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5 Awful Realities Of Life With An 'Invisible Illness'

If you have ever had the plague, no one accused you of faking it to get handicapped parking for your oxen or whatever. Not the case with my particular disease.


5 Weird Overshadowed Creations Of Famous People

We can't forget the other stuff famous creators are responsible for -- especially when the stuff is ridiculous and goes completely against everything you imagine them to be.


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6 Totally Dumbass Ways People Tried To Teach Gender Equality

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We Have Protesters: 5 Ugly Truths Of The Spelling Bee

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Dear Mario Lopez: Sorry For Implying You Are The Antichrist

So, here it is -- the day I never thought would come. But please believe me when I say: I am sorry, Mario Lopez.


8 Things That Would Inevitably Happen If I Had A Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are pretty rad, aren't they?


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7 Pop Culture Classics That Don't Mean What You Think

It turns out you can learn all sorts of interesting shit about the true meaning of songs, books, and movies if instead of debating it you just listen to the damned people who created them.


6 Insane Ways Sick People Have Tried To Get Healthcare

Dying of cancer is the mother of invention.