13 Bizarro Headlines That Burrowed Into Our Skulls Like A Bone Saw

DeSantis put a guy who thinks tap water can make you gay in government.
13 Bizarro Headlines That Burrowed Into Our Skulls Like A Bone Saw

Ah, the news. It’s a never-ending source of amazement, confusion, and downright disbelief. From the bizarre to the outrageous, the news has a knack for making us wonder if we’ve just stepped through the looking glass. In this collection of thirteen news stories, we have compiled some of the most unbelievable stories from the past few years that we almost literally couldn’t believe. 

From a Florida teacher showing her fifth-grade class a Disney movie with an openly gay character to a doctor asking a janitor to help him with a toe-ectomy, these stories are sure to make you shake your head in disbelief. We’ve also included stories about an orca sparking a wave of attacks, a senator who said she wasn’t away from the Senate even though she had been out for almost three months, and a diversity head who was put on leave after employees got angry about two events called ’Don’t Call Me Karen".

So, take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, and prepare to be amazed. These thirteen news stories are sure to leave you scratching your head and wondering how we got here. Enjoy.

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Investigating ‘Strange World’ in Florida.

FLORIDA TEACHER SHOWS KIDS STRANGE WORLD AND THE STATE'S TRYING TO FIGURE THINGS OUT. In May 2023, a school board looked into a Florida teacher who showed the Disney movie Strange World to her fifth-grade class-because it had a character who was openly gay. The Florida Department of Education is still looking into this. CRACKED



Casual Fetterman.

FETTERMAN: SUITS OPTIONAL. NG I 3 Health Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) got some heat from conservatives for wearing shorts and a hoodie to a press conference in the Senate. Everyone else was dressed up in suits and ties, but Fetterman decided to go for a more casual look. CRACKED

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