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The 18 Most Insane Drug-Fueled Freakouts You've Ever Seen

PSA: Don't try any of this at home. Or anywhere.


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Seven carefully controlled days in North Korea isn't enough time to become an expert, but here are one internet fart-joke writer's thoughts.


I'm A Young Person Who Has A Colostomy Bag: This Is My Life

You probably don't worry about your butt failing, but time? She comes for us all.


5 Petty Quirks That Become Relationship Killers Over Time

Things that may mean nothing today but could very well be the grounds to end your relationship tomorrow.


28 Things You Completely Misunderstood As A Child, Part 1

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5 WTF Real Jobs That Allow You To Commit Legal Crimes

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The Creepy, Underhanded Ways Chefs Put Food On The Table

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8 Original Boy Scout Badges Modern Adults Couldn't Earn

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7 Huge Apocalypses (That Might Happen In Your Lifetime)

We're one earthquake in Japan away from all of society collapsing.


The Racist Pencil Test: 5 WTF Quack 'Tests' Humanity Devised

In the U.K., they used to inflict the three-finger virginity test on incoming female immigrants. That's exactly as horrifying as it sounds.


6 Minor Movie Details That Always Mean One MAJOR Thing

If a female character gets a haircut in a movie or show, that's not a great sign.


5 Facts About Nuclear Weapons That'll Keep You Awake Forever

When mankind first created nuclear weapons, we took every possible precaution to ensure those doomsday devices could never be used by the wrong hands. Juuuust kidding.


23 Things That Could Make You Rich (That You Threw Out)

We don't recommend hoarding but, well, you never know what piece of junk you own will be worth money.


5 Really Weird Side Effects Of My Learning Disability

Puzzles are impossible to do, and do you know how many actual puzzles we deal with in real life? (Hint: a lot.)