch! We guess some people just need to keep busy because, like us, if they stop to think for a second, those scary intrusive thoughts might take over. Keep writing, keep rambling, keep writing, oh god, what does this all mean?!

Sorry ‘bout that. We’re back. Who hasn’t thought about picking up a second job? And who are we to judge ambition? These celebrities made their millions doing one thing, and that gave them the freedom to take on whatever strange passion project makes their little hearts go pitter pat. Good on ‘em. Here are 13 of the oddest side hustles of the wealthy and powerful.

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You just got served… a lovely design for your residential or commercial space.

CRACKED VENUS WILLIAMS HAS AN INTERIOR DESIGN BUSINESS. She established V Starr in 2002, and the South Florida-based interior design firm designs hotels, spas, multifamily spaces, and high-end residential houses.

VStarr / InStyle 

It would make the NHL a lot cooler! (That wasn’t a cold pun, we promise).

CRACKED SNOOP DOGG IS BIDDING ON AN NHL HOCKEY TEAM. As a massive fan of hockey, Snoop attends a ton of L.A. Kings games. He's now throwing in with businessman Neko Sparks to co-own the Ottawa Senators, in the hopes of helping grow the sport in the black community.

CBS / Billboard 

A rapper and an A-list actor walk into a discussion website…

CRACKED JARED LETO AND SNOOP DOGG CO-OWN REDDIT. They were part of a group who made a $50 million investment in Reddit back in 2014. Reddit is currently valued at $15 billion, so for their sake, they're hopefully still on board.

Independent / The Cut 

From the birds to the bees. Get it, ‘cus birds tweet? Sorry.

CRACKED TWITTER'S FORMER CEO MAKES HONEY. Dick Costolo is fascinated by bees, so after running Twitter, he now tweets about his beekeeping and honey making hobby.

Bloomberg / NY Times 

The talk show guest that keeps on giving.

CRACKED SHAILENE WOODLEY MAKES HER OWN TOOTHPASTE, FACE OILS, MEDICINES, AND CHEESE. In 2014, The Divergent star shared her knowledge of herbs with Jimmy Fallon, and gave him some natural remedies for boosting his immune system. She even forages for food, stating It's an entire lifestyle. It's appealing to my soul.
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