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4 Delusional People You Meet Working on the Internet

Like any other job that involves dealing with the public, you meet some interesting people along the way. I'm going to talk about one group in particular today: the delusional.


The 5 Most Insane Childbirth Stories of All Time

Once again, real life kicks fiction's ass when it comes to situations that seem too absurd to be real.


13 Famous Musicians (If They Were Still Around)

Our most ingenious musicians have an almost mandatory expiration date to their lives, or at least the prime of their creative abilities. We asked you to show us what some of our favorite musicians of classic pop music might be up to today if they hadn't bowed out early.


6 Mind-Blowing Things People Built in Their Backyard

You proud of what you've got going on around your house? Doesn't matter, whatever you've got doesn't compare to these mind-boggling one-man projects.


5 Reasons Why Some People Love Cars So Damn Much

I figured I'd give a go at explaining this baffling affection, and maybe shed some light on what makes the box that occasionally takes you to the store something more special.


5 Terrible Jobs Anyone Can (And No One Should) Do

Some jobs out there seem to be suitable for everyone, yet once you actually start doing them, you realize they're at a level of soul-shattering awfulness heretofore unexperienced by many.


The 5 Most Terrifying Ways Doctors Went Crazy on the Job

We're sorry to say, but the number of crazy people in the medical establishment is greater than zero. Just look at these cases.


The 5 Stupidest Things Ever Done With Borders

Where you find a border, you usually find somebody pissed off about it.


15 Monuments Someone Needs to Build

These days, people raise money for ridiculous monuments. We asked you to show us the ones that actually deserve it.


The 11 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Religious Paintings

Regardless of how you feel about religion, you can't deny that it has given us some of the greatest art of all time. But it's also really easy to get this art wrong. Terribly, hilariously wrong.


The 3 Dark Secrets It Turns Out Everyone's Hiding

This is the stuff you never tell anyone. But you think it. I know you do.


7 Mind-Blowing Ways Jobs Are Being Outsourced to Animals

Millions of workers know what it's like to have their job outsourced to another country. What would be worse than that? Hearing that your job is now being done by an animal.


The 6 Most Terrifying Public Restrooms in the World

Apparently there are still a few people out there thinking outside the box. And outside the box is where horror lives.