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7 Iconic Skylines That Almost Looked Ridiculous

Either by chance or by design, some of the most iconic cities on the planet almost looked very, very different, like knockoff made-for-cable versions of themselves.


The 6 Most Insane Covers in the History of Old Magazines

You're probably just going to have to trust me that these are all real, unless you want to type 'action for men' into your browser and learn all about the best ways to get plowed by a trucker in the bathroom of a Red Robin.


4 Awful Tips for Keeping New Year's Resolutions

If your plans to reshape yourself, whether figuratively or literally, have already started to crumble, I want to help.


The 6 Grossest Anti-Smoking Ads of All Time

Eventually, anti-smoking ads will literally just be diseased organs stapled into magazines, but until then, we have ones like these.


5 Horribly Misguided Attempts at Teaching Lessons Creatively

It turns out that the line between 'fun new learning experience' and 'lifelong trauma' is razor thin.


5 Secret Criminal Uses for Stuff They Sell in Gas Stations

You might be surprised to know the real reason every sketchy bodega and market in America sells these things.


The 5 Creepiest Things Ever Done With a Fake Medical Degree

These fakers like to pretend to be doctors and will make you as uncomfortable as a real doctor but with the added threat of not knowing their asses from grape jelly.


6 Important Things You Won't Believe Were Invented in Comics

It turns out comics have contributed a surprising number of enduring words, phrases, and traditions to modern society.


6 Office Pranks That Went Horribly Awry

You need to be careful with your office prankage, lest any of this shit happen and piss on your proverbial corn flakes.


I Was a Teenage Vigilante: An Unfortunately True Story

At the age of 13, I was arrested for armed robbery. It wasn't a case of mistaken identity. But I wasn't worried; I knew I was innocent.


The Top 7 Things of All Time

It's the holidays, and the only people reading Cracked right now are the diehards and search-engine aggregation spiders. So here you go, folks.


5 Alcohol Ads That Confirm Your Worst Fears About Drinking

Unfortunately for these brands, all they did was subliminally confirm that getting hammered brings out the worst in a person.


26 Items from the Worst Gift Catalog Possible

May your wrens be lively, and your pickled plums inedible.