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The 7 Most Heroic Con Artists of All Time

In a world full of bullshit artists trying to sell us things and get elected to office, let's take a moment to celebrate the good ones. These are the Oskar Schindler types, the guys with a talent for hustling who, when circumstances called, used their powers for good.



5 Things They Never Told Us

Given the opportunity, there are probably a lot of tiny, superficial things you say to your fourteen-year-old self, (Get a haircut; Stop being a smartass; Maybe try not masturbating for, like, a night, and see what that does to the amount of free time you have).


5 Reasons Humanity Is Terrible at Democracy

Ask the average person what's wrong with government and you'll hear all about corrupt politicians, corporate lobbyists and shady backroom deals. But, of course, we elected those corrupt politicians, and the more you look at the situation, the more it appears that as people, we are just really bad at democracy.


The 5 Most Shockingly Insane Modern Dictators

As part of our ongoing effort to educate the world about the mind-boggling insanity of the world's dictators, here are five leaders who treated their countries as playthings for their own deranged minds.


8 Letters from the Elementary School Where I Guest Lectured

Reaching a wider and younger audience is part of the reason I'm currently touring my new autobiography, 'Tusked on the Inside,' and entirely the reason I am only touring it at elementary school assemblies. So far it has seen mixed reviews which I am taking as a good sign; no great work has ever been universally praised, particularly by children.


The 9 Most Offensive 9/11 References in Pop Culture

It's important to treat this sensitive subject with delicacy and restraint, and we promise to do so, just as soon as we get finished showing you all these people who most certainly did not.


5 Reasons Pop Culture Is Run by Fan-Fiction

Fanfiction is actually everywhere, and in some ways you're already a fan.


6 Words Advertisers Love (That Don’t Mean A Damn Thing)

Duh Marketing is when a product makes a claim so obvious that it's inconceivable you thought otherwise.


4 Reasons Detroit Must Build A Statue of RoboCop

You may have heard about this group of concerned citizens in Detroit, who, noting that the city lacks a statue of Robocop, are lobbying furiously to build a statue of Robocop. These efforts have resulted in an earnest dialog developing in the city, as newspapers and opinion makers argue the point, 'What are you people, some kind of fucking idiots?'


5 Reasons The War Between Dog and Cat People Needs to Stop

It seems like there's been a neverending argument between certain


The 6 Most Ridiculously Racist Old-Timey Comics

There was a time when you couldn't get a job in the comic book industry unless you knew how to draw at least half a dozen hilarious racial stereotypes, and could depict in detail what each looked like when getting punched in the face by a marine.