16 Jobs With Fascinating Secrets

It's good to have a source on the inside.
16 Jobs With Fascinating Secrets

Several people have chosen to avoid the much more traditional professional paths in favor of something more creative, such as greeting card artistry, jewelry creation, or working on a cruise ship. Others have a standard job but work part-time doing something exciting to supplement their income.

The thing is, every job has it’s fascinating secrets.

Almost every profession has a few eerie monsters in its closet. We're astonished that it all works—a little enraged even. We are a little freaked out. We are also in desperate need of a prolonged hot shower. We'll never look at these occupations the same way again. We will never consume directly from bottles OR cans. And we'll certainly never trust specific organizations (let alone pizza joints) the same way we used to.

Everyone has insider information about our jobs that we find uninteresting but that others out our field find fascinating. If you don't have a friend who writes obituaries or is an astronaut, here are some insider secrets to making you feel like you do. Scroll on down for legit trade secrets:

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