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8 Insane Passive Aggressive Signs Used By Actual Businesses

What kind of society is this where we can't fart whilst buying our ice cream?


5 Types Of 'Scientific' Evidence You Won't Believe Are B.S.

Fingerprint identification is an extremely delicate art. And by 'delicate,' we mean 'wildly subjective.'


5 Things I Learned Going To Military Prison

The military has its own special way of punishing lawbreakers, and while we don't know much about military justice, we assume it's not one hour to think in the time-out corner.


4 Gender Double Standards Everyone's Apparently OK With

If people on Twitter and Facebook hadn't spoken up, Gawker would have turned Jennifer Lawrence's boobs into their new logo.


8 Hilariously Offensive Artworks Featuring Famous Presidents

WARNING: This article gets increasingly deranged as it advances. Cracked is not responsible for your psychologist bills.


5 Reasons You Hated School (That You Were Right About)

Forget updating the textbooks. The entire system needs an overhaul.


6 Ugly Things I Learned About American Prisons (As A Guard)

Life behind bars is a terrifying possibility that haunts your every waking moment. But for some people, it's where they go to work every single day.


5 Things I Learned Auditioning For A Broadway Musical

Shortly after I graduated college, I noticed that 'Newsies' was hosting auditions for its national tour that upcoming fall. So I threw my jaunty flat cap into the ring.


8 Massive Disasters In Marketing No One Noticed

You'd think brands would be obsessive about not, say, including accidental references to Nazis or child rape in their festive product labels. You'd be wrong.


6 Hilariously Blatant Episodes Of Greed And Corruption

There's a special breed of government employee so unilaterally crazy, they'll wipe with their butts with the social contract while making direct eye contact with you.


5 Psychology 'Facts' You Believe (That Are Myths)

Here's the deal with depression: Nobody knows what the deal is with depression.


No Kids Or Minorities: 5 Realities Of A City For Old People

Where public sex is a big problem, and security will hunt kids down like they're Terminators.


If Time Machines Were Built By Real Men

Rip Hunter: Time Master vs. George Washington: Father of America.


5 Weird Realities When Your Sick Mom Is Your Full Time Job

Only two things in life are certain, death and family baggage. What happens when you find yourself staring down the barrel of both, at the same time?