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6 Insane Realities Of Being Homeless In Hawaii

We'll go out on a limb here and say homelessness sucks. But what about the homeless in someplace beautiful, like Hawaii?


4 Mystical Healing Techniques I Tried (Failed Terribly)

Sure, modern medicine has things like medicine, but people spend billions of dollars on this stuff every despite no evidence any of it works. What's the worry?


6 Insanely Complicated Murder Plots (That Actually Happened)

These seem less like real crimes and more discarded plots from a John Grisham novel starring Rube Goldberg and his gang of drunk helper monkeys.


The 6 Most Ridiculous Things That Are Guarded Like Fort Knox

Everyone says Walt Disney being frozen is a hoax, but given what's locked up in the Disney Archives, we aren't so sure anymore.


5 Ugly Secrets Behind The Kiosks At Your Local Mall

If you didn't hate the mall kiosk people already, you will now.


20 Statistics About Probability That Will Blow Your Mind

You'll probably be eaten by a shark way before you'll ever win the lottery.


7 Ways You Can Accidentally Become A Social Outcast

This goes out both to those who've been to that dark place (or, you know, are still there) and those who struggle to understand them.


5 Conspiracy Theories That Are Real (But Not How You Think)

It turns out there's some kind of conspiracy Inception going on meant to further specific goals through the spread of misinformation


5 Mind-Blowing Images That Change How You See Everything

It turns out there are all sorts of previously unseen worlds which science is now opening up to us for the first time, and some of them are weird as hell.


I Hide Illegal Immigrants In Plain Sight: 6 Secret Realities

Even after an immigrant has entered Texas via Mexico, their journey still isn't over. Sanctuaries like Immaculate House are just one part of that journey.


22 Clothing Hacks They Should Have Taught You In School

Every jean expert knows you don't actually have to wash your jeans unless you spill your nachos all over them.


4 Things Everyone With Sleep Apnea Should Understand

Ever since my doctor's encouraging diagnosis that I was a living heart attack, I've been trying to find ways to fix my sleep apnea.


14 Ways The Future Will Look Down Upon Today's Society

Aliens probably haven't touched down on earth because they think we're a planet full of six billion bigots.


18 People Who Are Incredible At Everyday Jobs

Cotton candy is no joke in China.


5 Total Nobodies Who Stumbled Into Huge Conspiracies

'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' was basically a documentary.