Weird World: 12 Deeply Strange, Yet 100% Real Events

We’re not creative enough to make this up.
Weird World: 12 Deeply Strange, Yet 100% Real Events

They say that truth can be stranger than fiction. Many times it can be more interesting than fiction. In certain circumstances, the truth can also appear less plausible than most fiction.

While it’s good to escape into fantasy for a while, there are several stories and events that occur in the real world that can make you do a double-take, a spit take, and all the other take-responses a human can do. 

Did you hear about the world record for soccer ball collecting? Or the person that left a $2000 tip at a bakery? Have you ever heard of the helpful Professor Poo? Or the giant chicken that cost a man his job? There is no “believe it or not,” these are events and items that have actually happened or actually exist.

Let’s take a look at some weird facts and events that will make your next road trip conversation more interesting. So scroll on down for some deeply strange yet totally real events…

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