24 Weird Events The News Definitely Didn't Cover Enough

These stories didn't get the attention they deserved.
24 Weird Events The News Definitely Didn't Cover Enough

The news doesn't get everything right. There was zero coverage on our epic 5th grade field day win for example. It was a legit come from behind win as we were severely outmatched in the tug of war. Anyway, we can let it go. (Ed note: no we can't).

Here's the thing. The news media is an ecosystem just like any other and we know our place. When the 24 hour news cycle isn't giving wild news stories the attention that they deserve, we'll be there to pick ‘em out of the trash and make sure that they’re noticed! That's right, we are scavengers of the infotainment world. The grim crustaceans scuttling about the dark of the ocean floor, waiting for scraps to filter down from above.

So, lucky you is I guess what we're saying. How else would you find out about the time France gave teens a $350 manga budget?

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