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We tend to think of well-known artwork and entertainment being the product of hours (and even years!) of hard work. But the truth is, sometimes incredibly famous works were slapped together at the last second. We're surrounded by movies, shows, music and other pop culture that were knocked out in a ridiculously short time.

For example:

Entry by VictorCamo

COLOR SWITCH The #1 app with over 200 million downloads was developed in 30 minutes and finished in a week.

Entry by Scott Laffey

What'd Say was improvised. LIVE. Ray Charles said he and his band had run out of material with another 20 minutes still left to play. He told his gr

Entry by Kevin King

Angelo Badalamenti composed Laura Palmer's Theme from Twin Peaks on the spot. WEOME TWIN PEAKS Population 31201 One day, Badalamenti was sitting at

Entry by Andrea Meno

A Charlie Brown Christmas producer Lee Mendelson banged out the lyrics to Christmas Time is Here in one sitting. It was the last minute, and all his

Entry by Resivir

FINAL FANTASY Nobuo Uematsu composed one of the most important themes in the series, the Prelude the Crystal Theme], in just 30 minutes. It was a

Entry by Joyce Rogers

After three daysofrehearsal, ROGER CORMAN shot theoriginal bsbor the ORRORS in twodays..o coousingsets left over from A BuCKET of BIod. CRACKED COM

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