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5 Reasons Why Passwords Are Useless

If the DNC can be hacked with so little effort, we're all at risk.


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Being a YouTube celebrity sounds like a pretty awesome deal, right? Well ...


5 Important Things That Are Scarily Easy To Break Into

While we fret about the cloud and our emails, randos keep waltzing into 'secure' areas using all the criminal guile of blind toddlers on an Easter egg hunt.


5 Websites That Started Out As Something WAY Different

Several websites you've probably used today required a whole bucket of turd polish before they finally found their way.


How Samsung Can Recover From Their Exploding Phone Fiasco

I'm no fancy-pants marketing executive, but off the top of my head, I think it would behoove Samsung to consider the following.


5 Apps That Have Rampant Discrimination Built In

You probably have a couple dozen sitting innocently on your phone right now, not realizing the havoc they are just waiting to cause.


5 Huge Driverless Car Problems (Besides The Obvious Ones)

The widespread adoption of these cars has potentially even greater implications than just murdering every single one of us. Even world changing ones.


6 Scientific Reasons Facebook Turns Everybody Into A Jerk

The internet had such promise.


5 Simple Tricks The IT Department Uses (That You Should Not)

All of this computer magic is at the tip of your fingers - leave it there.