13 Bizarre 21st Century Jobs That Put the Olden Days to Shame

In WWII, the British army had a literal war wizard on the payroll.
13 Bizarre 21st Century Jobs That Put the Olden Days to Shame

Welcome to a world of peculiar professions, where rat czars, eagle-eyed job seekers, slap-happy productivity boosters, and panda nannies exist. From the mundane to the extraordinary, these jobs span a range of industries and require a variety of skills. 

In this list, we explore 13 of the most unusual and fascinating jobs out there. From the dad in China who hired in-game assassins to discourage his son’s gaming habit, to the ex-mayor of Bogotá who hired mimes to manage the city’s chaotic traffic, to the flavorist who must undergo a seven-year apprenticeship to earn full certification from the Society of Flavor Chemists, these jobs are sure to spark your imagination.

We also take a look at the man who saved the day with love, the magician who outsmarted the Nazis, the blogger who hired someone to slap him when he procrastinated, and the intimacy coordinators who help to plan out scenes involving simulated sex between actors.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this list of 13 peculiar professions.

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