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The 5 Most Surreal Financial Apocalypses From History

Money is a fragile thing, vulnerable to a whole lot of societal factors that you have no control over whatsoever. Which is why sometimes things just go completely insane.


4 Ways High School Makes You Hate Reading

Let me be clear, I still love reading good books. But thanks to school, everything else is a pain.


The 6 Most Insanely Reckless Smuggling Tactics

Smuggling requires planning, creativity and guile. Or at least a smuggler who really, really doesn't give a shit.


The 5 Stupidest Ways People Try to Avoid Embarrassment

There are certain scenarios that are so uncomfortably awkward that I go to bizarre lengths just to avoid them. Maybe you do, too.


5 'Luxury' Toys for the Children of Wealthy Douchebags

Hey, it's never too early to get a head start on being a detached, rich little dickhead.


5 World-Famous Products That Are Shameless Rip-Offs

It turns out that many of the 'knockoff' brands we've scoffed at in the supermarket were there before the more famous, million-dollar 'original' product ... that totally stole their idea.


5 Badass Photos of People Walking Through Insane Situations

All were saying is that these guys' every step inspires no less than six bitchin' guitar solos and one training montage wherein a starry-eyed young lad learns karate.


3 Guides That Do the Exact Opposite of What They Claim

Bad advice is the world's freest and most renewable resource. Still, there is an entire self help industry devoted to selling it to us.


7 Amazing Things People Got Just by Asking

You've got to use what you've got to get what you want. That's how the old saying goes, anyway. But how do you get the things you want when you have nothing? Just ask, apparently.


4 Yelp Reviews for Places That Actually Need Them

Wouldn't you want to know how many stars 'Your Girlfriend's Parents' House' got from her ex-boyfriend?


6 Bizarre Origins of Famous Companies

It's a good thing for companies that we all have the memories of peanuts, because almost all of them have completely reinvented themselves at some point.


5 Ridiculous Assassination Plots That Actually Worked

Before the Internet came along, one of humanity's favorite methods of letting others know we disapproved of them was by assassinating their asses. And like the Internet, sometimes the stupidest stuff is what usually worked.


5 Iconic Characters You Didn't Know Were Ripoffs

It turns out comic creators straight-up jacked many of the heroes you know and love from earlier works. And no, we're not about to list the knockoff brainchildren of Rob Liefeld.


5 Tips for Fixing America's Schools (From a Former Teacher)

The only person more qualified to talk about the state of American education is ol' John Dewey himself. Ha ha, that's an educator joke. Here are five super legit ways to fix America's schools.