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5 Brilliant Crimes By People Who Totally Sucked At Crime

Most people would sell the art they steal when they learn it's worth over a billion dollars. Not Stephane Breitwiester.


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Warning: This article may lead to some broken monitors and mobile devices.


5 Things You Had No Idea God Hates

Strangely, God isn't a huge fan of a lot of birds, which makes you wonder why he made them to begin with.


5 Horrifying Tragedies Behind Everyday Routines

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An Insider's Look At The Dark Underbelly Of Amusement Parks

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6 People Who Were The Scum Of The Earth During Tragedies

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21 Charts To Answer The Question, 'Where Are You From?'

Next time you visit one of these places, don't be such a tourist.


Moms Think You're Creepy: 5 WTF Side Effects Of Single Dads

On many occasions, when one of my kids made a new friend, their parents would hastily decide that it was time to go home.


5 Random Questions You Didn't Know You Wanted Answered

We all have stupid questions that need answering. Fortunately, living in the 21st Century have provided us a means to get those answers via curious internet columnists.


5 Ways The U.S. Is Still Horrible At Handling Disabilities

Depending on your disability, it's still perfectly legal in America to screw you over in a fabulous myriad of ways.


5 Reasons The World Thinks Women Are Crazy: An Inside Look

Most girls can remember the very first time they let their inner b**** out. It's like suddenly discovering you have mutant powers that are both terrifying and awesome.


Kills 99% Of Germs: 6 Ad Phrases That Mean Literally Nothing

Some marketing ploys have become so ingrained in our culture, we simply accept them as fact.


The Most Unexpectedly Annoying Aspect Of Getting Married

The F-word is a blaring small-talk siren that forces seemingly reasonable people to forget whatever they were just doing and start reciting the 'Basic Wedding' questionnaire.


The Strange Realities Of Hustling Pool For A Living

We know what you're thinking and yes, he has been hit in the face with a pool cue.