The Department of Justice confiscated a 3,600-year-old artifact from … uh, Hobby Lobby.  Here’s the full story, plus 11 others:

WEIRD WORLD France essentially gave teenagers about $350 SO they can buy themselves manga. DO 176 **OF the the # MOIS The French government gave teens the money for cultural purchases, which includes comic books so a huge amount of it was spent on manga. CRACKED.COM

Source: NYTimes

WEIRD WORLD Police in Suzuka, Japan, concluded that dog pee brought down a traffic light pole. The pole snapped suddenly, and there was nothing unusual except a concentration of urea at the base 40 times higher than for other traffic poles. CRACKED.COM

Source: Mainichi

WEIRD WORLD A Michigan lawmaker spent $221 on a constituent meeting at a strip club. GIRLS (illustration) State Rep. Jewell Jones said the club was a lounge in a phone interview with a reporter, then wasn't sure it was a strip club, and then the call got disconnected. CRACKED.COM

Source: DetroitNews

WEIRD WORLD In a North Carolina petting ZOO, a pig somehow helped a serval cat escape (illustration) The cat, named King Sparta, was filmed on a nearby road, and the owner of the zoo confirmed that a pig helped it get out. King Sparta was soon recaptured. CRACKED.COM

Source: UPI

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