12 Security Footage Heroes

Lights, camera, dumbest criminals you’ve ever seen.
12 Security Footage Heroes

Surveillance cameras help police catch bad guys all the time, but more importantly, they help store owners upload the most hilarious acts of the dumbest bad guys known to man. The cops can deal with hunting down those masked (sometimes unmasked) wrongdoers, arresting them, and filing all that paperwork while we just get to sit back and laugh it up. They’re just the perfect guilt-free laugh. Normally, laughing at someone falling over, hitting their head, or dropping trou would be considered “punching down,” but we can freely howl at these dummies since they were committing a crime!

There’s a Looney Tunes-esque quality to these slapstick sillies. We grew up watching villains and heels like Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, and Wile E. Coyote attempt their dastardly schemes only to be blown to bits by their own hair-brained contraptions. Hilarious. And now, thanks to countless security cameras and the internet, we get 12 of these real-life bozos caught in criminally hilarious acts.

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When you don’t have a partner, you gotta knock yourself out.

CRACKED A CRIMINAL TAKES HIMSELF OUT WITH A BRICK. This criminal was captured trying to break into a Maryland restaurant with a brick, but the brick bounces back, hits him in the head, and knocks him to the ground. 09/20/2018 04:19:20 1


This shrubbery was a complete narc, bro!

CRACKED A BANK ROBBER TRIPS MULTIPLE TIMES AND DROPS THE MONEY. Some bushes got the best of a bank robber in Shreveport, Louisiana, after he tripped on them 3 times during his getaway. Не made it to his getaway vehicle but those bushes claimed his mask and some of his hard earned cash. CADDO PARISH SHERIFF'S OFF


Hey, we all get hungry after a hard day’s work. Whatever that work happens to be.

CRACKED A HUNGRY CRIMINAL STOPS TO MAKE HIMSELF PIZZA. In 2020, a man in Fullerton, California broke into Big Slice Pizza to steal money, but was apparently so hungry that he made himself a pizza. Не then stole the pizza delivery car, and was arrested shortly after.


Yeah, but the original Edward Scissorhands was an amazing tree sculptor.

CRACKED THE REAL-LIFE EDWARD SCISSORHANDS TERRORIZES NEIGHBORHOOD TREES. People thought a storm blew off their branches, but a mystery man in Fort Worth, TX (who residents dubbed Edward Scissorhands) was caught on camera snipping branches off of a dozen peoples' trees late at night.

NY Post

We’re gonna need a bigger car.

CRACKED ROBBERS MISJUDGE AN ATM'S STRENGTH. Two thieves repeatedly rammed their tiny car into a massive ATM in Melbourne, Australia. The ATM barely budges and they destroy the car in the process. Can they really be called thieves if they made off with nothing? LIC 3 cm

NY Post

Clean up in the toy gun section.

CRACKED A ROBBER TOOK OFF HIS MASK AND GOT TRAPPED. In 2012, James Allan held up a newsstand, then while fleeing, he took off his ski mask, stumbled over some drinks, then couldn't escape since he was pushing instead of pulling. The lady he just robbed with a toy gun had to come let him out.


America runs (and stretches) on Dunkin’.

CRACKED A MAN WAS CAUGHT DOING WARMUPS BEFORE A ROBBERY. In 2017, a guy who robbed a Dunkin' Donuts in Philadelphia was caught on camera doing stretches in the parking lot beforehand. Не made off with $334, and didn't even pull a hammy in the process. 1-22-2017 06:52:57 (S) Philadelphia PD

Global News

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