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Them's the breaks.


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4 Disturbing Ways Trump Is Repeating History

History doesn't happen in a vacuum.


Freedom Sucks (And That's Why We Have To Defend It)

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Trump Fleeing After Being Mocked Is Objectively Funny

Winners don't get laughed at, duh!


5 Boldly Moronic Schemes (That Somehow Worked)

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5 Surreal Coincidences In Recent News Stories

Who writes this stuff?


Come Write For Cracked, Everybody! It Pays Money!

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6 Badass Children Who Stared Down Danger (And Won)

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5 Ways Trump Is, Unfortunately, A Genius

As the 2020 presidential election marches ever closer, the flood of daily Trump news we have to deal with will escalate into a tsunami.


10 Cool Things That Are Finally Available On Streaming Sites

Disney and Apple's new streaming services have launched and seven or 8 new services are probably on the way.


4 Underreported Dark Secrets Of Buying Stuff Online

These services still have a few glaring flaws that should really be addressed.


Hey USA: I Live In Chile, And My Country Is Exploding

And it kinda, sorta, not really has to do with anime.


Yo, Don't Act Like A POS Over The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Sadly, harassing fast food workers is never off the menu.