There are some things in this world that we just can't quite believe are real. From natural phenomena to technological feats, there is a wide range of things that fall into this category. Perhaps one of the most incredible examples is the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. These breathtaking displays of color are created when charged particles from the Sun interact with the Earth's atmosphere. Another example is rainbows. These beautiful arches of color are created when sunlight is refracted by water droplets in the air. And then there are man-made wonders like the International Space Station, which is a collaborative effort between 15 nations. As we continue to explore and discover new things, there will no doubt be many more examples of things that we can't quite believe are real.

Sure, we all know the world is full of surprises … but this is the next level. Here's what we mean:

WEIRD WORLD We found out that plumbers call the day after Thanksgiving Brown Friday. And it's because, on that day, lavish Thanksgiving meals lead to a massive surge in business for them. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD The Taliban are now welcoming tourists who want to visit Afghanistan. That's after they'd destroyed irreplaceable ancient Buddhas that would made for a truly grand sight, for the record. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD When people protested against violence against women in Turkey, they were shot. By the police themselves, it turns out. Apparently, the authorities just didn't appreciate the irony. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD In Boise, Idaho, a book was returned 110 long years after it got checked out. We all went, 'Hmm that's weird. There is no record of this in our catalog. It says November 8 of 1911, so obviously, it was pretty overdue, said library assistant Anne Marie Martin. CRACKED.COM


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